From Couch to 5K… and beyond!

Club Fit Member Linda Adair goes from couch to 5K, and farther — losing 45 lbs and getting stronger in the process!

Club Fit Member and 5K Runner Linda Adair

Club Fit Member and 5K Runner Linda Adair

Change is good! But only if you make the right changes. Linda Adair decided that she wanted to get back into shape last summer, and 45 pounds later, she has achieved that goal.

Last June, Linda reached a point where she was tired of being overweight, and wanted to return to her former fit, energetic self. With the support of fellow Club Fit Briarcliff member and friend, Denyse, a marathon runner, she attempted the Couch to 5K program, and by August she was running 3 miles every other day. “The first day was tough, but then I got back up on day two and did it again,” she says.

In the fall she joined Club Fit, and she feels it made a huge difference in her fitness quest. “I had adjusted my diet and increased my exercise, but Club Fit pushed me over the top with the addition of Group Fitness classes and access to the Fitness Center,” she says. Linda, a paralegal (she graduated in March!), is a regular in the Spin Studio, and uses the treadmill, the women’s circuit and the free weight area. She completed her first 5K, slowly, last July, and now she has thirteen 5Ks and one 10K planned for 2015!

So the exercise increased, but what did she change in her diet? “I eat tons of fruit, cut out carbs and replaced white rice and potatoes with healthier starches like yams and brown rice.” She adds, “My diet is constantly evolving, and I continue to do research, but I definitely don’t starve myself. If I want something that doesn’t fall into my ‘healthy’ list, I don’t deprive myself.” The key is to become educated, and learn how to maintain a good balance, something she feels should also be stressed to young people, who today can so easily succumb to eating disorders.

Speaking of young people, two of the reasons Linda was motivated to regain her health were her daughters. Both girls are active and athletic, but her younger daughter also suffers from cystic fibrosis. Because of this, Linda and her family have become active supporters of Team Boomer, a program within the Boomer Esiason Foundation that encourages people with CF to incorporate exercise into their everyday lives, and supports athletes in raising money for CF through fundraising events. The Foundation, launched by former New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason, works to heighten awareness, education and quality of life for those affected by CF. “One hundred percent of the money they raise goes to research, so I am happy to support them!”

At this point, Linda has achieved what she set out to do… “I am healthy now!” She dropped from a size 16 to size 6, and feels much stronger and faster since her decision to commit to fitness last summer. Her husband and daughters also are benefitting from the adjustments she made to her diet, which of course impacted the foods she brings into their Pleasantville home. “There are always things you can work on at the gym, but at this point I am simply grateful to be healthy!”

For more information on the Couch to 5K program that started Linda on her way, visit, and if you want to give a philanthropic twist to your fitness plan and join the Adairs in their support of Team Boomer, visit

— written by Lisa Skelton

Blythedale Fundraiser at Club Fit


Hannah Nemerever hosts Blythedale Fundraiser at Club Fit

Hannah Nemerever swimming at Club Fit

For a 13-year-old, Hannah Nemerever has a pretty impressive resume. Her “day job” involves attending eighth grade at George Fisher Middle School in Carmel, but in her spare time she swims competitively, tutors, and has gained quite the reputation for her community service.

Hannah decided to combine her two loves — swimming and helping others — by organizing a fundraiser for Blythedale Children’s Hospital involving her teammates on Club Fit Jefferson Valley’s USA Swim Team. This is the second year Hannah has spearheaded this event, with last year’s event raising close to $12,000! “Blythedale made it really easy for me to do this,” says Hannah. “Their Development Department gives you suggestions, and helps you set up goals.”

For Hannah’s event, which will be held in the Aquatics Center on March 4th, each swimmer gets sponsors who can donate a lump sum or a certain amount per lap, and commits to a minimum number of laps, between 50 and 200. The team’s goal is to swim a total of 60 miles. “I hope to swim 200 laps myself,” says Hannah. All proceeds will go directly to Blythedale.

Why Blythedale? “We were driving by the hospital and I was curious so I did some research and found out what they did, and I thought it was interesting,” says Hannah. Blythedale, which is located in White Plains, is one of only 19 pediatric specialty hospitals in the United States, and is nationally recognized for its innovative, multidisciplinary inpatient programs. The money raised in last year’s swim team fundraiser was used to support transportation services for sick children and their families, and this year’s proceeds will go to an area where the money is needed most.

But Blythedale is not the only beneficiary of Hannah’s philanthropy. She is a volunteer at Green Chimneys, a local nonprofit that is recognized as a worldwide leader in animal-assisted therapy and educational activities for children with special needs. Hannah helps care for the animals, and is also planning to volunteer at a pancake breakfast fundraiser for Green Chimneys in the spring.

