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Club Fit Tennis Pro Heath Hoover

February 26, 2019 by karen

Club Fit’s Heath Hoover has been named Southern District President for the USPTA Eastern Division

Congratulations to our Assistant Director of Tennis and Adult Tennis Program Director Heath Hoover on his new position as Southern District President for the USPTA Eastern Division!

Club Fit Briarcliff Assistant Director of Tennis / Adult Tennis Program Director Heath Hoover
Club Fit Briarcliff Assistant Director of Tennis / Adult Tennis Program Director Heath Hoover

Heath — who grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas — was taught to play tennis when he was eight years old by his father, a former college player and local junior high school coach.

Heath became a certified teaching pro with the USPTA (U.S. Professional Tennis Association) in 1997 in Ft. Worth, Texas. He moved to the Northeast in 1999 and has been an active member of the USPTA for 22 years. In 2009, he won the Cardio Tennis Fast Feed contest for the Eastern Division. He then went on to take second place in the National Cardio Tennis Fast Feed contest at the USPTA National Conference in Marco Island, Florida. Heath continues to attend multiple Eastern conferences every year. This year, the Eastern USPTA Board of Directors voted him in as Southern District President after current Eastern President, Geoff Jagdfeld, nominated him for the position.

There are six district presidents within the Eastern Division: Manhattan, New Jersey, Western, Northern, Long Island, & Southern. The Southern District is made up of Westchester & Rockland Counties. Each district’s president serves as a liaison between the district’s members and the Board of Directors. The district president is responsible for forming a committee within the district and to work with them to create and offer multiple events for the USPTA members of their district as well as neighboring districts — three educational events, two social events, and one charity event per calendar year. The district presidents also carry out various administrative duties as required to support their respective districts.

Heath is also hoping to use his new position to bring some additional tennis events to Club Fit Briarcliff. For more info on USPTA, you can find it at

Club Fit Tennis Director Rodrigo Schtscherbyna, Heath, Tennis Pro David Hugues
Club Fit Tennis Director Rodrigo Schtscherbyna, Heath, Tennis Pro David Hugues

Trainer of the Month Ron Spooner

February 14, 2019 by T M

March 2019 Club Fit Briarcliff Trainer of the Month Ron Spooner

Ron will be giving a free-to-member presentation in our Conference Room on Monday, March 11th at 11:00 am and Monday, March 25th at 10:30 am

Subject: Proper Kettlebell Techniques for Strength and Conditioning

Club Fit Personal Trainer Ron Spooner

Hi, I’m Ron Spooner, and I’m entering my fourth year as an AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) certified personal trainer, and the sixth year of my own personal fitness journey. Because that journey began in a place completely lacking in physical fitness, or even overall health really, I feel I have a somewhat unique perspective from most of the industry. Going from an overweight, untoned, fast food junkie who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and drank a twelve pack a night, to someone who has taken part in the training of children as young as eleven trying to add activity to their lives, middle aged individuals trying to lose weight and get strong, high school and college athletes (some Division I) looking to get faster and more explosive, and senior citizens recovering from heart surgery (all while getting into pretty decent shape myself), I can tell you: being physically fit is definitively worth the work it takes to be so. I can also tell you that I know how hard it is, how much work it takes. I can tell you there will be set acks and hurdles you never even imagined having to get over. I can sympathize with the emotions that go along with this journey. I know what if feels like to not see what you want on that scale, to not see the body you want in the mirror. I’m also here to tell you that hard work always wins out, and results are for everybody.

Through properly managed expectations, logical progression, and a focus on functional movement patterns all goals are achievable. Functionality has become a buzzword in the fitness industry, but with good reason. Focusing on training your body to be a master of its own natural movement patterns unlocks all sorts of potential. Understanding proper alignment and technique in those patterns make you more efficient and balanced. The strength that comes with that balance and efficiency translates to confidence and ability in all aspects of everyday life. Whether you’re looking be able to carry your groceries in the house without throwing out your back or absorb contact on your way to the hoop without it throwing off your shot, it all comes down to mastery of the functional movement patterns.

Hinge, squat, push, pull — that’s it. And do it properly. Know how to do these things properly and make yourself unbreakable. Do this correctly and shed pounds, find your center of gravity, gain muscle tone, build endurance and give yourself power. Do it logically and with reasonable progression and it allows your nervous system to train at an appropriate rate, giving you a more powerful mind body connection. Do it with the right teacher and it takes the pressure off having to learn these principles while balancing your already demanding life. Who knows, maybe you’ll even have a little fun.

