HelpRx Wellness Program at Club Fit
HelpRx at Club Fit

A 90 day referral program designed to help you successfully integrate regular exercise into your lifestyle. Our HelpRx Fitness Professionals will provide you with the guidance, motivation and support needed to help you get the most out of our program.  This program is for NEW members only!

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is HelpRx?
HelpRx is a physician referral program that provides support, guidance and motivation to help you enjoy the benefits of regular exercise.

How do I know if HelpRx is the right program for me?
If you are facing any challenges that are making it difficult for you to enjoy regular exercise, the HelpRx program may provide the caring attention you need to start living a healthier lifestyle.

What are some of the reasons someone might want to use HelpRx?
There are many reasons why someone may experience challenges during their lifetime. These reasons may include recovery from injury or surgery, arthritis, cardiovascular considerations and chronic joint pain. Our HelpRx Fitness Professionals will customize an exercise regimen for you based on your needs.

How much time will I need to devote to this program?
To start enjoying the benefits of regular exercise, it is expected that you participate a minimum of twice a week throughout your 90-day membership. Our Fitness Professionals will monitor your usage to make sure that you are working towards the results you are looking to achieve.

What is the cost of the HelpRx program?
The total cost of the HelpRx program is $150.00, which is a discount of our standard membership price.  

How do I get started?
Click here to print out the questionnaire and bring it in to one of our Membership offices at your desired location, to get started soon.  You'll also need to print up the Patient Information form for your doctor to fill out and send in as well.

HelpRx Testimonials

“The facility offers more things to do than any club in the area. The staff is warm and friendly.” — Mary R.

“The staff is impressive and has made efforts to improve my health.” — Rocco C.

“HelpRx was wonderful. I loved it. The program is excellent and the club is exceptional.” — Andrea F.

“The program is great. The staff is very helpful and I feel very comfortable.” — Dennis S.

“I was met by a warm and caring Fitness Professional that continued at every opportunity to show interest in my progress. It was the first time in many years I felt encouraged enough to want to continue with what I had learned.” — Shoshannah Z. 

HelpRx members enjoy exercising in our gentle and soothing Aquatic Centers.

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