VertiMax Fitness & Sport Conditioning at Club Fit Briarcliff

The World’s Leading Sports Performance Training Equipment

General Conditioning & Injury Prevention Sport-Specific Enhancement & Conditioning
• Hundreds of exercise applications for general health and fitness for people of all ages

• Safe alternative to free weights for children and older adults as well as high performance fitness activities

• Total body workout with focus on core stabilization — even used for Pilates!

• Increase mobility and functional movement through all ranges of motion

• Improve plyometric power, strength, quickness, and responsiveness in each movement that you perform

• Prevent injury by using the stabilizing muscle groups around each joint

• Increase vertical jump
• Improve first step quickness
• Improve offensive and defensive mobility
• Used by anyone from AAU to professional NBA basketball players to professional NBA basketball players

• Improve leg, arm and hip rotation speed & power to increase hitting distance and throwing speed
• Improve 60 yard dash times
• Improve explosive leg power 6 times more effectively than plyometrics

• First step quickness
• Hitting power
• Offensive/defensive play making abilities
• Athletic durability (injury prevention)

• Radically improve 40 times
• Leg & arm loading for maximum vertical gains
• Develop sport-specific power at any position
• Do less get better results — VertiMax can replace all your plyos

Also used to enhance performance in Lacrosse, Track & Field, Soccer, Volleyball and more! VertiMax can be used for sports performance enhancement by athletes of all ages and abilities.


Contact Fitness Director Susie Reiner at 914-250-2795 or to set up Private or Group Fitness Training.

For Sports-Specific Training & Conditioning, contact Sports Director Sarah Benischek at 914-250-2760 or

VertiMax Fitness & Sport Conditioning at Club Fit Briarcliff


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