However you choose to do it, do it smart and do it now. Don’t wait because life is, for sure, not waiting for you. There is no finish line, but the journey is worth the effort.

Trainer of the Month Sean Fewer

December 31, 2018 by karen

January 2019 Club Fit Briarcliff Trainer of the Month Sean Fewer

Sean will be giving a free-to-member presentation in our Conference Room on Monday, January 21 at 5:30 pm and Thursday, January 24th at 10:00 am

Subject: Balance & Mobility

Club Fit Master Trainer Sean Fewer

Hello my name is Sean Fewer, A.C.E certified Master Trainer. I have worked in the fitness/health industry for twenty years. Along with working as a personal trainer, I have worked in Cardiac-Pulmonary Rehab and in Physical Therapy.

My interest in fitness began years ago when I was a member at Club Fit. I knew I could make a difference in peoples lives by helping them improve their physical condition. I have worked with individuals from eight to ninety eight years old. Whether a person is looking to get into better shape or manage a long-term medical condition (such as diabetes or heart disease), exercise is key! It is one of the major ways to continue living a productive and healthy life. In addition to finding time for my own workouts, I enjoy going to music concerts and trying new restaurants. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Club FIt Staff Spotlight: Sam Nunes

December 21, 2018 by jeanne

On the Move with Sam Nunes

Samantha Nunes is always pushing forward and is working hard to keep her trainers and her clients going in the same direction.

By Jeremy Brown

Samantha Nunes smiling

It’s long been an immutable fact that there are 24 hours in a day. No more no less. But, talking to Samantha Nunes, it seems as though she might have found a few extra here and there. Either that or she is actually superhuman.

As the Fitness Director and Master Trainer, as well as the Parisi Speed School Program Director, Nunes puts in a full 40 hours at Club Fit’s Jefferson Valley location. In between, she also manages her own personal training business, training clients before and after hours. Oh, and did we mention that she also has her real estate license.

“Even as a kid I always had to stay busy,” she says. “I’m not the kind of person that can sit behind a desk. I always have to be out and about.”

Still, in spite of her hectic schedule, Nunes knows the importance of time management, something she admits wasn’t always her strongest suit. “In order to keep all those plates spinning requires a schedule. It’s a balance,” Nunes says. “I try to fit everything into Monday and Thursday, so that, when it comes to the weekends, I’m able to have that for family time.”

That word, family, is an important one to Nunes, and she says that Club Fit shares her appreciation for family.

“It’s very family oriented,” she says about the club. “I have a great team, they were very welcoming when I came in. When I first went into a manager’s meeting and everyone introduced themselves, there wasn’t a person in there who hadn’t been with the club for at least ten years. That says something about the company.”

As the Fitness Director, Nunes notes that there are many benefits to training at Club Fit, but stressed the importance of small group training, something she feels members don’t take enough advantage of.

“What’s so great about small group training is that you can train with family, friends or a group of people that share the same interest,” she explains, “and you’re all able to be front and center with a trainer that can walk you through biomechanics, watch your form and help you and your group all together.”

Even if you don’t opt for small group training, Nunes says that Club Fit offers so much for members that, whatever your fitness goals are, they’ll definitely be met. That said, with more than 80 classes to choose from, Nunes admits that it can be daunting for new members to decide which ones to take on first. But don’t worry, she says, the team has you covered. “Every member that signs up gets a free fitness orientation,” she says. “We assess your biomechanics, which is how your body moves, where your imperfections are and how we can fix them. We also do an upper body assessment to see where your strength is. It’s a free one-on-one session with a trainer. You can ask them questions and we go over all the important details that can help get you where you need to be to live a healthy lifestyle.”

In the end, that is the ultimate goal, says Nunes. Making health and fitness a cornerstone of your life. As she tells her clients, “Your body is the king or the queen of your castle. And if you’re not taking care of yourself, that king or queen is coming down and taking the whole kingdom with it! It’s not a selfish thing to put yourself first sometimes. Your kids are always the most important, but you have to keep yourself healthy so you’re around for them.”

Looking ahead to 2019, Nunes says she has big plans for her team of trainers.

“I want to see the trainers that I have to explode to an elite level and be training 60 to 100 sessions a month,” she says, “and for them to be the point of contact for anyone who needs help in the club.”

And, she adds, while she doesn’t usually make New Year’s resolutions for herself, this year might be a little different.

“I recently said to myself, ‘2019 is finally going to be the year of me,’” she says. “I always put everyone first, and I have a lot of goals that I want to be able to accomplish. So, for this year, I really am focusing on becoming a better version of myself.”







