Club Fit Alert Jefferson Valley – Operational Update

December 4, 2014

To Our Valued Members,

It is with great sincerity and candor I send this update to you. As members you have every reason to feel disappointed and disillusioned with the intermittent disruptions to your regular visits to the club. I’m sorry there were times you ventured out to the club only to find the club closed and perhaps the offer of using Club Fit Briarcliff unreasonable. We find this just as disheartening as you.

We have certainly seen our share of troubles these past two months with the power supply to our facility.  The issue and resolution has been complex. We have made it a priority to keep our membership updated every step of the way. Occasionally these efforts were thwarted due to circumstances beyond our control. We have done our best to remain open under these difficult circumstances. After the initial power failure we placed e-cash on members’ accounts as a gesture of appreciation of their patience. We immediately began the process of restoration and repair of the primary lines to the facility. We not only repaired the existing lines but felt a long term solution included laying new lines to assure we would not find ourselves in this predicament again. The new primary lines have not been connected by our energy supplier to date. While waiting for an installation date from our energy supplier, the older primary lines failed on Sunday leading to the reinstallation of a generator. Unfortunately yesterday the generator caught fire spurring an evacuation and closing of the Club for the day.

On a positive note, we believe we see an end in sight to this dilemma. We have received word from our energy supplier that the scope of work to connect to our new primary lines should be completed by this evening and with good luck we should be on full power by Friday morning. We share the same feelings of disappointment and frustration as our members over this situation.  We will be placing e-cash on your account to thank you for your patience during this disruption. Please enjoy using this e-cash in good health at the club.

We are a resilient group and we will continue to be an organization that supports our community, opens our doors for those in need after other power outages and storms, and will do our best to be there for our members in their times of need. We would like to believe our members share these core values and are pleased to be in partnership with Club Fit to make our community healthier. I do hope you choose to remain with us as a member.

I look forward to seeing you in the club soon,

Lynne Welling
General Manager
(914) 250-2746


Operational Alert — Electrical Restoration Project

Our electrical restoration project is drawing to a close. To complete the work at the main front entrance we will need to close the main entrance tomorrow, Tuesday, November 11th at 7:00 am. The entrance will remain closed to complete the paving of the front driveway. We expect the work to be completed by early evening. Our Reception staff will be on hand to welcome all members at the Energy Center entrance.

Please drive slowly through the parking lots and observe all new traffic patterns.

In Health,
Lynne Welling
General Manager

Club Fit Jefferson Valley – Operational Alert

Over the next few days, work will begin to lay new electrical primary lines from the street to the front entrance of the club. This is a project that will help ensure a consistent power supply to our building, and hopefully eliminate any further power interruptions related to the issues we had last month.

The scope of work is expected to take 2-3 weeks to completion. As the work progresses, access to parking lots and the entrance to the club will be re-routed as needed to keep the project moving forward.

Please drive slowly through our parking lots, observe and obey all new traffic patterns (as they may change on a daily basis).

We look forward to completing this project by early November.


Please know that due to an electrical issue on Bank Road, Club Fit Jefferson Valley is closed today, Monday, September 29th.  We are hoping to have the club open at some point tomorrow, September 30th and will update you as soon as we do!  Our members are invited to use our other location in Briarcliff, located conveniently off the Taconic State Parkway on North State Road.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Club Fit Jefferson Valley ALERT

Outdoor Tennis Courts
Mother Nature has different plans for our opening season of outdoor play on our tennis courts! We had hoped to have the courts ready for use on Memorial Day, Monday May 26th. Due to heavy rain this week the courts will need additional prep time and sunshine. With some assistance from Mother Nature, we anticipate having the courts available mid-week for play.
Additional updates will be made available on Facebook, Twitter and Web Alert.


Operational Update – Women’s Steam Room

We are beginning the process of renovating the steam room in the ladies locker room beginning Sunday, February 9th. Until the work begins it is difficult estimating the scope and timeframe of the project. Excluding any operational surprises we look to have the steam room up and running as quickly as possible. Our members are most welcome to take a steam at Club Fit Briarcliff during the upgrade.

Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you for your patience.

In Health,

Lynne Welling

Club Fit Briarcliff

We are going to improve our Energy Center!

Starting Wednesday October 23rd we will begin construction to improve the experience for your kids when they visit our Nursery or Energy Center.

When we are done there will be great new games including a game projected onto the floor to keep kids moving and a light up wall game to keep the little ones engaged and amused.

Also the space will be more flexible so we can better accommodate all ages. Our party experience will be more fun too!

The project should be completed by mid-December. Our check-in, hours, and kids’ sports programs will all be business as usual throughout the project. There will be sections of the Energy Center and Nursery closed off throughout the project as we go through the phases of construction.

Melissa and I are looking forward to celebrating our new space with you soon. Thank you for your patience.

Mark Cuatt
General Manager 

Let’s Go Green: Hurricane Sandy teaches us a valuable lesson

Climate change is very real. That is just one of the things we have taken away from the impact Hurricane Sandy. Never before has our area seen such devastation due to a storm such as this.

Now, it’s time to look at we can do to prevent these disasters. Even though, in many ways we have left an irreparable amount of damage on the earth, it is not a hopeless situation. We have to begin by taking step to raise awareness about the environment. Here at Club Fit, we are doing just that and we are asking that you join us.

Here’s what we have been doing to help:

1. Miox in the pools- reduced the need for excessive chemicals and the use of Chlorine.
2. Sola Tube lighting- energy conserving light fixtures.
3. Keeping recycle bins available throughout the club- please make sure you dispose of your bottles in the recycle bin and not the garbage.
4. The towels- we are trying to encourage people to use less towels. Only take what you need. Instead of using one to stand on, throw a pair of flip flops in your gym bag. A little effort can go a long way and it helps us reduce the use of energy and detergent.

Here are some things you can do to lessen your footprint:

1. Recycle. Recycle, RECYCLE. You can recycle almost anything and most towns have a collection day for recycling.
Some things you can and should recycle: glass bottles, plastic bottles, cans, empty containers, paper, boxes, cereal boxes, plastic packaging from products.
2. Take shorter showers and don’t let the tap run when you are brushing your teeth. It’s not really that important to take super long showers and let the tap run.
3. Drive less, move more. Instead of taking that 2 minute car ride into town, why not walk or bike? It’s healthy, active and it cuts down on omissions from vehicles. Even using public transportation can make a HUGE difference.
4. Use energy star rated light bulbs and appliances. “Did you know? If every American home replaced just one light bulb with a light bulb that’s earned the ENERGY STAR, we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year, save about $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to those from about 800,000 cars.” Energy Star
5. Save paper. In this wonderful world of computers and smart phones, we don’t need to print as much! We can even get newspapers on our phones which makes it more convenient eco-friendly.
6. Turn off the lights. Conserve electricity by turning off lights that don’t need to be on and when you leave the room. Don’t fall asleep with the TV on. You’ll probably get a more rested sleep without it.
7. Teach your children. Lead by example and teach them why it is important to do these things. They are the future.

Thanks for helping get the message out!

Rob Astorino comes to Club Fit to talk about community and operation hot shower!