Kinesis Testimonials

Kinesis ... The Original Movement

"Kinesis with Irene has allowed me to become stronger while dealing with injuries and painful conditions. Irene knows how to push me, but always takes into account my problem areas. I trust her to take care of me and not let me get hurt, so I am free to push myself without fear of injury. Taking her kinesis over the past 2+ years has been a wonderful conditioning experience--and fun too!"
... Anne Corey, member

"I've been working out for 30 years using machines and free weights but I feel that both my strength and range of motion have improved so much with Kinesis. A five person group means that the instructor can notice and correct my form and that has made a big difference. The stations work all the parts of my body in half an hour (rather than the hour I was spending before) and the personal attention means I get the most out of my workout."
... Connie Knapp, member

"My intention was to improve my muscle tone, increase my cardio and lose the rest of my baby weight. Kinesis is an awesome workout and allowed me to achieve my goals. Kinesis is challenging and very rewarding!  I have lost two sizes and continue to do so since I've started three months ago.  Thirty minutes a day is all you need to get a GREAT workout!"

... Alisa Dornau, member since 2004 

"Kinesis has been such a great experience!  It is an intense personalized workout. I never thought thirty minutes could produce such obvious results.  The combination of yoga style and weight training provides a dynamic workout that is never boring!  The instructors are great, we always have a lot of fun.  I have since coupled this class with Fit Circuit and various other cardio activities and have not been so excited to work out since way before having children!"
... Jennifer Fertucci, member since 2004

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