Trainer of the Month Alex Celcis

November 27, 2018 by karen

December 2018 Club Fit Briarcliff Trainer of the Month Alex Celcis

Alex will be giving a free-to-member presentation in our Conference Room on Tuesday, December 18th at 5:00 pm and Thursday, December 20th at 10:30 am

Subject: The Benefits of Boxing for Mind, Body, & Overall Wellness  

Alex Celcis as December 2018 Club Fit Briarcliff Trainer of the Month

Hello, I’m Alex Celcis — (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, Self-Defense Instructor, Kick-Boxing instructor, Karate (Goju Ryu) Instructor. I have over 15 years of martial arts experience and five years’ experience years as a personal trainer.

My passion for boxing and the martial arts grew as a teenager, through watching movies and seeing ordinary humans do extraordinary acts. I then began to go to tournaments, and observe my passion in real-time. I began studying and training diligently as a young adult at the age of 19 and since then I have not ceased the journey of learning, growing and teaching the martial arts to others who want to become stronger, more confident, and healthier physically, mentally and spiritually. And as a result at the age of 36 I feel healthier and stronger then when I was 24.

Top Benefits of Boxing:
• Enhanced cardiovascular health — you need to do cardio to protect yourself from heart disease, burn calories, and lose or maintain your weight
• Improved total-body strength
• Better hand-eye coordination
• Decreased stress
• Improved body composition.

Wizard of Water – Larry Koffer

August 1, 2018 by jeanne

Meet the Wizard of Water

By Jeremy Brown

IMG 1523 e1532959324110 225x300 - Wizard of Water - Larry Koffer

Larry Koffer has been swimming all his life, but his biggest challenge is yet to come.

For Club Fit swimming instructor Larry Koffer, being in the water is just a way of life. “I love swimming,” he says, “and I’ve been doing it all my life, one way or another.”

Born and raised in the Bronx, Koffer began swimming in the Bronx River and was a competitive swimmer in high school and college. “I wasn’t the fastest guy on the team,” he said. “I remember when we’d swim, my coach would use a sundial to time me!” Koffer, however, is just being modest. In fact, he was the Bronx Park Department 100-meter swim champion in 1964.

From swimming in the river to swimming in the pool, Koffer knew that he had found a second home in the water. From then on, he was always trying to find a way to get wet, diving in whenever and wherever he could. When he sold his construction business, the opportunity suddenly presented itself to make swimming a full-time pursuit. “Looking at retirement, I thought, what am I going to do?’” he said. “So I became a Red Cross instructor.”

Koffer’s Red Cross training eventually paved the way for him to become a swimming instructor at Club Fit. At the club, he says that he gets a particular thrill from passing on his love of swimming to people.

“I love teaching people how to swim,” he says. “It’s magical to me. Swimming is an out-of-this-world experience. It’s the perfect exercise and it’s very meditative.”

He says that he really enjoys being able to work with people who aren’t used to being in or around the water and seeing that “moment” when it all clicks for them. “I teach a lot of adults,” he says, “and they haven’t learned how to swim, and they’ve got some anxiety about it. And to get them loosened up and approach swimming as fun, when they get it, it’s like bells go off. Suddenly it all fits.”

Koffer’s enthusiasm and passion for swimming has earned him the nickname “The Wizard of Water.” Although, in the interest of full disclosure, he admits that he is responsible for the moniker.

“On some memo, I signed off as ‘the Wizard of Water,’ and it stuck!” he says, laughing.

After a lifetime of swimming, Koffer is about to undertake his most exciting challenge on the water, a one-mile swim across the Hudson River, from Newburgh to Beacon, on July 28. The swim is a charity event to raise money for the care and maintenance of the River Pool in Beacon. Even more than the challenge of swimming across the Hudson, Koffer is excited about the feeling of unity that comes when a group of swimmers all get together. “I love being on the beach with hundreds of water babies, swimmers who are all loving the water, some are skilled, some are Olympians or near Olympians, national champions,” he said. “But they’re all loving the water, and it’s just like this camaraderie. Some want to swim for a record, some just want to be in the water.”

After crossing the Hudson, Koffer might try for a two-mile swim, he said. But, whatever comes next, he is just grateful for every day in the water. “When I was in junior high school, my best friend’s family had a house on Lake Mahopac, so I came up here 50 years ago,” he said. “And now, to be back here as an adult, living here, swimming in the lake, having wonderful friends…this is perfect.”

