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May 7, 2013 by Lori Guevera

Balanced Nutrition & Balanced Body

Two woman drinking a green juice.By Jennifer Schildwachter

I’ve been working at Club Fit in Jefferson Valley since 2007 as a trainer. Currently, I’m happy to say I’m a Master trainer, Certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) for personal training, corrective exercise specialist and most recently for Fitness Nutritional Specialist.

Through the years working as a trainer and fit coach on the busy fitness floor, I’ve often heard members talking about nutrition and supplements and the importance of incorporating both in their lifestyles.

I find myself most fascinated and intrigued by keeping a healthy immune system. I help oversee the Cancer Wellness and Help Rx programs here at Club fit, I see the importance of Probiotics and Prebiotics and how they can enhance your immune system.

What are Probiotics? What are Prebiotics? What’s the relationship between the two?

Probiotics are foods that contain live microorganisms and are found in such foods like yogurt and fermented foods. Such as aged cheeses, pickles and fermented cabbage.

What are Prebiotics?
They are the non-digestable carbs that act as food for the probiotics. Ex: whole grains, bananas, garlic and honey.

You can take Probiotics in a supplemental form; like in a liquid, tablet or capsule. Capsules are found by surveys to be the most popular form of supplement to take.

Here’s an interesting factoid: not all brands of yogurt contain live, active cultures. Look for the seal adopted by the National Yogurt Association to identify products that contain a minimum of 100 million live lactic acid bacteria per gram of yogurt.

Additionally, experts state: Ideal healthy ratio of good to bad bacteria living inside your gut should be 85% good to 15% bad bacteria (9 : 1 ratio)
Its all about maintaining “Balance” inside and out!!

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