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Physical Therapy at Jefferson Valley

If you recently experienced an injury or suffer from chronic pain that just will not go away, no referral or prescription is necessary to be seen right away by a physical therapist. Ivy Rehab will assist you through your rehabilitation process. Throughout the course of treatment, our physical therapist maintains close contact with your physician to ensure proper therapeutic care. To make an appointment, please call us at 914-245-8807 or visit our website at Most insurance plans accepted.  

We also offer a FREE mini screening and consultation!

Contact: Meryle Richman, PT, MS, CST 

Senior Director: Meryle Richman, PT, DPT
tel: 914-762-2222 ext. 2157
fax: 914-762-2549

Director:  Deborah Lenihan, PT
tel: 914-245-8807
fax: 914-245-9015


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