Racquetball Lessons

Focus on technique, footwork and strategy.

Interested in learning the game? Private lessons might be what you’re looking for! Individualized 60 minutes instruction will focus on strategies, forehand, backhand, serves and rules of the game.

Just interested in improving your skills? Gillian will focus in on whatever you need to improve your game.

Gillian has been an active member of the racquetball community for 10 years. She currently plays an open level and is ranked seventh in NY state. Off the court Gillian is pursuing a degree in Exercise and Wellness Studies.

Lesson Member Non-Member
Private (60 minutes)



Semi Private (Group of 2)

$40.00 per person

$64.00 per person

Small Group (Group of 3+)

$20.00 per person

$32.00 per person


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