Welcome New Club Fit Briarcliff Manor Staff

January 30, 2015 by Human Resources

20150413 Jennifer Marvin (675x900)Jennifer Marvin

Briarcliff Membership Representative

Some of Jennifer’s hobbies include dance, theater, a range of music from Opera to Blues and beyond, literature and various forms of exercise. In both Sales and her previous career in Radio Broadcasting, she has won awards and trips for outstanding performances. As one of Club Fit’s Membership Representatives, she is excited to be part of a team that genuinely helps people in such a personal way. Consulting with future and returning Club Fit members on the many ways we can help them obtain specified fitness and wellness goals is something Jennifer views as a privilege. _______________________________________________________________________ 20150413 Cat Burke (886x1024)Catherine Burke

Briarcliff Lifeguard / Water Safety Instructor

Cat loves hockey and sports.  Her professional expertise is in English, aquatics and management.  Cat loves the community atmosphere here at Club Fit.   _______________________________________________________________________ 20150413 Peter I (839x1024)Peter Iapozzuto

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

Peter has been active in the fitness industry for many years.  He previously worked as a Well-Fit trainer at Robinson Apulia, a star luxury resort in Italy.  He has taught yoga, boot camp, Tai chi, and worked as a personal trainer and marathon coach.  Peter is also the author of “30 Day Fitness”.  He enjoys swimming, body building and loves our Club Fit pool and indoor track. _______________________________________________________________________ 20150402 Alicia TerhuneAlicia Terhune

Briarcliff Swim Coach Assistant

Alicia has come to Club Fit after graduating from Lafayette College where she swam Division I NCAA.  Prior to college she swam for the West Point Swim Club – currently the Peekskill Patriot Swim Club.  She also swam for the Yorktown High School Varsity Swim Team and both swam and dove for the Yorktown Summer Swim and Dive Team.  Throughout high school, Alicia gave private swim lessons in Peekskill while working under Beth Kear for children between the ages 3-16, was a junior coach for the Yorktown Summer Swim Team, and worked as an Assistant Swim Coach to Beth Kear for the Yorktown Swim Clinic through Yorktown Parks & Recreation. _______________________________________________________________________ 20150323 Hall, SamSamuel Hall

Briarcliff Café Counterperson

Sam is our newest Briarcliff Counterperson.  He likes biking, hiking and computers.                                                                                                             ___________              20150323 Silka, LindaLinda Silka

Briarcliff Member Services Rep

Linda loves boating, the beach and dancing.  She loves Club Fit’s commitment to its members, involvement in the community, and that we keep our facilities current and up to date!                                                                                                             ___________              20150313 QUISPEKimberly Quispe

Briarcliff Receptionist

Kimberly is currently majoring in Accounting at Pace University at the Pleasantville Campus. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys playing sports and running.                                                                                                             ___________              20150313 ERVINKeon Ervin

Briarcliff Child Care Worker and Party Host

Keon enjoys motivating people to try their best.  His passion is basketball and he loves the comfortable work out environment and good people around Club Fit.                                                                                                             ___________              20150313 GIANNALONEAlexandra Giannalone

Briarcliff Child Care Worker

Allie likes running and watching movies.  She loves that Club Fit is a very large health club with different things to do, as well as being a great place to hang out and enjoy.                                                                                                             ___________              20150310 angelaAngela Cullari Briarcliff


Angela enjoys being around people, learning about different cultures, and travel. She has been to Italy several times.                                                                                                             ___________              20150310 brentBrent Madalon

Briarcliff Fit Coach / Personal Trainer B

rent comes to us with expertise in Kettlebells, weight loss and sports performance.  He loves the family driven / friendly atmosphere at Club Fit.  His hobbies include baseball, golf, rock climbing and snowboarding.                                                                                                             ___________              20150303 KlewanKristin Klewan

Briarcliff Dietician / Nutritionist

Kristin is a registered Dietician Nutritionist with a clinical background specializing in disease prevention, food allergies and weight loss.  She loves to practice yoga, cook and workout.  She also loves dedicating time to rescue animals.  She says Club Fit feels like a home away from home!                                                                                                             ___________              20150227 Scott SangerScott Sanger