Nathalie Garcia wins David Swope Scholarship

July 11, 2018 by karen

Congratulations to our JV inaugural David Swope Educational Scholarship winner, Nathalie Garcia!


Two people smiling. with balloons
David Swope Scholarship award winner Nathalie with Aquatics Director Patrick

In 1973 David Swope and his business partner, Beth Beck, founded Club Fit. In early 2018 David passed away and Club Fit and our communities suffered a great loss.

In addition to being enthusiastic about creating health clubs that foster a sense of community and providing top notch expertise and facilities, David was passionate about helping everyone have access to educational opportunities. To honor his name and the great work he dedicated his life to here at Club Fit and in our communities, we have created the David Swope Educational Scholarship.

Nathalie currently attends SUNY Cortland and is a Community Health major. At the club, you can find Nathalie in the Aquatic Center working as a Lifeguard over the summer and during school breaks throughout the year. Nathalie works diligently at multiple jobs in support of furthering her education. In addition, she is currently interning at Montefiore Hospital and working towards the last 12 credits to obtain her degree. Nathalie is extremely focused on her education and will be traveling abroad to Barcelona this fall with the Global Experience Internship Program. She will be doing career-related humanitarian work. Nathalie is excited to share her passion with others and is looking forward to the opportunity to work in this capacity.

Nathalie truly embraces David Swope’s true essence and commitment to humanitarian outreach. It’s a pleasure to share this award with her.

Alexa Guevara wins David Swope Scholarship

July 10, 2018 by karen

Congratulations to our Briarcliff inaugural David Swope Educational Scholarship winner, Alexa Guevara!


David Swope Scholarship award winner with her mom
David Swope Scholarship award winner Alexa with her mom, Assistant Communications Coordinator Lori, and her uncle, Briarcliff General Manager Mark.

In 1973 David Swope and his business partner, Beth Beck, founded Club Fit. In early 2018 David passed away and Club Fit and our communities suffered a great loss.

In addition to being enthusiastic about creating health clubs that foster a sense of community and providing top notch expertise and facilities, David was passionate about helping everyone have access to educational opportunities. To honor his name and the great work he dedicated his life to here at Club Fit and in our communities, we have created the David Swope Educational Scholarship.

Alexa is a part of the Energy Center team and recently graduated with honors from Westchester Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Visual Arts. She will be transferring into the SUNY New Paltz Fine Arts program in the fall.

By receiving this scholarship, Alexa believes she will “… be able to put it toward the resources that will help me become the artist I want to be. I truly love what I’m in school for and am working hard to achieve my dream.”

All candidates were asked to describe the Club Fit organizational value that meant the most to them. Alexa described her embracement of the neighborhood and genuine fulfillment from caring for the community in which she lives. She described a scenario of volunteering at the local food pantry and said, “Many times our society chooses to be most eager about the qualities that look the best. To have more and better things than the next person. To me, I like to think that when we want a great neighborhood we have to embrace the more challenging parts and help build them stronger. The food pantry has always been a humbling experience and I am fortunate enough to have been exposed to that at an early age. It’s become a value that will stick with me my entire life.”

Alexa’s educational drive and passion for her community aligns with everything David stood for in our community. Congratulations Alexa!

Club Fit Staff Spotlight: Pam Rotando

January 26, 2018 by jeanne

Club Fit Staff Spotlight: Pam Rotando: 32 Years & Full Speed Ahead

By Lisa Olney

Pam Rotando, Club Fit Director of Communications

When Pam Rotando walked across the stage at Fordham University in a cap and gown, she carried with her a range of interests, on a foundation of passion and energy. All she needed was a job offer that would combine her love of sports, the outdoors, her inherent drive for self-improvement and her natural leadership ability. All of these traits had been apparent to her bosses in the part-time summer job she held at Club Fit Jefferson Valley, working in the Café and helping with tennis court maintenance as she worked toward her degree.

Graduating from Fordham in 1986 with a degree in communications, Pam reached out to Club Fit, who had just opened its Briarcliff location, for work while looking for that first full-time job. Club Fit recognized in Pam someone they wanted to keep on their team and offered her the full-time position of Reception manager — also working with tennis programming. This month Pam will celebrate her 32nd anniversary as a full-time member of the Club Fit team.

In addition to that first position as Reception Manager, Pam has worked as a Membership Sales Representative, Member Services Director and in her current position as Club Fit Communications Director in which she manages membership communication, database management, and manages club marketing projects. She has developed a diverse skill set, effective management style, and leadership qualities throughout her steadfast career at Club Fit, a feat that many in today’s job-hopping workforce feel is only attainable by switching companies every few years. Pam’s 32nd anniversary exemplifies the unique longevity and supportive environment that Club Fit has always provided.

