Tennis Etiquette

Court Reservations: Outdoor tennis courts are free for members. Indoor and bubble courts are reserved for a small fee. All courts can be reserved up to a week in advance. Contact the Service Desk to make a reservation. Or on the Club Fit website, click the member log-on tab at the upper right corner and enter your user-name and password. For first-timers, use your member number – which is located on the back of your membership card under the barcode – as BOTH your user name AND password and follow the instructions. 

Court Fees: 
Singles (1 hour) $16
Doubles (1½ hours) $24 

Tennis Etiquette: We wish to make your experience on the tennis courts an enjoyable one. 

Court Use: Only tennis members may reserve a court. Courts must be used for tennis only.

Clothing: We expect proper attire at all times: shirt, shorts or warm-ups. No jeans or black soled shoes that make marks on the court. Shirts must be worn at all times during play.

Shoes: Tennis shoes are recommended. Running shoes, cross-trainers, basketball, and walking shoes do not provide the proper support on the tennis court since they are designed for front and back movement and tennis is a lateral, quick direction change sport. Inadequate shoes create a hazardous situation for the tennis player. 

Talking: Keep in mind that others are playing next to you. When carrying on a conversation please do so at the net rather than from baseline to baseline. Use an indoor voice at all times. Obscene language will not be tolerated. 

Crossing Someone’s Court: If you need to cross a court that is in use by other members, you must 1) wait until the end of a point, 2) ask if you can cross, and 3) cross quickly. It also applies to a lesson court.

Your Ball Has Gone onto an Adjacent Court that is Being Occupied by a Fellow Player: Wait until they have finished playing the point before asking for the return of your ball. (Never run onto adjacent court to retrieve ball.) If it is a tennis lesson court, a Tennis Professional should help you retrieve the ball.  

Cell Phones: Please turn off all ringers when on court. If you must have the phone on, please wear it and use the “vibrate mode.”

Drinks: Only water is permitted on the tennis courts. Alcoholic beverages are only permitted with prior approval of management.


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