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Junior Development Tennis Programs - Just For Kids 

Preschool Tennis
Using the QuickStart method for pre-school, this program is designed to bring kids into the game.

QuickStart (5 - 10 Year Olds)
Utilizing specialized equiptment, short court dimensions, modified scoring, all tailored to age & size. 

Kids' Play Days
Using the QuickStart balls on 36' & 60' courts, kids socialize with others & learn to play short matches in a welcoming format.

USTA Orange Ball
Using the new USTA method, this program is designed for players looking to strengthen their basic skills, proper stroke technique, footwork and grips.

USTA Green Ball
Players will focus on basic strokes, developing topspin and match play strategy.

High School Program
Players will focus on major stroke consistency, developing different types of serves, approach, shots and match strategy.

Excellence Program
With the idea of taking your game to the next level, this clinic focuses on developing "weapons," tactics and strategies.

Junior Ladder Tournament Training
Drop in clinics. Players should be able to play tournaments.

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