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General Information

Adjusted club hours will be posted for the following holidays:

• Easter Sunday
• Memorial Day
• July 4th
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving
• Christmas Eve/Day
• New Year's Eve/Day

Closings due to inclement weather will be sent out by text, email and posted on social media and our website. Text messages are the quickest way to get the updates. Please click here to sign up to receive text alerts. Club hours may be changed from time to time. Classes and fees are subject to change.

Checking In For Your Club Fit Visit
Stop and say hello to our receptionists! If you are using the club for a lesson, personal training or tennis time, we will ask you to pay for these services as you check in. Club Fit is a private club for the use of its members, their guests and program participants. In keeping with our mission of maintaining safe and comfortable facilities for all our visitors, convicted and/or registered sex offenders are not allowed in Club Fit facilities or onto Club Fit property. In order to protect your membership, please show your membership card to a receptionist every time you visit the club.

For your safety, programs may be cancelled or changed due to inclement weather. When in doubt, please call the department manager for program updates.

Check Your Membership Info from Home!
Members can review their membership account history online by logging on to Club Fit's website. Members can check the past six months of their club activity, conveniently and efficiently. Also, you can update your account online, make court reservations, schedule a massage and more. Email Member Services at to get set up.

Program registration forms are located on the flyer rack and throughout our website. Make sure your form is filled out completely and signed. Return your completed program registration with payment to the Service Desk.

Refunds will be issued if a program is cancelled or due to illness or accident. Please submit a doctor's note. Refunds will be pro-rated.

Privacy Policy
We value and respect your privacy. We will never share your email address or other information you provide with third parties. We will not sell your email address. You will always be able to easily unsubscribe to any ongoing service on our website or emails you receive from us.

Taking Photos
From time to time our staff takes photos of club activities, members and staff. Club members understand that we may use these photos in postings on various media, including but not limited to, print, TV, radio, electronic, cable, social media, or World Wide Web, without further limitation, restriction, compensation, notice, review, or approval. Club members consent to these uses as part of their membership and release the Club from any legal claims concerning these photos.

Non-members participating in a program will receive a program card to check in at the Reception Desk. Non-members are welcome into the club for program participation only.

Club Fit Gift Cards
Treat someone special to a Club Fit gift card. Gift cards are available for purchase at our Service Desk or by clicking here. Gift cards may be used for services, programs or membership.

Cellular Phone Use
Cell phone use is limited to the lounge, lobby and corridors. Cell phones are not permitted in the Fitness Center and Group Exercise studios.

Club Fit Wifi
We have upgraded our WiFi system! You will now need to log on and accept our terms. Each individual wifi connection session is set to a 3 hour limit. Once you reach the 3 hour limit, you will need  to reconnect, and agree to the terms again. This process is common and will allow the wifi network to be more accessible and productive!

Using the club's phone system... 
Can put you in touch with any department or staff member. Callers who wish to reach the Reception Desk can enter "0" after they hear the greeting. 

Locker Room Services 
Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers and other amenities are available in the locker rooms. Lockers are available to members and their guests on a daily basis free of charge. Use any locker that's available, but it must be vacated by closing time or locker contents will be removed. We strongly recommend that all your belongings be locked in a locker for safe keeping. The club is not responsible for valuables left in the locker rooms. Photos cannot be taken in the locker rooms.

Family Changing Rooms 
For fathers with their daughters or mothers with their sons, the club’s family changing rooms offer private shower and changing facilities.

Borrowing Equipment
Tennis racquets, racquetball racquets, eye guards and racquetball balls are available at the Reception Desk. Basketballs are available in the gym.

Lost and Found 
Lost and found is located at the Reception Desk. Unclaimed items are kept for one week.

Please try not to bring valuables to the club.

Towel Service 
Towel service is included in all membership packages. You may pick up your towels in the locker rooms and in the pool area. Drop-off bins are available in the locker rooms and at the Reception Desk.

Smoke Free Campus
We have a “no smoking” policy, something we should all feel good about. Smoking will not be permitted anywhere on Club Fit property, including the parking lot. Our goal is to provide the healthiest environment possible, which includes a smoke-free walk to and from your car.

