Correct, Select and Never Neglect corrective exercise for muscle pain and strength at Club Fit Jefferson Valley

with Master Trainer & NASM* Corrective Exercise Specialist Jen Schildwatcher

Having back strain? Knee pain? Chronic ankle sprains? Trouble recruiting and firing the correct muscles for dynamic and functional movements? Well, corrective exercise works for all! Any fitness level or type — whether you’re a sports professional, weekend triathlete or just a gym member looking for general performance.

Take this class and learn the three easy steps towards utilizing the basic correct exercise tools that you can incorporate into a short prep before beginning virtually any gym workout.

Understanding the body’s “human movement system” — also known as the “kinetic chain” — helps members get more out of every workout, recover from injuries and prevent new ones.

Participants will receive FIT3D scans at the first and last sessions to assess posture.

What our members are saying:

"Correct, Select, & Never Neglect is an outstanding class and I recommend it to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability, who wants to maintain a healthy body, feel better, avoid injuries — or recover from an injury, and improve the quality of their lives. Jen Schildwachter is a Master Trainer who understands how the body works and the interaction and interdependency of muscles and bones, and effective exercises which stretch, firm, move, and strengthen major muscle groups. Careful attention is given to the correct way to exercise and use equipment to avoid injuries and promote good health and fitness. Each class focuses on a different part of the body, (ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, etc.) and participants practice and learn the best exercises for their personal particular needs. 'Correct, Select, & Never Neglect' says it all: learn to exercise correctly, focus on areas of need or weakness, and keep working on it for a lifetime of health and fitness." — Club Fit Member Donnie Kravitz

Wednesdays | 10–10:45am | Functional Training Area

June 15th – July 13th

Minimum of four participants required to run program.

5-week session    
Member   $75
Non-member surcharge + $45

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*(National Association of Sports Medicne)


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