Congratulations to our

Survive the Holidays with us! Join the HEALTHY HOLIDAYS Challenge at Club Fit.


$100 e-cash: Patricia Ryan-Sacks
MYZONE Belt: Gianna LaSalla
Fitbit: Rich Viscoma
Apple Watch: Tani Gelber

Congratulations to ALL who completed the challenge! Many, if not all of you, who completed your end scan lost weight or inches through the competition and you should be extremely proud of your results!

Members are free to use the FIT3D scanner at any time to monitor the results of your fitness programs and keep you accountable; it is a free service as part of your membership. We highly recommend you use it either once a month or once every couple of months to check back in on your progress.

Please contact Susie at 914-250-2795 or if you’d like to make an appointment with a Fitness Coach to review your program and set some new goals in the new year!


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