Briarcliff Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor

Some of Scott’s hobbies are swimming, surfing, body boarding and animals.  His main professional expertise is in Swimming and Yoga.  Scott loves the Club Fit pool, and loves swimming here!                                                                                                             ___________              20150220 Sean Allan (600x800)Sean Allan

Briarcliff Lifeguard

Sean’s hobbies are reading, playing sports and listening to music.  His professional expertise is with young children.  He is currently studying to become an elementary school teacher.  He loves the atmosphere that Club Fit has and thinks it is very welcoming, and the facilities are top notch.  He loves playing basketball here, working out and using the facilities as a whole.                                                                                                             ___________              20150114 leahLeah Alexander

Briarcliff Massage Therapist

Leah joins our Briarcliff Manor staff as a Massage Therapist.  Her hobbies are yoga, traveling, reading and QI Gong.  Aside from Massage, Leah’s professional expertise is in Yoga, health coaching and Reiki.  She loves Club Fit’s versatility of fitness offerings, design and energy of atmosphere. 

                                                                                                            ___________              20150116 Mickey Carey (533x800)Mickey Carey

Briarcliff Sports Activities Assistant

Coach Mick comes to Club Fit with 7 years of college basketball coaching experience under his belt, as well as countless travel teams and elite basketball camps.  Coach Mick is a graduate of Westchester Community College and Mercy College.  He can still be found on the basketball court most days breaking down defenders and hitting jump shots! 


20150119 CrowellJennifer Crowell

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

A former Gymnast and coach,  Jen is a certified Spin and Group Fitness instructor. She has also worked the past 13 years for Pfizer in New York City. Jen volunteers for the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation being the Team Captain of “Jimmy’s Angels”.  They raise money for colon cancer research & promote public awareness.  Jen enjoys jogging on the beach and shares our energy and passion for fitness.  She loves the family environment at Club Fit!


20150116 Sherine IssaSherine Issa

Briarcliff Lifeguard

Sherine joins our Aquatics team in Briarcliff as a Lifeguard.  She loves to swim and bake, and a dance session is always nice!  She has worked as a lifeguard for two years, and has worked as a waitress and in a pharmacy.  She loves the cozy atmosphere at Club Fit.  She finds the staff to be very professional and it feels like a massive family here.  She says, “got to love it!”

_______________________________________________________________________ 20141223 CemarCemar Jesurum

Briarcliff Receptionist

Cemar is currently a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He enjoys playing sports, being active and being in the company of other people!


20141223 Ellen PollackEllen Pollack

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

Ellen has a powerful background in core conditioning, Pilates, spinning, heart rate training, group exercise and Pilates personal training. Her hobbies include kayaking, hiking and swimming.  Ellen loves the family friendly atmosphere and supportive learning and teaching environment at Club Fit!”

                                                                                                            ___________             J20141211 Jordan Archibleordan Archible

Briarcliff Receptionist

Jordan is currently training for EMS / Paramedics.  He coaches a football little league team in Ossining.  He really loves our Club Fit staff – Jordan says “It’s a good group of people


20141211 Melanie StPierreMelanie St Pierre

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

Melanie loves teaching classes and working out!  She is a certified Group Fitness, Boot Camp and Mad Dogg Spinning instructor.  When not working out, Mel is an adjunct professor for the Developmental Reading / Writing and Business Departments at Mercy College.  She has a BS in Elementary Education from SUNY New Paltz and a Masters in Literacy from Mercy College.  Melanie is excited to join the Club Fit team and has found our staff to be friendly and warm.


20141223 SuschinskyJoseph Suschinsky 

Briarcliff Receptionist 

Joe is a Pace University graduate. He enjoys basketball, hiking, reading and music.


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Welcome New Club Fit Jefferson Valley Staff

January 30, 2015 by Human Resources


20150316 Perry prescott1 (2)Prescott Perry

Jefferson Valley Parisi Speed School Director

Prescott joined our Club Fit Family on 3/16/15 as the Parisi director. He is AFAA certified and holds a B.S. in kinesiology from the University of Rhode Island, and a M.B.A. from Lynn University, with a concentration in Sports management. Prescott enjoys Lacrosse, sailing, snowboarding, football and dogs. Prescott also finds the atmosphere of the club “Terrific”.