Dressing for Health and Fitness 
Although members are not expected to emphasize fashion over fitness, we do require that you wear shirts and appropriate sneakers in all areas of the club (with the exception of the pool area and locker rooms). It is mandatory that all children under 18 wear eye guards on the racquetball courts — and it is strongly advised for all racquetball players.

Salads, pasta, snacks, sandwiches and soup are fresh every day. Click here for our Cafe hours. We cater both on and off the premises. A catering menu is available. Contact the Cafe Manager at (914) 250-2782 or by emailing

Adult Parties 
Club facilities may be reserved by club members for private parties on Saturday and Sunday evenings after 7:30 P.M. until 1:00 A.M. Catering is available. For further information, call (914) 250-2782 or by email

Kid Parties 
Club Fit hosts birthday parties for children ages 4 through 16 in the Energy Center. A variety of activities depending on the group's age include: fun and games party consisting of various games and relay races; sports-specific party whether it be racquetball, basketball or soccer; and a variety of pool parties. For further information or reservations, please call our party coordinator at (914) 762-3444 extension 2144.

Networking Opportunities 
Advertise on our Business Board and the Club Fit website. For more information and fees, please contact Joe DaRonco at (914) 250-2783 or

We take your suggestions seriously
We depend on your opinions and suggestions to rate the performance of our staff, the efficiency of our facilities and the quality of our services. In the lobby, you'll find a "We Need Your Help" box for comments and suggestions or simply clicking here and accessing a Suggestion Form. Management reviews and responds to members' suggestions. We find this system to be a valuable tool for improving our level of service. 

At Club Fit, we are always on the lookout for motivated, outgoing, friendly folks. If you are interested in learning more about Club Fit and potential employment opportunities, click here to see all our open employment opportunities and apply!


We welcome members' guests
Guests must be accompanied by a member. Please register your guests (a maximum of three per visit) at the Reception Desk and pay the appropriate fees before using the facilities. If you are bringing a guest who will need assistance in the Fitness Center, please make an appointment for your guest at the Fitness Desk prior to their visit. Guests are limited to two visits per month. Guest passes can be bought in discounted packets of five or ten. Also, a ten consecutive day pass can be purchased from a Member Services Representative. Guests will be asked to provide photo identification when visiting the club.

Club Fit is a private club... 
For the use of members, their guests and program participants. In order to protect your membership, please show your membership card at the Reception Desk each time you visit the club.

Encourage your friends to join you... 
Have friends come for a workout. When you refer potential members, they will receive a special offer to join the club. When your friend joins you'll receive $100 e-cash from the club to thank you for the referral. Member referral cards are available from a Club Representative.

Can I visit other clubs? 
Members of Club Fit Jefferson Valley may use Club Fit Briarcliff for a reduced guest fee or by becoming a Premium Member. Also, all members have access to more than 4,500 clubs worldwide through the International Health and Racquet Sports Association (IHRSA) Passport Program. A listing of these clubs is available at

Membership Policies

The Member Services Office Hours

Monday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Conveniently located in the inner lobby area. Visit this office to change credit information for monthly billing; suspend, cancel or renew your membership; or update your mailing address. Member Services can be reached at (914) 762-3444 ext. 2512 or

Member Orientation Package
There’s a reason why Club Fit members feel comfortable from day one. Our Member Orientation program is more than just an introduction to the Club’s fitness and social activities — it’s a free, customized program for new members of all fitness levels and athletic abilities. As a new member, you will start toward your health and fitness goals in a confident and effective manner. Progress is accomplished through personalized coaching with certified fitness professionals, unique fitness assessment options, and social activities & networks. Our Member Orientation program provides an immediate path to success in reaching fitness and health goals through personalized coaching, diverse fitness options, and outstanding fitness technology like the Fit3D ProScanner — available in Westchester exclusively to Club Fit members. The scanner's innovative 3D body-scanning technology provides a precise 360° full-body image, allowing members to visibly and accurately track their progress. Combined with the ongoing support we are always happy to provide, this helps ensure you are using the Club in a way that is best for you. See you at the Club!