“I am very fortunate and grateful for the opportunities that Bill Beck and Ellen Koelsch have given me. I was able to grow with the organization,” explains Pam. “The basic philosophies that were established when David Swope and Beth Beck started Club Fit in 1973, are still the core values that Bill and Ellen instill in us today; to help people maintain good health and wellness and to live a healthy life. It’s just a wonderful place for members and staff.”

Raised in Yorktown Heights, Pam grew up in an athletic family playing volleyball and softball, biking, and sailing at their family home in Cape Cod — a place that is still her haven. While at Yorktown High School, Pam discovered her passion for tennis and went on to play doubles for the Fordham Lady Rams. Pam continues her passion for tennis, while managing to play on the club courts in the morning. No stranger to tennis facilities around the region, she also says that Club Fit’s year-round tennis facilities are terrific and among the best she’s played at.

Pam lives near the Ossining Riverfront, and when not playing tennis, she loves biking, hiking, and sailing. Her favorite local trails are the Ossining-Croton loop along the Riverfront as well as the North County Trailway that runs directly behind Club Fit Briarcliff. She often takes advantage of the North County “rail trail” and says it’s literally one of the nicest that she has seen. Pam has also joined friends for 50-mile bike tours around the Eastern United States and looks forward to training toward another tour in the future. Her other outdoor passion is sailing, and while she acknowledges the undeniable beauty of the Hudson River, she prefers open water sailing. Among her favorite spots have been sailing the Atlantic off of Cape Cod and Newport, as well as the Caribbean Sea. “Any chance I have to get on a boat, I am on a boat,” she laughs.

Growing up with a grandfather who was a violinist and a father who introduced her to the free-spirited magic of both jazz and Frank Sinatra, Pam is an aficionado with eclectic musical tastes and a collection to match. One of her favorite trips was to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and her last concert was the Dave Matthews Band.

After 32 years at Club Fit, Pam feels there probably is not much about her that her Club Fit family doesn’t already know. However, some lesser-known fun facts about Pam are that she is an amateur outdoor landscape photographer — a hobby she picked up in high school. And, while she’s not a huge traveler, her new goal is to see as much of the United States as possible, including the National Parks. A couple of years ago, she took one of her two favorite trips to visit Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Besides traveling the country, what does the future hold for our Club Fit extraordinaire? “I see Club Fit continuing to be a very important part of my life,” says Pam, “and hopefully, someday I’ll retire near the water — maybe Cape Cod.”


To Keep You Inspired: Diane Purdy

October 28, 2016 by karen

Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy Keeps Us Inspired

{by Lisa Olney, Club Fit guest blogger}

 Diane Purdy with Personal Trainer Lori Nigro
Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist Diane Purdy with Personal Trainer Lori Nigro

Club Fit’s highest staff honor is its Annual Service Award, presented under veil of secrecy each year at the Annual Meeting — a day of education, team building, and staff appreciation. So, when Diane Purdy, Club Fit’s Payroll Specialist of almost 20 years was asked to lead a Q & A about the Club’s new human resource management system, Dayforce, she was prepared and ready for any question that came her way. What she wasn’t prepared for was the proverbial table turn. Instead of being introduced as the afternoon’s next speaker, she was introduced through a cleverly written poem as Club Fit’s 2016 Annual Service Award winner!

Diane may have been the only person in the room surprised by the announcement. Her consummate work ethic and dedication strikes a lasting impression for all who meet her. Diane’s attention to detail and support to managers and staff has made her invaluable in every area of Club Fit. Diane takes her responsibility as Club’s Payroll Specialist seriously, and over the years she has braved many of Mother Nature’s wicked weather curve balls to get to work, even during weather closures, because, simply put, “Our people need to get paid.” The support she provides has become her calling card, and Diane has helped guide her team through two significant technology launches helping to maximize Club Fit’s internal efficiency and overall position as a leader in the fitness industry. But most importantly, on Diane’s watch, people come first, and everyone is taken care of with equal care and attention.

Diane grew up playing basketball, softball, and running track. As an adult, she enjoyed an effortless balance of health and fitness. But time marches on, and bodies change. As Diane entered her 50s, she realized that maintaining this balance was finally going to require a little more effort. So, she decided it was time to focus on improving her own health and fitness. She found her perfect partner in Club Fit Jefferson Valley Personal Trainer Lori Nigro.

