Mudd-up or Shudd up Tough Mudder Training with Justin Meagher Spartan obstacle race strength endurance prep at Club Fit Jefferson Valley

with Personal Trainer Justin Meagher

Thought about doing a Tough Mudder? Let's do it! Train with Justin Meagher a "Tough Mudder 2013" 3rd place finalist and "Tough Mudder 2012" 5th place finalist. Click here to watch Justin's burpee challenge!

This "Tough Mudder" type training workshop will whip your body into the most elite shape. Primarily concentrating on overall strength, speed and explosiveness. Not only will it test you physically, but mentally as well. The military/bootcamp ambiance it gives off is intentional. This program is NOT intended for the weak-minded. It's INTENSE mixed with a little bit of CRAZY. Join me if you're willing to accept this challenge.

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Wednesdays | 6:00–6:45pm | Studio 2

8-weeks — NO Excuses!
Members   $120
Non-Members + $72

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