MYZONE 101 | Club Fit Briarcliff

• Do you know how hard you’re working when you do cardio?
• Are you doing cardio for weight loss and not seeing results?
• Do you have a MYZONE belt but you’re not sure of its benefits?

Appointments can be made with one of our MYZONE professionals to discuss the value behind heart rate training and learn how you can enhance your fitness results and overall health and well-being. You will learn the basics behind using a MYZONE belt inside or outside Club Fit, get your questions answered about the technology, and for new members to MYZONE you’ll even have the ability to purchase one at the meeting!

Contact Lauren Apollonio at 762-3444 x2121 or to schedule an appointment.

FREE for members!

The MYZONE® Physical Activity Belt can be purchased at our Service Desk or The Shop.


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