Hiking Club at Club Fit | Join Us for Hikes in Westchester County

Hiking Preparation

DRESS: Be prepared for changes in weather; carry a sweater and rain gear.

SHOES: Comfortable, broken-in hiking boots are best. After that, sturdy and comfortable shoes are a must.

BRING: Lunch for yourself unless otherwise noted. Bring lots of water to stay hydrated and remember extra snacks for energy.

Call your leader beforehand if you have any questions. For your safety, advise your leader of any physical condition which may bear on your hiking.

Members' friends and adult family members are always welcome. Members should bring their older children only if they are sure that they have the stamina and interest to complete the hike.

Please remember all hikes are cancelled for rain. We recommend that you register for the hikes at the Reception Desk, so that we may notify you of any last minute changes.


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