20150310 chris-2Christopher Lutz

Jefferson Valley Lifeguard

Chris enjoys hockey, and is avid about lifesaving and first aid.  He has dedicated over 1000 volunteer hours to local ambulance corp, and is EMT certified.  Chris has also spent 3 yrs. with Putnam Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. Chris has always been impressed with Club Fit’s wide range of programs and fitness opportunities.


20150310 deanDean D’Alessio

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Dean’s hobbies include football, basketball, baseball, lacross, swimming and weight lifting.  After graduating college, he would like to be a personal trainer.


20150310 amanda raianoAmanda Raiano

Jefferson Valley Child Care Worker / Party Host

Amanda has joined the staff of the Energy Center and Nursery. She is getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology. She enjoys playing sports and socializing with friends. Amanda loves Club Fit for the positive, encouraging atmosphere and the friendly staff!


20150303 Kyle LegatoKyle Legato

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Kyle likes animals, guitar and basketball. He is currently studying computers and technology.


20150227 LawlessMarlee Lawless

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Marlee loves to read and loves learning. She is currently studying business.  Marlee loves the friendly staff and members around Club Fit


20150216 Heather NorbertoHeather Norberto

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Heather loves helping people, singing, dancing, and animals.   She is a pro at making people laugh and smile, and makes makes really good smoothies!


20150204 amanda-aquatics-3Amanda Grieve

Jefferson Valley Water Safety Instructor

Amanda is a returning staff member and comes to us after having been a member of Club Fit in the past for many years.   Club Fit has felt to her like a second home.  Amanda loves to work out and swim miles.   She is an active mother of two.  These activities keep her sharp, in shape, and on the ball.  Amanda has 18 years of experience in aquatics, is an excellent teacher with strong qualifications, and is also a certified American Red Cross Lifeguard.  Amanda will be a welcome member to the Aquatics team.


20150128 Fabian FalconFabian Falcon

JV Receptionist

Fabian comes to us with a service background in the restaurant business.  He enjoys fishing, basketball, and baseball.  Fabian is happy to be a part of Club Fit with all that it has to offer.


20150121 MounseyAlyssa Mounsey

JV Receptionist

Alyssa has returned to the Club in January after finishing her education at Stony Brook in the Respiratory Therapy field.  “Ally” loves to paint and draw and is a great conversationalist.  She will be at the Reception Desk meeting and greeting our members because she loves the friendly environment we provide!


20150114 Michael Pagan (3)Michael Pagan

JV Fitness Department Cleaner

Michael joins the Fitness staff in Jefferson Valley.  He loves to play sports.  He embraces life with a positive attitude and he loves to smile.


20150114 Jen RitzJen Ritz

JV Parisi Performance Coach

Jen has returned to the Club Fit family after a year absence and will take her place among the Performance Coaches in the Parisi Speed School. Jen enjoys Basketball, Running, triathlons, weight training and especially traveling. Jen’s professional experience includes a Personal Training certification from AFAA and time spent playing division 1 basketball. Jen is thrilled to be back at Club Fit sharing her passion for Fitness and is delighted to once again be part of the Club Fit family.


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Stabilization & Balance: From Athletes to the Elderly

January 30, 2015 by Liz

Master Trainer & NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Jen Schildwatcher
Master Trainer & NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist Jen Schildwatcher

By Jennifer Schildwachter
Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach Leader

When you hear the terms “corrective exercises”, “prevention of injury”, and “functional strength”, what type of person comes to mind? Although the common answer to this question would be possibly a post-rehab senior with serious injuries, these terms also apply to athletes on their off season maybe dealing with a pre or post season injury or muscle imbalances to correct. When you think “athlete” you often think speed & agility drills or Olympic weight lifting, but the need for core stabilization and balance are needed for all!

Balance is the key to all functional movement and it should also stress a person’s limits of stability, or their “balance threshold”. By training in a multi-sensory environment, the nervous system’s ability to activate the right muscles, at the right time, and in the right plane of motion is vital to the elderly and athletes alike to enhance performance in every day life or an athletic event. All levels of fitness need to infuse this much needed balance and core stabilization exercises to benefit all planes of motion. Both of these needs can be fulfilled in NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist Jennifer Schildwachter’s paid program; Correct, Select, and Never Neglect. Participants of all adult ages and fitness levels, learn that there is an inherent difference between functional strength and functional stabilization, which both come into play when trying to improve balance.