“Lori knew that I was interested in getting in shape and losing weight,” recalls Diane. After their first session, the rest was history, and they’ve been training together since March of 2015. Every Tuesday at 3:30, the duo meets for a 30-minute personal training session. Lori has incorporated high intensity training (HIT) and functional training into Diane’s repertoire. Some days are dedicated to specific body parts, and each session includes stretching and cardio. Diane’s favorite machine is the cross cable machine, and she complements her Club Fit routine by staying active and bicycling through her neighborhood.

“Over the years, I’ve tried just about everything — spinning and cardio tennis, but, this is what I do on Tuesdays,” says Diane. It has been just over 18 months since Diane started her weekly sessions with Lori. She noticed changes right away, and is proud that she has maintained her fitness and weight loss. As for her future fitness goals, Diane is happy continuing her Tuesday sessions with Lori. “I’ll stick with my program,” says Diane. “Lori has shown me so many things. She is motivating, very encouraging and great to work with.”

This February will mark Diane’s 20-year Club Fit anniversary, and Diane most values the caring and friendly culture at the Club, from the staff to the members. “It’s my home away from home, and I love the people,” said Diane. “Everybody cares about their well-being, and the Club cares about helping the community. It’s a great place to work.”

As Diane closes in on the big 2-0, staff and members alike may already know of her love of traveling, NBA basketball, and her favorite team, the San Antonio Spurs. But, did you know that Diane is a huge country music fan with an ear that would make any Nashvillian proud? In 2016 she has already seen 16 big-name artists in concert such as Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Luke Bryan, Kenney Chesney, Miranda Lambert, and on October 26, Carrie Underwood. 2016 is not over yet, however, and in November she will see Keith Urban and Brett Eldridge, and Stevie Nicks is on the docket for December. Diane has already purchased her tickets for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Soul2Soul tour in October of 2017 — just another fun fact that exemplifies Diane’s attention to detail and strategic planning, a strength that can always be counted on by the Club Fit community.

To Keep You Inspired … Lizandra Vega

July 25, 2016 by karen

{by Lisa Olney, Club Fit guest blogger}

Club Fit Member Lizandra Vega with Tiana and Joe
To Keep You Inspired… Club Fit Member Lizandra Vega with Tiana and Joe

In 2014, Club Fit Briarcliff member Lizandra Vega had a birthday epiphany, and it was time to reassess her lifestyle. On the surface, her life was in perfect balance; a proud wife and hands-on mother of two — personal life, check; a 20-year career as an executive recruiter in Manhattan’s luxury lifestyle market, a certified image consultant, and an author — professional life, check; meaningful work giving back to the community — volunteer life, check. What she realized with striking clarity, though, was that she had slowly ceased stepping out of her comfort zone, challenging her own personal growth — a trait that she instills in her clients. “I motivate people, that’s part of my job,” says Lizandra. “I like to be authentic, so I have always put myself in situations that may not be comfortable at first in order to see how I’ll thrive.” On her blog, The Career Confidante, at, she lists her 10 Commandments of Success. The second commandment is “Thou shall not nurture anything but a positive physical, mental, and emotional state of being.” It was time to get back to nurturing her own healthy lifestyle.

Lizandra looked to her bucket list and decided it was time to conquer her fear of swimming. Raised in the Bronx with no real exposure to the water, she developed a fear of swimming after trips to the beach and constant warnings of the danger of the water. But Lizandra refused to pass that fear on to her children, who are avid swimmers. “Outdoors was never my thing,” recalls Lizandra, “But I made it my thing.”

A Briarcliff resident for the last 19 years, Lizandra turned to Club Fit to start her journey. She chose to take private lessons with swim instructor Joe Cave, who had taught many adults to swim, and he proved to be a great match for her. Initially, Lizandra could only float — no propelling herself forward and definitely no putting her head in the water. Her biggest fear was not knowing how she would be able to breathe, and it was paralyzing.

The lessons started in September of 2014, and Lizandra remembers feeling comfortable with him immediately. “I instantly trusted Joe the minute I shook his hand,” she recalls. “He would say, ‘I’m not going to let you drown. You are not going to drown with me here.’” This declaration was cathartic for Lizandra, allowing her to let go of her fear and begin conquering it. Lizandra felt it would take a long time just to get her head in the water, but her first lesson was empowering. “I was already doing little strokes — not with my head completely in the water, but I made such progress in just one lesson,” she remembers. “It felt so good, and I knew that I was really going to learn this time.” Step by step, she did just that, and she’s been taking lessons with Joe ever since. Today, she swims laps, working on technique and endurance for every stroke.

