Group Swim Lessons

We offer different group swim lesson classes and skill levels to accommodate each student's individual swimming goals and needs. For adults, our group swim lessons are mostly instructional and suitable for a wide range of skill levels. Our kids swim lessons are taught in a fun-filled environment where children learn the basic techniques of swimming. Safety skills are emphasized.

Participants may join our Group Swim Lessons offered as 6 to 8-week sessions or our 1-week intensive.

Overview of Group Swim Lessons
Group Swim Lessons are offered for Adults, Infants, Pre-Schoolers, Kids ages 6 & up and Special Needs. Click on any of the class links below for more information, including class days and times.

Offered a few times each week during the evening and once during the day, participants in these classes usually range from beginner swimmers who are somewhat fearful to intermediate swimmers who would like some extra pointers to improve their swimming technique. Class size is generally very small, usually about 3 swimmers. 

All ages. Group lessons for children with physical, academic and emotional needs.

Ages 6 months to 3 years old. A parent or caregiver is in the water with the child, learning how to encourage safety, gain and inspire confidence and start building swimming skills.

Our kids swim lessons are grouped based on age as well as ability. Parents are not in the water for these lessons. Our class sizes usually range from 3 to 5 students. Below is a general overview of the skills your child should be able to perform before entering each swim level.

Preschool Swim Lessons - Ages 3 - 5

Pre 1 (30 min) - for the first-time swim lesson participants or those who are fearful of the water.

Pre 2 (30 min) - for participants who are comfortable putting their head in the water but cannot swim.

Pre 3 (30 min) - for participants able to swim at least three body lengths unassisted.

Kids Swim Lessons - Ages 6 & up

Level 1 (45 min) - for the first-time swim lesson participants or those who are fearful of the water.

Level 2 (45 min) - for participants able to swim at least 5 yards unassisted.

Level 3 (45 min) - for participants able to swim at least 5 body lengths unassisted on front and back.

Level 4 (1 hour) - for participants able to swim 15 yards front crawl and 15 yards backstroke.

Level 5 (1 hour) - for participants able to swim 25 yards front crawl, 25 yards backstroke, 15 yards elementary backstroke, 15 yards breaststroke, 15 yards butterfly and 15 yards sidestroke.

One Week Intensive
Daytime One Week Intensive swim lessons are for children ages 3 & up.  Open to campers and non-campers. Classes occur three times per week.  Register weekly or for several weeks of your choice.  

Swim Clinics
For more advanced swimmers looking to perfect their competitive swimming technique, we also offer several Swim Clinics throughout the year for kids as well as adults.

To register for one our programs, click here for the Aquatics Registration Form. In order to secure your spot, payment must be taken at either the Reception Desk or by calling the Aquatics Department at 914.245.4040 ext. 1156.

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