6th - 8th Grade Programs

Programs for children in 6th - 8th grades include: Basketball, Kids Karate, Recess, Skateboarding, SoccerTriathlon Training Club, Volleyball.


Basketball Clinic with Coach Aldo Redendo 
Boys & Girls, ages 8-13 

A private basketball trainer, Aldo has worked with some of the best talent in the New York area, including college and grade school kids, and heads the New York Pride AAU program. He brings knowledge, enthusiasm, conditioning and motivation to the game. 

School Holidays
October 14th
November 11th
December 23rd
January 20th
February 17th
April 14th

9:00am - 12:00pm
Main Gym

Per Clinic  
Member   $50
Child of Member Surcharge +$22
Non-Member Surcharge +$30

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Training in Karate offers many physical benefits: enhanced strength, fitness and stamina, grace and fighting ability, as well as mental and spiritual benefits. 

Skills taught will include stances, blocks, punches and kicks, but you will also learn balance and coordination, and how to flow smoothly from one movement to the next. The class is open to practitioners of any level, and participants will be able to progress to the next appropriate belt.  

Participants will be expected to follow Karate rules as follows:

  • No shoes in class
  • Feet must be clean, with toenails trimmed
  • When entering or exiting the mat, always bow and say "Osu"
  • Always line up to the left of senior students
  • Hand shake with two hands and bow to higher rank
  • Address higher rank by proper titles
  • Advanced students always yield to lower ranked students when fighting
  • No jewelry
  • No food or drinks while training
  • No talking

Shihan Kenji Suzuki, who will instruct the class, is a 5th degree black belt in both Karate and Judo. His rank of Shihan signifies that he is master of Karate. He has been studying and teaching for over 15 years, at The World Oyama Karate Headquarters in Manhattan, and recently opening his own dojo. He teaches Japanese full contact Karate.

Uniforms can be purchased through the instructor for $45, but are not required. However, shin guards and hand guards are mandatory and can be purchased from the instructor for $20. Orders and payments can be made at the first class.

Ages 6 - 11
14-week session begins
Friday, September 13
5:30 - 6:30pm
13-week session begins
Saturday, September 14
No class 10/29, 11/29 & 11/30 

Member $130 $140
Child of Member Surcharge +$57 +$62
Non-Member Surcharge +$78 +$84

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For ages 7 - 12

Let's get outside and play! In this hour-long program, kids will enjoy the nice weather and play a different sport each week.

Activities may include: kickball, whiffle ball, street hockey, basketball, and much more!

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Member   $78
Child of Member +$35 Surcharge
Non-Member +$47 Surcharge

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Questions? Contact Jen Ritz at ext. 1210 or jritz@clubfit.com 

for ages 5 - 12

Come and improve your skateboarding skills with instruction from 2nd Nature skateboarding. Learn new skills and techniques and sharpen old ones.

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Member   $120
Child of Member +$ 53 surcharge
Non-Member +$ 72 surcharge

HELMET and PADS MUST BE WORN. You must bring your own skateboard, pads and helmet.

For more information about instruction, or if you need to purchase a skateboard, pads or a helmet, please go to www.2ntr.com or call 914.402.4624.

Club Fit follows the Lakeland School District for closings and delays - when the schools are closed, class is cancelled.  

Nursery open and available for siblings. Fees may apply.

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Soccer Clinic
with Ian Wing

For Ages 7 - 12

What will your players be doing to improve their game this winter?

Fustal soccer is the best training tool available for players to improve their game. The "low-bounce" Fustal ball allows for better first touches and encourages possession soccer by making it easier to receive the ball.

In one session most players will have more touches on the ball than in an entire season of full-sided play!

Each hour will be split into 40 minutes skill practice and 20 minutes of scrimmage.

Team training also available.

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Triathlon Club
Training Program
Ages 7 - 12

A training program focusing on getting kids prepared to race in our Club Fit Kids' Triathlon on September 22nd! Training program participants will receive FREE entry into the race.

1 session per week with Parisi & Aquatics instructors focusing on each aspect of the race including transitions.

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Ages 13 - 17

Brush Up On Your Skills Before Tryouts!

All levels welcome. Working on all aspects of the game and skills such as:

• serving 
• passing 
• spiking 
• digging 
• blocking 
• offensive & defensive strategies

Coach Gigi Kemp 
• Head Varsity Coach, Ursuline HS 
• Former Athletic Director/Teacher Gorton HS
• Former Varsity Volleyball Coach, White Plains HS - 12 years 
• Physical Education Teacher, Yonkers Public Schools 
• Volleyball Coach, Sports Time USA

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