Be sure to stop by on March 4th at 4:45 p.m. to cheer Hannah and her teammates on! And if you miss it, donations will be accepted in the Aquatics office. Checks should be made payable to Blythedale Children’s Hospital and are tax deductible. To find out more about the Blythedale Children’s Hospital and their mission, visit You can also find out more about Green Chimneys at Maybe you’ll find one of these organizations as worthy of your time and energy as Hannah does! She is truly an inspiration for all of us, regardless of age!

Operation PROM Fundraiser at Club Fit

Greater Than We founder Susie Mordoh

Greater Than We founder Susie Mordoh

Some people just have the knack for turning an overwhelming situation into a great experience. Event planner and life coach Susie Mordoh, a Club Fit Briarcliff member for the past 12 years, is one of those people! Susie’s company, Greater Than We, is just one part of her personal mission, which is to alleviate “the overwhelm,” and break things down into what she refers to as simple and easy “nuggets of love.”

Greater Than We began three years ago as a company focused on event planning and fundraising, but has grown into an invaluable support system for those looking to achieve a better work-life balance. Susie is hired for speaking engagements, runs workshops and coaches individuals looking for some clarity in their lives. “I strongly believe that when we raise each other up, extraordinary things can happen,” she says. Her mantra? “Feel the Love!”

Susie’s efforts are also directed at supporting nonprofits, including one that is near and dear to her heart, Operation PROM. Club Fit Briarcliff has supported Operation PROM as a dress drop-off location for the past few years, and is the location Susie chose for the 2015 Operation PROM Charity Ride held in February, which raised almost $4000. “The event was a win-win for everyone involved, and a welcome change, for some, from the regular gala dinner format,” said Susie. “The ride was fun, the room looked fantastic, we raised a lot of money, and everyone had a great workout!”

Susie is on the board of Operation PROM, and has witnessed firsthand the impact the organization has made over the years. The organization was originally established in 2005 to help low-income students attend their proms by providing free dresses and tuxedo rentals, but has since expanded to include scholarships and donations of clothing and school supplies to students who are sick, homeless, or live in shelters and don’t have family to assist them.

“When you put it on a collective scale, small donations add up and make a big difference to someone in need,” says Susie. “We’ve reached the point where we can fund an entire prom for a deserving school, including dressing each guest.” This year’s beneficiary is Hope Academy in Orange, CT, which accommodates students who struggle in traditional academic settings due to various learning differences.

Club Fit was a natural choice for the Operation PROM spin event Susie organized. “The club has been a very supportive environment for events like this,” she says. Susie, a Briarcliff resident, uses almost every area of the club, from Group Fitness classes to USTA tennis. She is also a big fan of MYZONE, which she considers a “pivotal upgrade” to her membership. “I definitely have experienced measurable results.” Her husband and two children also frequent the club, and if dogs were allowed, her two Labrador Retrievers would probably be there, too.

Whether you are looking for a little personal inspiration or trying to make a difference for someone in need, follow Susie’s advice, and “Feel the Love!” Her success is proof that it works. For more information on Susie and her company, Greater Than We, visit You can also find information on how to join Susie and Club Fit in supporting Operation Prom at

 by Lisa Skelton

Club Fit Briarcliff and Jefferson Valley will be closing early this evening, Saturday, February 21, 2015

Due to the anticipated forecast of ice and snow, we will have a 6pm closing this evening, Saturday, February 21, 2015. As always, the safety of our members and staff is paramount. We do anticipate a regular opening on Sunday morning, February 22nd. Stay tuned for updates via email, facebook and our website. Stay safe.

Club Fit Briarcliff Updates for today, February 2, 2015

Club Fit Briarcliff is open today from 2pm-11pm.
For any issues, please know that Karen is the MOD from 2pm – 5pm.  Bobby is the MOD from  5pm – 8pm.


Group Fitness: See Schedule online for class offerings for the evening

Tennis: Canceling all tennis programs and lessons – junior classes, adult classes, private and semi-private lessons, and evening leagues – for the rest of the day

Aquatics: No Swim Team practice, No Group Lessons….Private Lessons are available-contact Aquatics office.

Fitness: Nick and Tiana will cover any fitness classes scheduled.
2-6pm- Joe
3-8pm – Nick
4-8pm- Tiana
8-11pm – Tommy

Energy Center: Open till 8pm

Massage: Massage Therapy is not available today.

Sports: No kids’ programs today.

