Pre-School Sports Programs

Programs for children ages 3–5 years old include: 2 Much FunIntro to Sports, Pee Wee Karate, Soccer and Tumble Tots.

2 Much Fun
with Priscilla Spohr

2 Much Fun preschool sports activities reading music movement play Club Fit Jefferson Valley

Arts & Crafts, Movement, Music, Reading & Free Play for age 2–5. 
Class meets for two hours, 9:45–11:45am.

Beginning April 21st
Mondays in the Energy Center 
No class 5/26
Session ends June 23rd

  Prices Per Class
Member    $20
Child of Member +$2.50 Surcharge
Non-Member +$5 Surcharge

Pre-registration is required. Children may register for two or more classes per week. Please list the days of the week you are signing up for on the registration form.

Ongoing enrollments will be accepted.

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Club Fit follows the Lakeland School District for closings and delays - when the schools are closed, class is cancelled.

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Intro to Sports for Preschoolers
For Ages 3–5 with Coach Cathy

Intro to Sports preschool ages 3–5 lacrosse t-ball soccer basketball hockey Club Fit Jefferson Valley

This program features a variety of sports, including Lacrosse, T-ball, Soccer, Basketball and Floor Hockey. Classes are 60 minutes.

9 week session
April 21st–June 22nd
11:00am or 2:00pm
No class 5/26

Member   $117
Child of Member +$ 52 Surcharge
Non-Member +$ 70 Surcharge


10 week session
April 22nd–June 23rd
11:00am or 2:00pm

Member   $130
Child of Member +$ 57 Surcharge
Non-Member +$78 Surcharge

Minimum of 5 participants required to run class.

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Club Fit follows the Lakeland School District for closings and delays - when the schools are closed, class is cancelled.  

Nursery open and available for siblings. Fees may apply.  

Days missed will not be prorated.

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Pee Wee Karate Classes for Young Children
Kids Pee Wee Karate blocks kicks stances mental spritiual physical Club Fit Jefferson Valley

Training in Karate offers many physical benefits: enhanced strength, fitness and stamina, grace and fighting ability, as well as mental and spiritual benefits. 

Skills taught will include stances, blocks, punches and kicks, but you will also learn balance and coordination, and how to flow smoothly from one movement to the next. The class is open to practitioners of any level, and participants will be able to progress to the next appropriate belt.  

Participants will be expected to follow Karate rules as follows:

  • No shoes in class
  • Feet must be clean, with toenails trimmed
  • When entering or exiting the mat, always bow and say "Osu"
  • Always line up to the left of senior students
  • Hand shake with two hands and bow to higher rank
  • Address higher rank by proper titles
  • Advanced students always yield to lower ranked students when fighting
  • No jewelry
  • No food or drinks while training
  • No talking

Shihan Kenji Suzuki, who will instruct the class, is a 5th degree black belt in both Karate and Judo. His rank of Shihan signifies that he is master of Karate. He has been studying and teaching for over 15 years, at The World Oyama Karate Headquarters in Manhattan, and recently opening his own dojo. He teaches Japanese full contact Karate.

Uniforms can be purchased through the instructor for $45, but are not required. However, shin guards and hand guards are mandatory and can be purchased from the instructor for $20. Orders and payments can be made at the first class.

Next session begins
Friday, April 25th
5:30 - 6:30pm 

Member   $100
Non-Member +$60
Child of Member +$40

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Super Soccer Stars for Preschoolers

New York's elite children's soccer development program comes to Club Fit!  Dynamic international coaches work with small groups of boys and girls to develop skills, self-confidence and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive environment.

Super Soccer Stars at Club Fit, Westchester!Visit for more information.

3-week session 

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Ages 3 - Young 4 9:00 - 9:45am
Ages 2 9:50 - 10:30am

  Price per session
Member   $65
Non-Member +$10 

To register, contact Super Soccer Stars at 914.681.7171 


Tumbles Tots - Preschool Gymnastics
with Eileen Vent

Our "mommy and me" class is designed to develop age appropriate basic motor skills and gymnastics concepts, eye-to-hand coordination and body awareness, all while building self-esteem and social skills for your preschooler. A variety of equipment will be used in these classes, along with activity stations that introduce gymnastics skills and positions.

NOTE: This is a parent participation class. A parent or guardian is required to participate in the class with their child, following all class activities as outlined by the instructor.

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Energy Center

10-week session  
Member   $169
Child of Member +$  75 surcharge
Non-Member +$101 surcharge
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