Post-Cardiac Rehab Fitness

Post-Cardiac Rehab Fitness
With Master Trainer Jie Yang

Post-Cardiac Rehab Fitness is a program created especially for those with conditions such as cardiovascular, metabolic and orthopedic issues, etc. The program is designed to increase functional capacity for healthier and stronger life. A typical session will last for 60 minutes. It will cover training for function, strength, flexibility and proprioception. Cardiovascular training guidelines will be offered separately.

Your vital signs and symptoms will be closely monitored before, during and after exercise. Individualized exercise program will be designed based on your condition, medical history, interests and special needs. During the class, clinical judgement will be adopted for safety and progression.

Requirements to take the class:
If coming out of a cardiac rehab facility, we must have physician’s clearance for exercise, stress test result and/or exercise records from recent rehab center if available, and a signed agreement of release and waiver of liability which will be provided for you at the start of the program.

Program includes a FREE MYZONE belt ($99.99 value) to be worn during the workout sessions. 

About Master Trainer Jie Yang:
Jie holds his Masters of Exercise Science & Rehabilitation (CUNY, Brooklyn College, 2009-2011). He is a certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM, 2011 till now); and has five years’ experience in physical therapy for orthopedic injuries; and two years’ experience in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

February 5th – March 12th

12:00 pm Sundays | Fitness Center

6 classes    
Member price   $150
Non-Member surcharge + $120

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