Core Stabilization and balance go hand in hand. The main goal of an athlete or senior would be to continually increase their limit of stability by creating progressive balance exercises in a controlled but unstable environment.

A good example of an exercise that you could give an athlete or senior, would be: “Single-Leg Dumbbell Shoulder Scaption”

How to do it:
A. Stand with a light dumbbell in each hand; lift one leg directly beside balanced leg.
B. Keep thumbs pointed up while raising arms to shoulder height at a 45-degree angle in front. Slowly lower. Repeat; alternate legs in each set.

This exercise and more can be learned in this class as well as the improvement in balance and stabilization in all physical abilities!

Interested in taking Correct Select and Never Neglect with Jen? You can sign up for the upcoming session beginning on February 17! Feel free to email Jen with any questions at jschildwachter@clubfit.com!

Take Care of Your Heart Health

January 28, 2015 by karen

— written by guest blogger and Club Fit member John Fisher


Master Trainer Beth Kear and Club Fit Member John Fisher
Master Trainer Beth Kear and Club Fit Member John Fisher

I had just completed another cardio fitness session with Beth Kear, a Master Trainer at Club Fit/Briarcliff and went up to the cafeteria to get a snack and relax. Once there, I paused to reflect on just what brought me together with Beth (a remarkable person, 100% experienced trainer and a compassionate and spiritual mentor who is teaching me to connect my mind to my stretches to feel my body’s response and stop mechanically counting seconds).

Anyway, my story begins about three years ago…and what I have to share just might save your life, or that of a loved one.

Then 75, physically trim and active, an avid tennis player, the first awareness of diminishing capacity came when when I began to find my reaction time and movement on the tennis court diminishing. It was driven home to me when the captain of our men’s indoor winter tennis doubles game approached me awkwardly to ask me to drop out of the group because I was beginning to drag down the quality of play. I attributed my reduced mobility to a lack of fitness, and signed on for a series of sessions with another Club Fit Master Trainer, Mike Cohen.

After our first package of sessions, I decided I could carry on by myself, using Club Fit’s FitLinxx equipment and supplementing that with a regular exercise program at home. But that required a level of self-discipline I just didn’t maintain. Sound familiar?

Now we come to 2013, and I find myself experiencing shortness of breath at the slightest exertion. I cannot keep up with my wife and friends on hikes, walking the streets of NYC or getting about on our son’s farm, having to stop periodically to catch my breath before continuing. Just wheeling our garbage can 150’ up our inclined driveway twice a week became a challenge.

“Do something about it!” I scolded myself. Time to resume a disciplined fitness routine. So in late 2013 I re-contacted Mike Cohen. But he could not fit me into his crowded schedule, so he introduced me to Beth. Well, at the end of my 2nd 1-hour session, I went to stand up after stretching on a table…and blacked out momentarily. Fortunately, Beth caught me before I hit the floor. After regaining my equilibrium, I lectured myself, not to sit up and then stand so abruptly so blood does not drain from my head suddenly, causing light-headedness. Enter self-deception/rationalization once again.

One week later, at the end of my next session, I again felt light-headed as I stood up, but immediately caught myself, sat down and avoided another blackout. That did it!

A call to my family physician at the Mt. Kisco Medical Group, a CT scan of the chest, a referral to their chief cardiologist, and the diagnosis: “You’re headed for open-heart surgery. You have calcification of the aortic valve, which needs to be replaced. And while they’re in there they’ll also need to perform a triple bypass to restore adequate blood flow, currently acutely compromised by blockages in three main arteries.”

I asked my cardiologist where he’d take his heart if he were facing the same circumstances. He gave me the names of two heart surgeons, one at Columbia Presbyterian and the other at Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie. I chose the latter…with a highly-regarded team of cardio-thoracic surgeons, the best in the mid-Hudson Valley.

