Playdates for ages 1–4

Playdates for kids toddlers ages 1–4 bounce house at Club Fit Briarcliff

October 16th – December 18th

Meet your friends once a week until the school year ends. Kids can come play in the Energy Center with mats, balls and the bounce house while parents sit and socialize or play along with the kids.

Play dates are great for kids. They learn how to interact with other kids; they learn how to share and how to get along in general. And it gives parents a great opportunity to connect with other adults to talk about parenting and things totally unrelated to being a parent, which is refreshing.

Our new Nebula Wall is an interactive wall of light that guarantees hours of fun, exercise and magical experiences for both young and old. And our new EyePlay Exergame Surface turns the floor into an interactive fitness game! Fully responsive to player movements using advanced motion tracking cameras, EyePlay is able to track multiple kids at the same time! Kids can stomp, jump and run around with friends of all ages.

FREE to members. Non-members, $10 surcharge.

For more information, contact Melissa Lawrence at ext. 2144 or


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