High School Basketball Warmup
with Coach Mickey Carey and Coach Sarah Benischek.

High School Basketball Warm-up drills coaching practice shhoting defenseat Club Fit Briarcliff

Pre-season skills and conditioning. Check back for next session!

This program is open for basketball players from 8th grade – 12th grade and is designed to get players ready for the high school basketball season. Pre-season skills and conditioning with Coach Mickey Carey and Coach Sarah Benischek.

Coach Mickey Carey Coached collegiate men’s basketball at Mercy College as well as Westchester Community College as well as currently trains numerous professional basketball players.

Coach Sarah Benischek Coached collegiate women’s basketball at Manhattanville College and currently coaches basketball at Somers High School.

Get ready for the speed and style of high school basketball by participating in high school and collegiate level basketball and conditioning skills. Coaches will teach you new drills while pushing you to a limit you never thought possible. This session will include an active plyometric warm up then will get right into skill work and conditioning. Topics that will be covered include but is not limited to ball handling, shot fakes and ball jabs, one on one offense and defense, help defense, shooting, attacking the basket, post footwork, and shooting off the dribble and off screens.

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