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Leagues Divisons:


  • Open to all members and, depending on availability, to non-members who pay a surcharge over the regular league charge.
  • For every match, balls are provided by the Service Desk. Right after your match, please return used balls to the Service Desk.


  • All participants must complete and sign a registration form. Click here for a registration form.
  • If you are unsure about your level, please contact the league coordinator for placement.
  • Once form is received, revised and processed, the league coordinator will confirm placement.
  • This form should also include all dates a participant is not able to participate in a match.


  • Sixty-minute leagues play eight-game pro sets and ninety-minute leagues play twelve-game pro sets.
  • The will be a maximum 10-minute warm-up period.
  • As long as it is mentioned in the beginning of a match, an opponent is entitled to a game for every 5 minutes a player is late.
  • Play ends when the pro set is complete or when the bell rings.
  • Points started – after first serve is hit – prior to the ring of the bell, count and must be completed.
    • Incomplete games do not count for the final match result.
    • The match result will be recorded, regardless of completion, following USTA guidelines. In cases of unforeseen conditions - extreme weather, power outages, etc… - the “Good Faith Rule” will be applied.


  • For most leagues, league schedule will be available online at A few leagues might use email to coordinate league schedule.
  • Players will be scheduled or play on a minimum of two-thirds of the available league dates – 20 matches during the indoor leagues and 8 matches during the outdoor season.
  • Once the schedule is released, it is the participants’ responsibility to check-in at the service desk prior to the start time and arrive to the court on-time.
  • A participant is responsible for attending a match and, if a substitute is needed, it is the participant’s responsibility to find one that fits her leagues level of play.
  • To find a sub, please follow these guidelines:
    • “Reply to all” on the league coordinator’s weekly email;
    • Please also use another method of communication to contact league coordinator directly alerting him/her about the sub need;
    • Contact Tennis Director and Assistant Tennis Director about the sub need.
  • If the club’s “24-hour cancellation policy” is not respected, a late cancellation will be considered a “no-show” and the match will be forfeited. For cancellations on holidays, a 48-hour notice is expected; otherwise forfeiture of the match will stand.
  • In case of a participant’s misconduct, including consistent “no-shows”, a participant may be expelled from the league and no refund will be granted.

To register for one of our leagues, click here for a registration form.

Contact us if you have any questions.


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