I had the surgery nine months ago, on April 4, 2014. Five days in the hospital; left for home pain-free, with a new tissue (cow) valve. Six weeks of monitoring at home by a nurse from the Westchester Visiting Nurse Service, followed by 40 closely-monitored sessions at the cardio rehab center run by Northern Westchester Hospital at Chappaqua Crossing, after which I resumed training with Beth. Beth and Mike Cohen (who also happens to be a cardio-rehab specialist) got together to review my progress report from the NWH cardio rehab center and designed a cardio fitness program to transition me to Club Fit.

I can report goodbye to shortness of breath; lung and heart functioning normal; and I feel like a completely new man at 78. All that remains is to test — and win — the quest for self-discipline. Stay tuned!

John also uses MYZONE heart rate and effort monitoring system as part of his health & fitness regimen.

Jimmy McDonough Cancer Foundation

January 28, 2015 by karen

[written by Club Fit blogger Lisa Skelton]

Jimmy McDonough Foundation founder Suzi McDonough
Jimmy McDonough Foundation founder Suzi McDonough

It takes a special person to take a family tragedy and turn it into a positive, but that’s just what Suzi McDonough did. When her husband, Jimmy, a longtime member of Club Fit Jefferson Valley, was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2004 and passed away less than a year later, Suzi and her family didn’t turn inward. They founded the Jimmy McDonough Foundation, a nonprofit that supports cancer patients and their families in the local community, and makes a big impact despite keeping a low profile.

“Our goal is to relieve as much stress as possible for families going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment,” says Suzi. “My family and I know firsthand the importance of a good support system, and want to provide that to those who don’t have the support they need.”

Her husband’s diagnosis was a surprise to everyone. Father of five, Jimmy never smoked and was focused on his fitness routine, working out at Club Fit almost every day. He was an involved and enthusiastic supporter of his community and kids’ sports in Mahopac, continuing to coach even after his diagnosis. He was being treated for pneumonia when a CT scan and subsequent biopsy revealed Stage 3 lung cancer. He passed away in February 2005, after seven months of chemotherapy and alternative treatments, but he and his family remained optimistic and positive throughout.

Since its inception, the Jimmy McDonough Foundation has helped countless people in our community. From rides to appointments to financial assistance to family outings, the Foundation supports families through their cancer journey. Family members serve on the Foundation’s board, and their single fundraiser is a golf outing held every May at Mahopac Golf Club. “One hundred percent of our fundraising proceeds go to funding our services,” says Suzi.

An additional fundraiser was held last year at FDR Park in Yorktown, a 5K Run that involved Club Fit’s Jason Needle, who is also battling cancer. “Jason is so like Jimmy with his positive attitude, and he is such an inspiration,” says Suzi. “His enthusiasm during the 5K event reminded me of Jimmy’s optimism throughout our family’s ordeal.”

Suzi has kept herself busy in the years since Jimmy’s passing, not only with the Foundation, but as Town Councilwoman in Carmel. She also works for the State Senate, and enjoys spending time with her five now-grown children. “I have a choice,” says Suzi. “I can wilt away or look ahead.”

But the Jimmy McDonough Foundation is clearly her priority. “Through the work we do, Jimmy’s legacy will live on,” says Suzi. And Club Fit Jefferson Valley is jumping on the bandwagon, donating all proceeds raised at the club’s Open House on January 31 to the Foundation. With a $50 donation, attendees received raffle tickets for prizes including massages, tennis lessons, a week of summer camp, a big screen TV, etc. A win-win for everyone! If you couldn’t make it and would like to help Suzi and her family make a difference in the lives of cancer patients in your community, you can mail your donation to The Jimmy McDonough Foundation, 72 Lockwood Lane, Mahopac, NY 10541, and know that you helped brighten someone’s day!

A Winter Fitness Boost!

January 26, 2015 by Liz

By Liza Forster, RYT
Group Fitness Manager
Club Fit Jefferson Valley

Has Old Man Winter got you grounded? Being confined to home because of winter weather doesn’t need to put a cramp in your fitness routine. In fact, changing up how and where you exercise can actually give you an unexpected fitness boost.