Saturday mornings quickly became Lizandra’s “me-time” with swim lessons at 10am. She added a small group training class, Women on Weights, with Master Trainer Tiana Gonzalez. Lizandra connected at once with Tiana, and in January 2015, began personal training sessions with her. Tiana’s supportive and caring style has helped Lizandra achieve many fitness goals and given her the confidence to step outside of her fitness comfort zone and use all the fitness options at Club Fit.

From Joe’s patience and ability to empower, to Tiana’s empathy and motivational style, Lizandra credits them both with helping her regain a healthier and proactive lifestyle. “Because I work in recruiting, staffing, and hiring, I am very discerning about who I hire to teach me,” says Lizandra. “Joe and Tiana show such professionalism, and their communication goes beyond expectations.”

Next on Lizandra’s bucket list are singing and ice-skating. While her Club Fit bucket list includes yoga and tennis, it’s safe to say that any area of the Club that Lizandra has yet to explore has a spot on her list. “I really am a person that loves to continue to learn and challenge myself,” says Lizandra, “When I become a member of a place, I’m all in.”

Accolades to our Exceptional Staff!

January 12, 2016 by Human Resources

Mark, Cassie, and Chris of the Reception department, recieved a thoughtful accolade from one of our members:

“It is a pleasure to start my days off very early in the morning with Mark, Cassie, and Chris, and a bonus when I bring my children back later in the day to still be greeted by them. They always go above and beyond, and the level of customer service they provide is exceptional. These three staff members are without a doubt three of Club Fit’s greatest assets.”

Our morning Manager on Duty, Bill Pagel, received a friendly shout out from one of our members:

“Bill takes the time to learn member names and has the patience to hear the good and sometimes the bad– very, very early in the morning.
His professionalism is always noticeable.”

One member had great things to say about Fitness Director, Joe Riley:

“Joe has played a very important part in helping me achieve my fitness goals and is most deserving of the promotion he just received as Fitness Director, Jefferson Valley. I have worked with Joe in both group fitness classes and one-on-one in personal training sessions.  I think I speak for many at the Briarcliff location when I say that Joe will truly be missed.”

Here is what one member had to say about Tennis Professional, Dan Reisner:

“I would like to recognize another outstanding Club Fit employee – Tennis Pro, Dan Reisner. Dan is an employee that my entire family can say many, many wonderful things about. He is amazing as an instructor for the children and equally amazing and patient as a talented instructor for adults. Each of us looks forward to our weekly lesson with Dan!”

One member had many wonderful things to say about several employees of our many deparments:

“I have nothing but praises to the front desk, service staff and the Spin class instructors.
Special mention to Shannon at the front desk, Mark at the service desk and Barbara V, Irene, Claudia who inspire me to work hard each time I am at their Spin class.
Thank you all for helping me lose 20 lbs and maintain my weight!”

Program instructor, Leslie Kesselman, recieved a kind compliment from one of our members:

“Leslie from Aquatics is not only a good instructor, she cares about everyone in class.”

Accolades to our Exceptional Staff!

October 15, 2015 by Human Resources

Here’s what one member had to say about both JV and Briarcliff clubs!

“I’ve always had a positive experience with JV! My main reason for changing clubs was the convenience of Briarcliff being on my way to work.  The staff at Briarcliff at 5:00 a.m. is the most dependable, competent, friendly and helpful group I can remember.  Bill, Cassie, Mark, Joe – super group.”

Accolades to our Exceptional Staff!

September 24, 2015 by Human Resources

Here is what a member had to say about employee Ryan Allen, Membership Representative in Briarcliff Manor:

“Ryan is a great salesperson and representative of Club Fit. He is patient, courteous, very caring, and went above and beyond for me.

A swimming student had a lot of wonderful things to say to her mother about instructor, Joe Cave, Water Safety Instructor in Briarcliff Manor:

She has been enjoying all that has been offered at Club Fit. We would like to thank her instructor, Joe, who is an excellent teacher. She has learned a lot from him, and her swimming skills have improved dramatically. She thinks Club Fit is extraordinary and she looks forward to every time that she gets to go there.”

Briarcliff Manor Tennis Professional, Miguel Morales, received a thoughtful recommendation from a family he provides lessons to:

“Miguel is an effective teacher. He continuously challenges us with drills and advice in order to improve our level of play. He is quick to modify his teaching strategies whenever necessary to adapt to our learning styles / needs. He is invested in seeing us all improve, and also has done a wonderful job of encouraging us in a positive manner.  He is also a kind, caring person who has a positive attitude and great sportsmanship.  Anyone who works with Miguel will be immediately impressed by his calm, professional nature. He is a true asset to your team.”


