Registered Dietician and Health Specialist Cathy DiSomma

Registered Dietician Cathy DiSomma Club Fit Jefferson Valley Nutrition Health WellnessOptimal health is multifaceted and requires more than physical activity. Handling personal and work stresses, getting enough exercise, and understanding good nutrition often requires a solid plan of sustainable life-long modifications. This plan includes exploring ways of breaking down barriers that hinder achieving optimal health and well-being.

As your nutrition and health specialist, I would like to develop a mutual trust along with your highly individualized health and nutrition plan that will make you feel in balance and good about yourself. You deserve this!


• Masters of Science in Food and Nutrition
• Registered Dietician
• Certified Dietician-Nutritionist 
• American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health Fitness Specialist 

Hobbies: Hiking, kayaking, cycling. 

Wellness Philosophy: “As much as we may be afraid of change, with the right knowledge, change can be enjoyable and often life-altering.”

Cathy can be reached at ext. 1214 or


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