First of all, remember that you don’t have to do everything all at once. 10 minute “legs” or intervals of exercise lets you crosstrain and keep you interested and more likely to push your own personal envelope. Three or four of these and you’ve exercised for 30 or 40 highly respectable minutes by the end of your day. Plus, jumping from isometrics, to endurance to strength work, etc, will keep your body and heart out of it’s comfortable routine, and out of it’s comfort zone. Combine the following as you like. Get your kids off of the laptops and make it a competition.

Ropeless jumproping- Put on your favorite music, and jump, jump, jump. One minute interval, 30 seconds of rest, repeat until you are at ten minutes total. Fast jump, joggy jump, skipping jump. Not only is jumping great cardio, but the impact lays bone on bone, increasing bone density. If you have bone issues, land lightly. Stepping in place is a safe alternative for delicate, more fragile bones.

Plank – Nothing like a straight arm plank to build some super strength. This one isn’t just for fighting the winter blues. Make this part of a daily practice all year round. Start at 30 seconds, and you progress, rock a 90 second plank. Pull your belly button firmly into your spine and keep it there. Wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Can you say arms to die for?

Bicycle – Your grade school gym teacher got this right. Bicycle is a game changer. Back to one minute intervals on your back, 30 seconds rest in between. Alternate the work, fast bicycle for the first one, then S-L-O-W it way way down. Third one normal speed but hold the the elbow to the opposite knee as you cross, stay out of your comfort zone Keep your lower back flat on the ground.

Prisoner Squats – Nothing like squats to cut and define the glutes, quads, and hams. Lace fingers behind neck, elbows pulled back. Take a wide stance with feet parallel. Sit back into an imaginary chair, keeping knees over ankles and elbows pulled back. Up slowly and repeat. Exhale on the descend, inhale up and keep it slow. 4-6 rounds of 45 seconds with 30 seconds rest in between.

Wall handstand. Take a down dog (facing away from wall) with heels against a bare wall. Look in between hands at the floor. Walk your feet up the wall so that your legs are at a right angle from the wall. Hold for thirty seconds and walk down. As you progress, walk legs farther up so body is straight and almost perpendicular to the wall.

Repeat the series, and switch it up as needed throughout your snow day. Don’t forget to stretch everything out. 10 long breaths in a beautiful down dog hits the entire back of the body, sink into those heels, bend knees if you have any back pain. Don’t forget to shovel and have a snowball fight!

Winter Weather Workout with Susie!

January 26, 2015 by Liz

By Susie Reiner, M.S., HFS, PES
Fitness Director, Club Fit Briarcliff

Unfortunately sometimes Mother Nature gets in the way of getting your workout in at Club Fit. Your safety is the most important on days where it’s dangerous to travel, so here are some exercise ideas for you to try at home:

Shoveling – the dreaded activity that is an essential part of living in the Northeast! Shoveling can be a great workout – if you do it right. Warm up ahead of time, do some dynamic stretches -toe touches side to side, side reaches, back extensions (hands support lower back), high knee pulls, quad stretches alternating, etc. Dress warmly with layers that you can take off if you get overheated. Be sure you are bending your knees EVERY time you pick up snow and switch sides/hands that you are throwing the snow with. Stretch your lower back, shoulders, and neck afterwards to avoid strain later on in the day. If you complete all these steps you will have a safe total body cardio and resistance workout. I’ve personally worn my Myzone belt while shoveling and got up to 200 MEPS in that time!

Got stairs? – There are a number of exercises you can do that strengthen your lower body and core while engaging cardiovascular benefits as well.
1. Step ups (up up down down) facing the step
2. Lateral step ups (step knee step touch)
3. Running the stairs – use the way down as recovery
4. Or try these fun exercises!

A great online resource for body weight workouts is Fitness Blender, a free website created by a husband and wife duo who felt like there was a lack of reliable health and fitness information on the web, and too many people in the industry were more focused on appearance than they were on good health. I’ve completed several of the workouts at home on this website and I can attest that they are safe and effective!

Need more advice? Please contact me at sreiner@clubfit.com and be safe in the snow!

CPR and Practical First Aid for Caregivers

January 20, 2015 by Liz

If you are a parent, nanny, aunt, uncle, grandparent or anyone that spends any amount of time watching children, you need to know these essential lifesaving skills.

