Parisi Summer Camp

Parisi summer camp at Club Fit Jefferson Valley 

Let the PARISI SPEED SCHOOL be a part of your child’s summer camp! 

The Parisi Speed School is an athletically based training and education system utilized by children to enhance performance and self confidence. At Parisi, we work with children beginning at age 7 in developing their bodies to give them an advantage both on and off the field. 

Our Summer Camp program offers weekly half-day sessions for boys and girls ages 10 and up beginning July 11th & running through August 26th. 

Weekly Session $180 

Sessions include speed, strength & conditioning, and sport yoga. Optimum performance results when sport-specific skills are paired with overall athletic skill (agility, coordination, balance, speed, strength & stamina) training. 

Need full-day? 

Join us in the afternoon at our Energy Camp! 

Call for rates. 

Parisi Speed School also offers Private, Partner, Small Group, and Team Training — All sports, men & women, boys & girls ages 7+. 

Call 914.245.6993 for more info. 

“Great athletes aren’t born, they’re made.”


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