New Club Fit Staff Member – Nikki Monet Covington

Nikki Monet CovingtonNew Club Fit Staff Member – Nikki Monet Covington

Briarcliff – Group Fitness

Nikki is a Group Fitness and Spin certified instructor who lives and breathes fitness. She believes in a good sweat to chase away the blues. Nikki is an international marathoner who has completed many full and half marathons, including New York City, Chicago, Tokyo and London. She has also developed a love for yoga and its many benefits. When she is not in the studio teaching others the importance of fitness, she can be found in a park running.

New Club Fit Staff Member – Robert Allan

Robert AllanNew Club Fit Staff Member – Robert Allan

Briarcliff – Aquatics

Hi my name is Robert. I’m 28 years old years old and I live in Yorktown Heights. I’ve just finished serving four years and active duty in the Army as an artilleryman. I was stationed in Alaska and Louisiana. I have 3 younger brothers – one of them, Sean, works here at Club Fit Briarcliff as a Lifeguard. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, biking and attending live music!


New Club Fit Staff Member – Albert “Dave” Boykin

Albert “Dave” BoykinNew Club Fit Staff Member – Albert “Dave” Boykin

Briarcliff – Sports Activities Assistant

Dave is a graduate of White Plains High School, where he started as the point guard on the Basketball Team from 2002 to 2006. He went on to play college ball at Fordham University and The University of Bridgeport. After four successful years in college, Dave has been playing professional basketball overseas in countries such as Colombia, Germany, China and Brazil. He is universally known as DB!

New Club Fit Staff Member – Alexandra Sansone

Alexandra SasoneNew Club Fit Staff Member – Alexandra Sansone

Briarcliff – Group Fitness Class Instructor

Aly is a Fitness Professional with a background in Psychology. Instructor, Trainer and Professor, she approaches fitness holistically with the goal of helping people become their happiest, healthiest, most effective self. Born and raised in Westchester, Aly believes that we all have something to learn and there is always room for improvement. Reach your goal and raise the bar.

New Club Fit Staff Member – Jason Reyes

Jason ReyesNew Club Fit Staff Member – Jason Reyes

Briarcliff – Group Fitness Class Instructor

Jason is a fitness professional with over 20 years’ experience helping clients of all walks of life reach their goals. With significant accomplishments in the worlds of bodybuilding, triathlon, and CrossFit, Jason combines his love of variety to bring the best out in his clients.


New Club Fit Staff Member – Samantha Cichocki

Samantha CichockiNew Club Fit Staff Member – Samantha Cichocki

Jefferson Valley – Childcare Worker

Samantha is currently studying for her MS in School Counseling at Mercy College. Samantha is bilingual in English and Polish. Interestingly only a select few people call her by her full name, she is mostly referred to as ‘Sam’. Samantha has a passion of traveling and seeing all the interesting places in the world. In her free time she enjoys kickboxing, hanging with friends, and just sipping on a good cup of coffee.




New Club Fit Staff Member – Eric Dammeyer

Eric Dammeyer

New Club Fit Staff Member – Eric Dammeyer

Jefferson Valley – Lifeguard

Eric is a senior at Somers High School in Somers, NY. He plans on studying environmental science when he starts college. He loves to play football and obviously enjoys swimming. Being that he is an avid New York Giants fan, it is suggested that Dallas Cowboy fans keep their distance, though he will gladly but cautiously hold a conversation with them. Eric is always looking to help out those around him and have a good time.

New Club Fit Staff Member – Benjamin Steiger

Benjamin SteigerNew Club Fit Staff Member – Benjamin Steiger

Briarcliff – Lifeguard

Ben is a high school senior, who has a 3.7 GPA and is a three sport athlete. He plays drums and guitar and can play with anyone at any time. His friends call him Steigs and any staff member is welcome to do so. He is a friendly and outgoing guy who hopes to be close with his soon to be staff.

To Keep You Inspired … Diane Purdy

Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy Keeps Us Inspired

{by Lisa Olney, Club Fit guest blogger}

Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy with Personal Trainer Lori Nigro

Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy with Personal Trainer Lori Nigro

Club Fit’s highest staff honor is its Annual Service Award, presented under veil of secrecy each year at the Annual Meeting — a day of education, team building, and staff appreciation. So, when Diane Purdy, Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist of almost 20 years was asked to lead a Q & A about the Club’s new human resource management system, Dayforce, she was prepared and ready for any question that came her way. What she wasn’t prepared for was the proverbial table turn. Instead of being introduced as the afternoon’s next speaker, she was introduced through a cleverly written poem as Club Fit’s 2016 Annual Service Award winner!

Diane may have been the only person in the room surprised by the announcement. Her consummate work ethic and dedication strikes a lasting impression for all who meet her. Diane’s attention to detail and support to managers and staff has made her invaluable in every area of Club Fit. Diane takes her responsibility as Club’s Payroll Specialist seriously, and over the years she has braved many of Mother Nature’s wicked weather curve balls to get to work, even during weather closures, because, simply put, “Our people need to get paid.” The support she provides has become her calling card, and Diane has helped guide her team through two significant technology launches helping to maximize Club Fit’s internal efficiency and overall position as a leader in the fitness industry. But most importantly, on Diane’s watch, people come first, and everyone is taken care of with equal care and attention.

Diane grew up playing basketball, softball, and running track. As an adult, she enjoyed an effortless balance of health and fitness. But time marches on, and bodies change. As Diane entered her 50s, she realized that maintaining this balance was finally going to require a little more effort. So, she decided it was time to focus on improving her own health and fitness. She found her perfect partner in Club Fit Jefferson Valley Personal Trainer Lori Nigro.

“Lori knew that I was interested in getting in shape and losing weight,” recalls Diane. After their first session, the rest was history, and they’ve been training together since March of 2015. Every Tuesday at 3:30, the duo meets for a 30-minute personal training session. Lori has incorporated high intensity training (HIT) and functional training into Diane’s repertoire. Some days are dedicated to specific body parts, and each session includes stretching and cardio. Diane’s favorite machine is the cross cable machine, and she complements her Club Fit routine by staying active and bicycling through her neighborhood.

“Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything — spinning and cardio tennis, but, this is what I do on Tuesdays,” says Diane. It has been just over 18 months since Diane started her weekly sessions with Lori. She noticed changes right away, and is proud that she has maintained her fitness and weight loss. As for her future fitness goals, Diane is happy continuing her Tuesday sessions with Lori. “I’ll stick with my program,” says Diane. “Lori has shown me so many things. She is motivating, very encouraging and great to work with.”

This February will mark Diane’s 20-year Club Fit anniversary, and Diane most values the caring and friendly culture at the Club, from the staff to the members. “It’s my home away from home, and I love the people,” said Diane. “Everybody cares about their well-being, and the Club cares about helping the community. It’s a great place to work.”

As Diane closes in on the big 2-0, staff and members alike may already know of her love of traveling, NBA basketball, and her favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs. But, did you know that Diane is a huge country music fan with an ear that would make any Nashvillian proud? In 2016 she has already seen 16 big-name artists in concert such as Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Luke Bryan, Kenney Chesney, Miranda Lambert, and on October 26, Carrie Underwood. 2016 is not over yet, however, and in November she will see Keith Urban and Brett Eldridge, and Stevie Nicks is on the docket for December. Diane has already purchased her tickets for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Soul2Soul tour in October of 2017 — just another fun fact that exemplifies Diane’s attention to detail and strategic planning, a strength that can always be counted on by the Club Fit community.