Club Fit Delayed Opening – February 2, 2015

Operational Update

Once again we find ourselves at the mercy of Mother Nature and sifting through various weather reports and school closings. We do expect wintery weather and significant icing through the night and into the morning. We have decided to delay opening at our regularly scheduled time and appraise conditions in the early morning. We don’t anticipate being able to open before 9:00am.
Given the uncertainty of the timing tomorrow morning, it is likely we will run a modified group class schedule. As always updates can be found on our website at , Twitter and Facebook.
As always, we will evaluate opening the club in a timely fashion, always keeping our members and staff safety in mind. We will be sending our next update by 7:00am Monday, February 2, 2015.

Club Fit Alert Jefferson Valley – Operational Update

December 4, 2014

To Our Valued Members,

It is with great sincerity and candor I send this update to you. As members you have every reason to feel disappointed and disillusioned with the intermittent disruptions to your regular visits to the club. I’m sorry there were times you ventured out to the club only to find the club closed and perhaps the offer of using Club Fit Briarcliff unreasonable. We find this just as disheartening as you.

We have certainly seen our share of troubles these past two months with the power supply to our facility.  The issue and resolution has been complex. We have made it a priority to keep our membership updated every step of the way. Occasionally these efforts were thwarted due to circumstances beyond our control. We have done our best to remain open under these difficult circumstances. After the initial power failure we placed e-cash on members’ accounts as a gesture of appreciation of their patience. We immediately began the process of restoration and repair of the primary lines to the facility. We not only repaired the existing lines but felt a long term solution included laying new lines to assure we would not find ourselves in this predicament again. The new primary lines have not been connected by our energy supplier to date. While waiting for an installation date from our energy supplier, the older primary lines failed on Sunday leading to the reinstallation of a generator. Unfortunately yesterday the generator caught fire spurring an evacuation and closing of the Club for the day.

On a positive note, we believe we see an end in sight to this dilemma. We have received word from our energy supplier that the scope of work to connect to our new primary lines should be completed by this evening and with good luck we should be on full power by Friday morning. We share the same feelings of disappointment and frustration as our members over this situation.  We will be placing e-cash on your account to thank you for your patience during this disruption. Please enjoy using this e-cash in good health at the club.

We are a resilient group and we will continue to be an organization that supports our community, opens our doors for those in need after other power outages and storms, and will do our best to be there for our members in their times of need. We would like to believe our members share these core values and are pleased to be in partnership with Club Fit to make our community healthier. I do hope you choose to remain with us as a member.

I look forward to seeing you in the club soon,

Lynne Welling
General Manager
(914) 250-2746


Operational Alert — Electrical Restoration Project

Our electrical restoration project is drawing to a close. To complete the work at the main front entrance we will need to close the main entrance tomorrow, Tuesday, November 11th at 7:00 am. The entrance will remain closed to complete the paving of the front driveway. We expect the work to be completed by early evening. Our Reception staff will be on hand to welcome all members at the Energy Center entrance.

Please drive slowly through the parking lots and observe all new traffic patterns.

In Health,
Lynne Welling
General Manager

Club Fit Jefferson Valley – Operational Alert

Over the next few days, work will begin to lay new electrical primary lines from the street to the front entrance of the club. This is a project that will help ensure a consistent power supply to our building, and hopefully eliminate any further power interruptions related to the issues we had last month.

The scope of work is expected to take 2-3 weeks to completion. As the work progresses, access to parking lots and the entrance to the club will be re-routed as needed to keep the project moving forward.

Please drive slowly through our parking lots, observe and obey all new traffic patterns (as they may change on a daily basis).

We look forward to completing this project by early November.


Please know that due to an electrical issue on Bank Road, Club Fit Jefferson Valley is closed today, Monday, September 29th.  We are hoping to have the club open at some point tomorrow, September 30th and will update you as soon as we do!  Our members are invited to use our other location in Briarcliff, located conveniently off the Taconic State Parkway on North State Road.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Club Fit Jefferson Valley ALERT

Outdoor Tennis Courts
Mother Nature has different plans for our opening season of outdoor play on our tennis courts! We had hoped to have the courts ready for use on Memorial Day, Monday May 26th. Due to heavy rain this week the courts will need additional prep time and sunshine. With some assistance from Mother Nature, we anticipate having the courts available mid-week for play.
Additional updates will be made available on Facebook, Twitter and Web Alert.


Operational Update – Women’s Steam Room

We are beginning the process of renovating the steam room in the ladies locker room beginning Sunday, February 9th. Until the work begins it is difficult estimating the scope and timeframe of the project. Excluding any operational surprises we look to have the steam room up and running as quickly as possible. Our members are most welcome to take a steam at Club Fit Briarcliff during the upgrade.

Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you for your patience.

In Health,

Lynne Welling