print out and use as your checklist ...
  Briarcliff party ...
  Don't forget to bring.....  
  • The birthday cake, if you choose not to have us supply one.
  • Please bring candles and matches for the cake.
  • A large garbage bag to bring home presents is a good idea.
  We suggest.....
  • You bring two large party tablecloths to decorate the table.
    We do not provide tablecloths.
  • You may bring theme plates and cups if you wish. Ours are solid white.
  • Food platters for adults are available through the Café. Food platters must be ordered 72 hours prior to scheduled party. Click for Party Coordinator.
  You should know.....
  • We have party favors available. We can supply Energy backpacks and water bottles at an extra cost.
  • Our party hosts will help you serve food and cake.
  • Any special request will be considered. Our party planner is available to assist you at 762-3444 ext. 2144.
  • Your help in cleaning up would be appreciated. In some cases, a party may follow yours, therefore, you will need to remain on schedule. Please be considerate.
  • Tipping your party host for a job well done is always appreciated.
  • A second cake for your adult guests is available at an extra charge.
  • Ready to plan your party?  A party planner is available to assist you. 
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