Anyone who spends time with infants, toddlers and adolescents knows that kids can get into all sorts of crazy situations and experience an injury. Nearly every parent has been through a mild to severe choking episode with a child that is learning to eat solids. We all see our kids fall at the playground at some point and most of the time, hopefully, it’s a superficial injury, but what about when it’s worse? What about small children and water safety? How do you know what to do in an emergency? Have you had prior training? What you can do is arm yourself with these practical skills in case you need them . . . and hopefully you never will!

What you need to learn in order to feel confident in handling just about any emergency that is child related:

• Conscious and Unconscious Choking
• Chipped Tooth
• Anaphylaxis and Epi-pen Injectors
• Responding to Breathing Emergencies
• Controlling Bleeding
• Signs of Shock & How to Care for Shock
• Diabetic Emergencies
• Sudden Illness
• Concussion Awareness Training
• Recommended First Aid Kit Products
• Appropriate Antiseptics
• Basic Safety Facts and Statistics

first aid for care givers
first aid for care givers

Club Fit will be offering CPR and Practical First Aid for Caregivers on February 20, 2015!
This course is designed to provide participants with lifesaving skills. Gain the confidence to effectively administer care for breathing and choking emergencies in adults, children and infants. Empower yourself with the knowledge to perform practical first aid skills. This course is designed for parents, expecting parents, care givers, and anyone who is looking to become certified in CPR and learn first aid skills.
American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer Certification upon completion

CPR and Practical First Aid for Caregivers will leave you prepared in the event that you encounter a situation that needs attention. For more information on CPR and Practical First Aid for Caregivers visit us online. Questions? Contact Club Fit Briarcliff Aquatics Director, Ruth Garcia at rgarcia@clubfit.com.

The Importance of Play

January 19, 2015 by Liz

By Noelle Napolitano
How can Club Fit help your child develop critical early learning skills?

We can answer the above question with one simple word; Play.

Parents can become overwhelmed, questioning if you are giving your child enough vegetables, the best preschool, etc, however, the most important thing you can be giving your child is something as simple as the time to play.

We can become so structured, and live our lives according to where our smartphones are telling us we need to be at a certain time, or running so many errands just to accomplish daily tasks, that we may forget to take the time out of our days and just let our children simply play.

Play helps your child build crucial early education skills such as sharing, socializing, logic, critical thinking, and imagination. These are the skills they will be building on for the rest of their lives, and we need to give them the best foundation.

Play also helps keep your child fit & healthy!

Kids playing in nursery

Club Fit can do all of the above, and beyond!

Dropping your child off in our nursery while you workout gives your child such a great opportunity to help develop these skills. They are building key emotional and social skills, learning to separate from a parent, and bonding with others. They are forming their own social relationships right here at Club Fit! They are learning to explore and make their own decisions. That puzzle you see your child working on? They’re building their problem-solving and logic skills. Those cars you see your child driving down the ramps? They’re helping your child learn motion, gravity, size, & colors. The kitchen set up in the back? They’re role playing and using their imaginations!

Want to have your child’s party here at Club Fit? They will not only have a great social experience with their friends, they will also be developing their gross motor skills, by running, jumping, and getting fit while they have fun!

Take the time to introduce your child to all of the great offerings at Club Fit! Whether it be a trip to the nursery, a game of kickball in the Energy Center, or a Nerf Dart Tag Party, we surely have a way to help your children learn, get fit, and most importantly, have FUN!

Want more information on the importance of play?
Take a look at “10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Play” posted by The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

The American Academy of Pediatrics have also done a study, and you can find more information here.

To learn more about the different programs and opportunities for families at Club Fit, visit us at www.clubfit.comor send an email to nnapolitano@clubfit.com to find out about what’s happening in the Nursery!

Doing a Bosu Burpee

January 19, 2015 by Liz

If you’re a fan of the burpee this is for you! The Bosu Burpee is a variation on the traditional burpee. This exercise adds weight to the upper phase and stability to the lower phase.

Here’s a closer look at what a Bosu Burpee should look like:




Demonstrating this move is Maura Maloney. Maura is training for the NYC Half Marathon and is a hopeful for the 2015 NYC Marathon! Good luck Maura!

