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Parisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley

Marina has been a 3-sport athlete since the age of 8. She started training with Parisi in 2009 and saw a tremendous improvement in her agility and stamina for playing sports.  In December 2009 Marina underwent ACL surgery and was in rehab for 6 months.  She was totally frustrated in not being able to work out or play sports and decided to work with Amanda at Parisi for private training sessions.  These sessions not only helped Marina recuperate physically but also rebuilt her mental confidence. The private sessions with Amanda have allowed Marina to regain her confidence and strengthen her physically to return to playing sports.  Recently, she started playing in a summer basketball league and had an awesome game where she scored 12 of the 24 points for the game.  She will continue to train at Parisi, not only for the physical discipline, but also for the mental encouragement.

Thanks so much, Donna C.Parisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson ValleyWhat Parisi means to me? To me Parisi Speed School is not a place but a life, well known to many. This is a place that I am happy to say has made me who I am now. My abilities were enhanced, developed and flourished thanks to this place. I started here to build my lungs back up. This place did that and so much more. It was a lot of hard work and determination but I did it thanks to the help of my new friendsand some amazing trainers. One trainer stood out to me the most. He helped me reach my goals and make new ones. That trainer is Jason. He showed me so much and I am so happy to continue my training. This is a true place to me so thank you so much to Jason and all of the others that helped me reach my goals. I am looking forward to continuing my training.

Anthony BrancaParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson ValleyWhat Parisi Speed School means to me as a parent...

Parisi Speed School has been a wonderful added activity for my son Anthon. Anthony was a very active young boy involved in athletics as well as theater, but when he was mid way through 4th grade he developed Micoplasma Pnemonia which lasted over 2 years. He would be treated regulary but never fully recovered. It wasn't until late in the spring of 5th grade that we got involved with a specialist and they put him on another treatement.

Although he was better his lungs were damages and needed repair. It was very difficult for Anthony to do any excessive exercise without being short of breath or needing his inhaler. We couldnt travel without it. He was also always tired and sluggish.

In January, a friend told me about the program and I thought, I must look into it. I thought this is our answer. I enrolled Anthony and he would go 2x a week for class. Over the last 4 months of going, Anthony no longer need to use his inhaler and he is able to keep up with other and is not tired and sluggish all of the time.

I, as a parent, could not be happier and I have continued Anthony's enrollment in the program. I hope he continues it for his own personal gain and I think that it is a very positive activity.

The instructors here at JV Club Fit's Parisi School give nothing but positive reinforcement and make the kids all realize that it is for their own personal growth and not a competition.

Thank you,
Lisa Branca 
Parisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
I just wanted to thank you for everything that you and your staff have done for me. I know that you are in part the reason that I have been so successful in college. While participating in Parisi, I learned several skills that I use on and off the field. If only Parisi was closer to my college (Western New England), because I am sure that my team would love to train with you.

I was recently named for the second week, TCCC Rookie of the Week, which is a great honor and it is due in part to all of you.
Thanks to all,
Megan DoyleParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
Colin Reno plays College Football for Holy Cross and is transferring to Syracuse.

When asked what keeps you coming to Parisi Speed School?

Colin replied, “I need to get ready for the next level so I need to get the most intense, physically demanding workout around and nothing has come close. I’ve tried other programs, but Parisi has the best and most dedicated trainers around.”Parisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
Brian (Farole, age 10) began training with the Parisi speed school in March 2009 and his goal was to get faster for baseball, basketball, and football. Since he began training he has moved up 2 levels in our Cat Club and has improved his strength by adding 3 inches to his vertical jump and improved his speed by 2 tenths of a second. When Brain was asked how the Parisi speed school helped him here is what he said:

“Parisi has helped me a lot with discipline and speed and it has helped me get stronger and get better in all the sports I play and that’s why I came to Parisi. It has been a lot of fun because the trainers are nice and they made me tougher and work harder. That’s why I recommend the Parisi Speed School.”Parisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
I would like to also take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful program.  While the overall goal is to teach speed and endurance, more importantly you and your team have excelled in giving Cooper the confidence to know that he “can do it."  It is this confidence that he will take with him into adulthood.  In addition, the flexibility with scheduling as other obligations presented themselves  continues to be greatly appreciated.

Kindly feel free to add our family to your list of references as I would be happy to share with potential clients our positive feelings/thoughts on this program. 

