MYZONE Making Movement Measurable Club Fit Briarcliff MYZONE Making Movement Measurable Club Fit Briarcliff MYZONE Making Movement Measurable Club Fit Briarcliff MYZONE Making Movement Measurable Club Fit Briarcliff MYZONE Making Movement Measurable Club Fit Briarcliff MYZONE Making Movement Measurable Club Fit Briarcliff

Before having my MYZONE belt I used to exercise following a routine of both resistance training along with a cardio training like kick boxing or Zumba. I was content with my exercise routines as I was losing weight.

When MYZONE first came out at Club Fit, I was not as interested as I felt my routine suited me fine. I thought it was a belt just to measure my heart rate more accurately. I had used a watch to measure my heart rate before and didn't used it much.

After about 6 months, I over heard one of the personal coaches explaining to someone how the MYZONE belt works and how it tracks the number of calories burned. And how it also kept track of your progress on its website. After hearing this, I decided to try MYZONE belt.

I was amazed with the tracking of calories burned each time I worked out. I also changed my cardio routines, keeping my heart rate above 80% to get the most MEPS. I always strived to get 300 MEPS or better each time I worked out at Club Fit as I will burn about 1600 to 1800 calories. When MYZONE monitors were added to Studio 1 and 2, this helped to keep track even more, watching  my heart rate hover at 80% or higher while taking kickboxing or Zumba classes.

I also wear the belt when exercising at the gym at work or hotels when traveling. Lately I've been wearing the belt while doing yardwork on Saturdays of which I can burn about 3000 to 4000 calories. I guess I have a lot of grass to cut and trim:) Just ask my neighbor, AnnMarie, who also is a Club Fit member and has a MYZONE belt too. She uses it while jogging all over town when not at Club Fit.

- Peter Wang

I love that when I am away I can now track my progress. While it is great to have it tied to the gym and I love seeing it on the screen, I do go away for the summers and this allows me to keep up with my training in a consistent manner. And as we all know with fitness, consistency is key!

There are places in the gym where there are no MYZONE screens or they can't be viewed (TRX room, certain spin bikes, the new ellipticals). I just realized today, I can just put my phone on and track my progress!  So if I am bopping around on different machines/classes, I can continuously monitor myself.

- Danielle O'Reilly

There is no greater cheerleader these days for the new MYZONE® system than Club Fit Jefferson Valley member Rosemarie Vacco. After hearing Spin instructor Lori Nigro rave about it during the testing period earlier this year, she decided to jump on the bandwagon as soon as the system was rolled out to members on August 5th.

A breast cancer survivor, Rosemarie first came to Club Fit eight years ago to participate in the club’s Cancer Wellness Program. Now in remission, she sees a cardiologist regularly and is on beta blockers, which affected her initial MYZONE® readings. The beta blockers weren’t allowing her heart rate to reach the normal maximum heart rate, so adjustments were made. Since then she says her workouts have been “unbelievable.” In fact, at her most recent appointment with the cardiologist, he asked, “What have you been doing differently in the past few months?” Rosemarie’s resting heart rate had gone down, and her blood pressure was better than it has been in years. 

“MYZONE® has taken my workout to different heights,” says Rosemarie. “I’ve learned that more is not necessarily better; efficiency is the real target.” She has also learned to listen to her body. When Club Fit lost its WiFi signal a few weeks back, Rosemarie continued to wear her belt and when the signal returned and she saw her readings, she had more or less maintained the rate of exertion she became used to without the in-class MYZONE® screen as a guide.

“I’ve also become more aware of what I eat, because MYZONE® tells you how many calories you burn in a workout session. Also, I don’t overtrain. I make small goals for myself, and by using MYZONE® to calculate my exertion rate and calorie burn, I am getting better results.” 

Rosemarie took some time off from the club after her Cancer Wellness Program participation, but is so happy she returned and became a full-fledged member. “I was welcomed by old friends and have made amazing new friends.” She credits Spin instructor Lori Nigro for her decision to try MYZONE®, and with helping her understand the system and apply it to her workout routine. In addition to Spin, Rosemarie also takes Step, Definitions, Zumba, TRX and Cardio Arc classes. “Since I started using MYZONE®, my workouts have become more enjoyable,” says Rosemarie. “I have more energy, feel better about myself, and feel like I am more physically fit than I have been in years! Thank you, Club Fit, for making my workouts something I look forward to every day.” 

Rosemarie Vacco

I wanted to let you know that the MYZONE® system has really been a nice surprise for me, although I have always used my own heart rate monitor the MYZONE® experience takes it to a much higher level. I have found that with the MYZONE® monitor and the display of heart rate, effort zone and calorie burn that I am much more compelled to commit to every work out to maximize my efficiency. I would say to anyone who is considering purchasing a MYZONE® monitor that it is well worth the investment as the motivation you will receive through the payoff of better, more productive workouts will provide long term results we are all working toward.

Tom Rowan - Member since 2003

My motivation for exercise has been very lack luster for the past several months and I knew I needed to do more, but just couldn't find the spark to get me going. MYZONE® has been that spark and more. The friendly competitions that can be set up are super motivating and has made me much more consistent with my workouts. The training log is effortless to use and provides me wtih all the details I need to measure my progress, which is very satisfying. I really have loved using MYZONE® and can't wait to see the positive impact it will have on everyone here at the club. It really is a great tool that can keep you motivated in so many ways. Absolutely Love it!

Bill Pagel

The MYZONE® Physical Activity Belt can be purchased at our Service Desk or The Shop.
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