The Desk Workout: Part 1

January 16, 2015 by Liz

Here is some important advice to keep your body active even during your work day! Desk workouts are important!
Here is a suggestion from our very knowledgeable Fitness Director, Susie Reiner M.S., HFS, PES:

The most important thing to do is to stand up! Take time each hour to stand up, stretch your back (hands on the small of your back and lean back to extend your spine), and walk around the office a bit. If it’s possible to walk to someone’s office instead of calling/e-mailing them, always do it! It not only does your body good but more meaningful work relationships come from face to face interactions! When seated at your desk, be aware of your posture, sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, your shoulder blades pulled down your back, your computer at eye level to avoid kyphotic tendencies.

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Check back for more tips from Susie and her team on how to workout from your desk! Visit us online for more information on our fitness programs and how you can be part of our community. health is for everyone! www.clubfit.com

How to perform the Bulgarian Split Squat

January 8, 2015 by Liz

It can be difficult to try new exercises on your own. That’s why we are dedicating a series of posts to help you learn the ins and outs of these particular strength exercises.

Liz Roarty, Fitness Coach and long time member, performs a Bulgarian Split Squat with her toe propped up on a high step behind her. When you are executing this exercise, be sure to center your weight between both legs.
HoistFacebook Split Squat

Bend the back knee into a 90 degree angle, keeping the front knee in line with the heel. Keep your shoulders back and your abs tight as you move through this exercise.
Hoist Facebook Split Squat

Stay tuned in to our series of Hoist Circuit Strength exercises with your favorite Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches! If you have questions or would like to sign up for Personal Training session, visit our website to find a Club Fit Personal Trainer who is right for you! Contact Fitness Director, Susie Reiner with questions comments or concerns.

Are you new to the HOIST ROC-IT circuit? We have Fit Coaches available to you at all times to guide you through the equipment. We are excited to be offering our members the newest technology in Circuit Training while delivering a safe and effective workout!

Squatting during Pregnancy, Labor and Birth

January 5, 2015 by Liz

By Perinatal Exercise Specialist, Denise Weber

Denise Weber
Denise W.

Squatting is one of the most advantageous positions for labor and birth. Women the world over have used it for centuries, yet it is much less commonly practiced in the United States.

In times past, women relied more on their bodies, and less on intervention, with midwives guiding them through the process of labor and birth. “Prehistoric figures and ancient Egyptian drawings show women giving birth in the sitting or squatting position. Midwives and birthing stools are also mentioned in the Old Testament.” 1

So why squat?

Labor has been compared to an athletic event, and an athlete prepares for the event with specific exercises geared to improve the outcome. The exercises are done for weeks or months, depending on the event, strengthening the muscles needed, and increasing endurance. There is no last minute “cramming,” as this could certainly lead to injury. Squatting is one such exercise specific to pregnancy.

Done correctly during pregnancy, squatting can have many benefits that prepare our bodies for labor and birth.

Increase leg strength.

Stretch the muscles of the inner thighs.

Increase mobility of the pelvic joints and hips.

Relax the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Alleviate back pain and pressure.

Improve pelvic circulation.

During Labor, squatting encourages proper positioning of the baby, and can help bring the head in contact with the cervix, thus increasing the strength of the contractions. It aids gravity and encourages dilation of the cervix.

Squatting during birth has been shown to shorten the duration of time spent pushing, Yeah!! Because it shortens the birth canal, and helps to relax and open the pelvic floor muscles. It can also help encourage the “urge to push,” if it is lacking.

1. The start of Life: A history of Obstetrics, J. Drife, January, 2002

Always check with your doctor before you begin any exercise regime. In certain instances, squatting can be contraindicated or need modifications. Women with bad knees or varicosities should talk to their caregiver before practicing squats. Sitting on a stability ball or a stool can modify the position of a squat Sitting on the stability ball has the added benefit of alleviating pressure on the pelvic floor if vaginal varicosities are an issue.

Denise Weber teaches various prenatal and postnatal classes. She is available for Personal Training, private and semi-private. Do you have a group of friends you would like to take a prenatal or postnatal class with but nothing is scheduled? No problem! Small group classes can be arranged.

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