Briarcliff Operational Alert / Lane Closure

Club Fit BRC

We are upgrading the HVAC unit for the larger section of our fitness center. We have just completed installing new units for a smaller fitness center section and women’s fitness area.

In order to begin this installation, we will need to partition off the front of the building on Thursday, July 14th so a crane can place the new unit on the roof.

This will close the accessibility to drive or park in front of the building on Thursday, please plan accordingly.

Thank you for your patience while we complete this project, and your continued patience as we finish up the Aquatic locker room renovation. We have heard you…and are listening,

General Manager

Men’s Aquatic Locker Room Renovation

locker room renovationClub Fit BRC

Club Fit continually strives to improve our members’ experience. Our locker room renovation is an integral part of that.

In response to member suggestions, several months ago we started our locker room renovation project which began with the Men’s and Women’s Fitness locker rooms. The feedback has been very positive and we are thrilled that you are enjoying the new upgrades.

We are now moving in to the last phase, starting with the Men’s aquatics locker room. We will begin this section on Wednesday, July 6th, and expect to complete in the next few weeks.

The area will be closed during this time. Please expect and prepare to use the fitness locker rooms while we complete this endeavor. Thank you for your patience



BRC Lap Pool unavailable Sunday from 3:30pm – 7:30 pm

WarningClub Fit BRC

Dear Members and Guests,

As a reminder, this Sunday, April 10th, our lap pool will be closed from 3:30pm-7:30pm for a Dual Club Fit Swim Team Event.

During this time, our Program Pool will be open for normal use, but the lap pool will be closed. Keep in mind the atmosphere will be loud and high energy.  We welcome you to use Club Fit JV on this day, if you should need access to the lap pool or a quieter environment.

Thank you for your accommodation during this very special event.


BRC Update-Women’s Fitness Locker Room


Thank you for your patience as we closed the women’s fitness locker room to begin the next phase of the renovation. On Monday, March 28th, we will need to expand our demo and gain access to key areas which will mean complete access. We tried to keep one section open as long as we can, but at this time please use the aquatics locker room for the remainder of the time. Great news that we are ahead of schedule for this project. Thanks again for your understanding and support as we make these improvements.


BRC Update: Women’s Fitness Locker Room Upgrade

The Women’s Fitness Locker Room will be closed as of Wednesday March 23rd. We are beginning our upgrade of the women’s counter areas and sauna. This project should be completed by mid-April. Please use the Women’s Aquatics Locker Room during this time. We will try to keep a couple of locker bays open in the Fitness Locker Room for use by people that just need to store stuff during their workout. Thank you for your flexibility.

Mark Cuatt
General Manager

Club Recovery From Power outage!

WarningClub Fit BRC

Club Fit Briarcliff lost power on Monday evening for several hours due to area outages. We  will have regular opening today however there may be intermittent temperature issues due to HVAC system being effected. We are also waiting on the chemical levels of the pools to return to normal and expect that this will be O.K. for opening. Our team is working diligently to resolve all the issues as soon as possible. Anyone who wishes to use our JV location today, may do so!

Thank you for your understanding,