Racquetball Ladder Challenge

Free - On-going - Singles only

Racquetball Ladder Rules

All Club Fit members in Good Standing are eligible to participate in the Racquetball Ladder for free.

You can register for the Racquetball Ladder by entering your name, ability and phone number on the sign up sheet.

The ladder is intended to give players the opportunity to play singles racquetball with a variety of players in a competitive, but friendly atmosphere. After challenging another player who accepts, both players must find a time to play that is mutually acceptable.

All games must be played at Club Fit courts.

To determine starting positions on the ladder, players will be drawn at random. The initial rankings will be posted on the Racquetball Ladder in the Racquetball area. Rankings should be updated post game by both players. Any player who is added after the first week will be added to the bottom of the ladder. There will be advanced, intermediate, and beginners divisions. Each division will be capped at 20 players max. Players who wish to switch divisions will be placed at the bottom of the ladder of the division they wish to enter.

When challenging, you may only challenge within two positions above or below yourself on the ladder. For example, if you are 8th on the ladder, you may only challenge the 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th place players.

You cannot challenge the same person back-to-back weeks.

Winning the Match
Matches will be best 2 of 3 sets, with the first two sets played to 15 points. If each player wins one game, the tie-breaker game will be played to 11 points. USAR rules will govern all matches,

Moving up the ladder
When a higher seed loses, the winner will replace that individual, and the loser moves down one spot. Everyone in between the players will also move down one spot.

Challenge matches, once accepted, should not be cancelled due to changes in the ladder.


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