Club Fit Swims for Blythedale

December 19, 2013 by admin

Hannah Nemerever is a seventh grade student at George Fisher Middle School, and is studying for her Bat Mitzvah at Temple Beth Elohim.

She has volunteered to do community service work for school and is required to do a Mitzvah (good deed) for her religious education. She found a way to do both.

Her first challenge was to find something that was important to her and something she enjoyed. Hannah’s first question to her parents was that she wanted to do something to help kids in need. They searched the internet for ideas and came across Blythedale Children’s Hospital. The website had more than enough information and included a video explaining what they do.

The challenge was – how could they raise funds?

Hannah is a member of the USA Swim Team at Club Fit in Jefferson Valley. She approached Club Fit Swim Coach Kerri Going-Balbino, and was told that the swim team has raised funds for charities in the past.

Lena Cavanna, Director of Fundraising at Blythedale, invited Hannah in to meet with her and to give her a personal tour of the facility, where she could understand the importance of the operation and why they need help.

The next step was to contact Jacquie Giannico, Marketing Director at Club Fit, to bring the event together. Her efforts tied both of the Club Fit Swim Teams together – Jefferson Valley and Briarcliff. With all parties on board, a plan was laid out to get each team to fund raise together, with a Swimathon for Blythedale, on Friday, December 9th. Each swimmer was given a package to help solicit funds either by lump sum or by lap.

All in all, the event was exciting, the kids had fun, and more importantly, they raised money for a great cause. A donation check for almost $11,105.85 will be presented to Blythedale – Thanks to Hannah’s idea and the Club Fit USA Swim Team.

A Bikram Journey: Dolores Orchanian

December 6, 2013 by Liz

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY now residing in Yorktown Heights, NY for the last 33 years. Raised five children ages 41 down to 25. After having my third child, my husband and I won a free month at Club Fit. We became members soon after as I looked forward every night to exer-fit classes. I loved class so much that under the guidance of Mary Taglianetti and Audrey Compabasso, I received my ACE Group Fitness Certification and started teaching classes at Jefferson Valley Racquet Ball Club – when it really was just a racquet club. Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life. In 2001 I reached further to fill a life long dream of going to college. At the age of 50, I graduated from WCC with a degree in Nursing. Working full time as a nurse, I continued to teach classes at Club Fit. Soon after that, I worked to acquire my Personal Training license. With the help of Barbara Cullen, I had many happy clients at Club Fit Jefferson Valley.

I started taking Bikram yoga classes to help with knee pain. It remedied the problem and eliminated the need for surgery. In 2009 after much coaxing from my daughter (who is a Bikram teacher), I went away for nine weeks to train to become a Bikram Yoga teacher. At this time, I would like to bring a form of this class to Club Fit. I see the need for these remedial properties as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle in many of our members. Though the class is traditionally taught in 105 degrees – it can be just as beneficial practiced in a warm room – reaping the benefits of this yoga.

I like to think I am aging gracefully due to all the exercise Club Fit has allowed me to do – and the amazing world of yoga. I would like to pass on my knowledge and expertise as a Nurse, as an exercise professional and as a yoga teacher to others and allow them to age gracefully with me.