Strength Training for Teens
with Personal Trainer Jimmy Ready

Strength Training for Teens at Club Fit Jefferson Valley

For Girls & Boys ages 13 – 18

This class will target basic workout principals, including proper form, rep scheme, and overall workout tempo. Specifically, this class is geared towards the younger athlete who may or may not know how to develop an efficient and safe weight training program.

In this class we will stick to basic compound movements on both machines and free weights. Emphasis will be on teaching proper lifting technique in these exercises to show both how to maximize your workout while minimizing risk of injury. Often teens lift way too heavy for their underdeveloped muscles, tendons and areas of cartilage which have not yet finished growing. This leads to injury and improper form when the weight is too heavy.

September 15th–October 1st | 5–5:45pm | Lower Fitness Area

6 classes
Member     $90
Non-Member Surcharge + $54

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