Elite Basketball Training with PDH Basketball

Elite Basketball Training with PDH Basketball at Club Fit Briarcliff

PDH comes to Club Fit to bring you an Elite Basketball Training Program!

Small Group Basketball Trainings:  PDH offers high intensity training for athletes who are serious about basketball. Our trainings are designed to get players high repetitions while still focusing on teaching the players the correct way to perform the move. With a small group size we are able to alter each workout based on the group that day and hone in on more specific skills the players want to practice.

Price: $35 per session

Basketball Small Group Training Options:

Mondays   6:00–6:45 pm   ages 9–12
    6:45–7:30 pm   ages 12+
Wednesdays   6:00–6:45 pm   ages 9–12
    6:45–7:30 pm   ages 12+

Elite Basketball and VertiMax Training: Basketball trainings combined with speed, agility, strength and explosive training on the VertiMax. The VertiMax is a piece of fitness equipment that uses resistance band training to help enhance players speed, quickness, agility, vertical jump and overall strength.  We will couple basketball drills with VertiMax drills throughout the hour to give the player the overall competitive advantage.

Price: $45 per session

Elite Basketball and VertiMax Conditioning Small Group Training Options:

Sundays   11:00 am–12:00 pm   ages 9–12
(starting 1/8)   12:00–1:00 pm   ages 12–15
    1:00–2:00 pm   ages 15+

Team & Private Trainings available upon request. If interested, please email

For more info about PDH, visit


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