We look forward to Casey also joining the program once she reaches the age minimum requirement.Vanessa CardenasParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
Just thought I'd check up and let you know how baseball is going! We're 38 games into the season, and while our team hasn't been doing so great, I've had a pretty great year. I thought you'd appreciate this stat. I have 21 stolen bases already, putting me at 35th in the nation!  (and 1st in my conference, the NEC)I've also played a lot less games then the kids above me; I have 14 games left. The sky's the limit! I'm also 8th all time for FDU, (still going too),so I'm trying to break that record as well. I'll continue to climb the national leaderboards, and hopefully end up having a poster of me at your Parisi! And to let you know, I only stole 4 bases last year! Now I am getting national recognition! You can go to and check it out if you want. In three weeks the season will be over and we'll see where I end up! (hopefully a lot higher!) Hope is all going well, I hope to continue my lessons there this summer. – Matt MaherParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
Since Jack’s enrollment in the Parisi Speed School I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in his confidence and motivation in sports which seems to be carrying into the classroom producing a great self-esteem in his nature. Thanks – Bob AttinellyParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
I have seen a big difference even in the short amount of time that Sean has been doing Parisi. He is a completely different athlete. He is faster has more endurance and is trying harder than I have ever seen him before.  It has made such a difference that I think Parisi is just as important as going to Lacrosse practice. – Cheryl H.Parisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
“It has been a goal of mine to make the Yorktown Varsity Lacrosse team as a freshman for years now but I always knew it would take hard work to get there.  Parisi has helped me so much and has made me such a stronger player.  It also helped because of the committed trainers that kept encouraging me to work harder every time.  Thanks to Parisi I've reached my goal and I plan on continuing to go there.”

-Rilea FuscoParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
“Parisi lets me excel in my sport. Ashley does a great job helping me make my weaknesses into my strengths. I now feel more confident and ready on the field”

-Connor Koelsch, Yorktown Lacrosse PlayerParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
" Working out with parisi has been amazing. I play ice hockey for the New York Applecore, which is a high level travel team from the Hudson valley region. Coming into parisi, I knew I that I needed to increase my foot speed and overall lower body strength. Through their training, Parisi has allowed me to become quicker and more explosive in all aspects of ice hockey. The Performance Coaches constantly push me to do my very best each and every workout. They are making my goal of playing high level college hockey a reality. The harder you work in here, the easier it is in the game!! "

-Nick AlexanderParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
“Since I’ve started Parisi Speed School, I’ve been noticing my ability to accelerate faster. I play Soccer and Lacrosse at Yorktown High School. Parisi has benefited me in all the sports I play on both offense and defense. I am glad I am enrolled because it’s fun, and has taught me so many things to help my performance on the field.”

-Emily HirschParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
“I have been involved in the Parisi Speed School for the past couple of months and have been enjoying it very much. I not only do the group lessons but also participate in a private lesson weekly. My involvement at Parisi has not only helped to physically strengthen me but also boost my self-esteem.  While working on my physical fitness at Parisi, I have learned to jump higher, run faster and move more swiftly, all of which has made me an overall better athlete.  Parisi has become an iimportant part of my week and I am looking forward to continuing to better myself through my trainings”

-Benjamin Van WormerParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
“What I like most about the Parisi workout is that it pushes me farther and harder than any other workout I have ever experienced. In spite of my busy academic schedule and after school, athletic schedules with varsity Soccer and Basketball, I eagerly look forward to the weekend Parisi workout for an hour of intense training. I like this workout not only because of the physical aspect, but also the mental discipline it demands. My trainers constantly keep me on my toes, both literally and figuratively. One thing that I have learned while training at Parisi is that being the best athlete doesn’t mean just being able to run the fastest, or jump the highest, but also to understand how and why you can do so. This has helped me to train on my own, and to become a successful athlete. My trainers push for excellence, and work with me on every exercise. They look for my techniques to be perfect, and provide me feedback on how to improve. I really appreciate all that Parisi has done for me, and will continue to commit to perfecting my skills in the future.”

-Neil DanParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
P-is for Parisi Speed School

A-is for athletic
R-is for running
I-is for integrity
S-is for speed
I-is for incredible

Parisi Speed School helped me in all of my sports. It has made me a lot faster and stronger. I am so much more flexible and I know how to use all my muscles and body parts. It has made me feel so good about myself and made me realize that if I work hard, I can do anything. I love when I get tested and I move up on the board, it just shows me how hard I am working. I am so happy that I started Parisi SpeedSchool because it has taught me so much about what I can do with my body! I also want to thank my trainer “Nick” for helping me reach every goal that I set for myself. He is always so happy to see me and he is so positive when working me so hard. Parisi has made into a better athlete and I am so proud to be asked to be athlete of the month!

-Daniel D’IppolitoParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
“I like Parisi because it challenges me to be my best. The sports I play are lacrosse and basketball. I needed to improve my broad jump to 7 feet and the Performance Coaches helped me a lot. I made the JV Lacrosse team because of their help. The instructors are positive and push me to do my best every session. I feel faster and stronger and know the hard work will pay off.”

-Bobby NobleParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
“As an athlete, I have whatever it takes to perform my very best. Being a baseball player, a runner, and a swimmer I strive to be one of the best athletes. With Parisi, I have the ability to be just that. Throughout my experience training with Parisi I noticed myself progressively getting faster. I plan on training with Parisi for as long as I desire to be a great athlete!”

-Kenny EckenbergParisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley
Parisi makes me stronger every time I do it.  It is fun.  The coaches at Parisi show me exercises that are fun and make me athletic.  This is important because I play basketball, football, lacrosse, soccer and swimming.”

-Jason Fastiggi

Parisi Speed school at Club Fit Jefferson Valley

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