Appointment 1 — Getting Started:

∘ Upon joining Club Fit, a Club Representative will schedule a new member appointment with a Fitness Coach who will direct you through the Fitness Center and all areas of interest, making introductions to key people in various departments.

∘ After the tour, you and your Fitness Coach will have a 30-minute appointment in order to create a personalized workout guideline planned around your fitness interests and goals.

∘ The appointment concludes with a fitness assessment featuring our exclusive Fit3D ProScanner. The Fit3D report includes up to 20 helpful measurements that serve as a starting point for your fitness program and goals. The report can be viewed privately on your email, or printed at the Club for your convenience.

∘ Schedule a follow-up appointment to review your workout plan, progress, and your overall experience with the Fitness Coach of your choice.

Appointment 2 — Follow-Up:

∘ In this appointment, your Fitness Coach will review your progress, offer suggestions, and make any needed or desired changes to your workout plan. This will help keep you on pace to meet your goals and ensure a high level of familiarity with the Club.

∘ This appointment concludes with your Fitness Coach reviewing the Member Orientation options always available to you as a member of Club Fit.

Going Forward — Always available for Club Fit members:

∘ Have a quick question or request? Contact a Fitness Coach — they are available anytime to answer questions or show you how to use any of the Fitness Center equipment. Coaches can be found on the Fitness floor wearing black Club Fit shirts, or paged from the Service or Reception Desks.

∘ Need more time with a Fitness Coach? Schedule an appointment with your coach to revise a workout plan, or strategize how best to stay accountable to your goals.

∘ Schedule a follow-up Fit3D Scan to track your progress: You can view these results with your Fitness Coach, take home a print-out of your scan and tracked measurements, or have the report sent directly to your email to review on your own. We recommend a regular Fit3D assessment every — or every other — month to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Ready to get started?
Send us an email to make an appointment today!

Payment Options
Monthly dues are charged at the beginning of each month through electronic funds transfer (EFT). Returned payments, checks or credit cards, are subject to a service fee. Annual payments are accepted.

Can I suspend my monthly dues?
Members can freeze their memberships for a minimum of one month at a time, at a charge of $15 per month. There is no charge for medical suspensions. A medical suspension requires a doctor's letter stating the reason and length of absence (up to 6 months). Changes in membership need three (3) business days notice, prior to the end of the month, in order to avoid being billed for the following month.

Can I transfer my membership?
For a fee, memberships are transferable within 30 days of being cancelled.

Voluntary resignation of membership
A member who voluntarily resigns from membership at the club must provide written notice of such resignation to the club. If such notice is received at least three (3) business days prior to the end of the month, the membership will be terminated as of the last day of that month. If such notice is not received at least three (3) business days prior to the end of the month, the membership will be terminated as of the end of the following month. Memberships paid annually will receive a refund within 60 days of the membership cancellation date of the unused membership dues paid in advance. Memberships which are terminated will be required to pay an enrollment fee upon rejoining the club.

Involuntary resignation of membership
The Club reserves the right to discontinue the membership or privileges of any member for failure to comply with any rules or regulations adopted by the Club, or for conduct the Club determines inappropriate. A discontinued member remains liable for all dues and charges incurred. Management may discontinue the membership of any member whose account is 60 days in arrears.

How am I informed of policy changes?
Rates and rights of membership are subject to change with 60 days advance notice. The obligation to pay dues is not dependent on the availability of all of the Club's facilities or the frequency of use.

Your house charge privileges...
Can be used for virtually anything in the club. Just present your membership card at the point of purchase and charges will be collected monthly through electronic funds transfer. A house account can be arranged with a Member Services Representative. To review your account history, just click here to log into Member Self Service.

Junior Member Policy
Club Fit is a club with facilities for all age groups. Certain facilities are only appropriate for adults and the Club reserves the right to restrict Juniors' use and to establish rules for Juniors at its discretion. In areas of the Club where Juniors are using facilities along with adults, their conduct must be appropriate for the comfort of all members. A parent/guardian must complete a junior policy form for each junior member. There is a reduced guest fee for children under 12. Children turning 22 on a family membership must join on a separate membership.

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