Club Fit Instructor and accessories maven Barbara Aronowitz

September 24, 2015 by karen

— written by Club Fit Member and Guest Blogger Lisa Skelton


Club Fit Instructor Barbara Aronowitz is co-owner of In2Style accessories, available in The Shop at Club Fit

A woman in a clothes shop named
Barbara Aronowitz in The Shop at Briarcliff, which carries In2Style accessories.

Many of us know and love Barbara Aronowitz for her heart-pumping Spin classes at Club Fit Briarcliff. But what many members DON’T know is just how long Barbara has been a part of the Club Fit family, and the roles she has played in the Club’s history!

Barbara, who now lives in White Plains, was a member at Club Fit Jefferson Valley when she joined the staff as a Group Exercise instructor in 1988. But it wasn’t about Spin back then. “We taught any and every Group Exercise class, Step… any new program that came along,” she says. In 1997 she moved to the Briarcliff club as Group Exercise Manager, and then became part of the club’s original Human Resources Team when it was established in 2001.

All the while, she continued to teach and eventually became a certified Spin instructor, which is her current role at the club these days, where she teaches four classes. Along the way, Barbara has become close with co-workers and club members alike, including Spin class participant Patti Loomis. Patti, who lives in Briarcliff Manor, has been a Club Fit Briarcliff member for 15 years, and loves it. “I take all of Barbara’s Spin classes, and also enjoy Pilates and Definitions.” The friendship between Patti and Barbara began about three years ago, and has now bloomed into a business partnership.

Patti, a former paralegal, was running a gift and accessories business from home, attending distributor shows at the Javits Center in Manhattan and visiting New York City showrooms and selling through local shops. Barbara started tagging along to these shows and one day, about six months ago, the light bulb went on: “Why don’t we go into business together?” And In2Style was born.

Today, Barbara and Patti are selling their wares at The Shop at Club Fit, where shop manager Lauren is helping move their merchandise along. “We love to get feedback, so we hope that shoppers let Lauren know what items they’d like to see offered,” says Patti. “We’re out all the time looking for the latest, newest trends in accessories.” Barbara and Patti also pride themselves on offering multiple price points. “We have things for everyone’s budget!” Keep that in mind when holiday shopping time comes around!

Interestingly enough, this new venture brings things full circle for Barbara, who has a degree in Fashion Merchandising! She says has loved being with Club Fit for these past 27 years, especially because of the flexibility she has had to grow within the club, as well as outside the club. “I feel like I have a special relationship with Club Fit,” she says. “It’s just a great place!”

To get in touch with Barbara and Patti about their venture, or to offer suggestions on what you’d like to see in The Shop, you can email They’d love to hear from you! Or just tap Barbara on the shoulder after Spin class, she’s always ready to talk shop!

Welcome New Club Fit Briarcliff Manor Staff

June 15, 2015 by Human Resources


Manor Massage Therapist, Jean Blackman Jean Blackman

Briarcliff Manor Massage Therapist

Jean has advanced training in techniques which support recovery from injury, illness and trauma.  She has worked with Cancer patients at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC to relieve stress and pain.  She also has a special interest in providing massage therapy for the senior citizen community, and is a firm believer in the benefits of massage therapy in promoting lifelong health and vitality.


Manor Lifeguard Jordan LassiterJordan Lassiter

Briarcliff Manor Lifeguard

Jordy likes animals, fishing swimming and snowboarding.  He loves working on computers in his free time, and resolving any issues that arise.  Jordy loves the friendliness of the Club Fit staff.  The staff genuinely seem to care for the members well being!


  Manor Maintenance Worker German TeneGerman Tene

Briarcliff Manor Maintenance Worker

You know him as Reinaldo.  He has worked 13 years with Club Fit as an independent worker.  He likes to work – that is his hobby!  He has twenty plus years experience in all phases of construction and landscaping.


A woman  named VilmaVilma Scutari

Briarcliff Manor Retail Shop Worker

Vilma is a mom of 2 boys, ages 12 and 14. She has worked in retail for 5 years and is excited to join the Club Fit Shop team.


 A woman named JessicaJessica Jaroff

Briarcliff Manor Lifeguard

Jess loves swimming, singing, reading, and cooking.  Her Professional expertise is in Childcare, sales and teaching.  She is really impressed with the cleanliness and size of the facility here at Club Fit.  She says our staff is really welcoming and personable.


A boy named Michael VasquezMichael Vasquez

Briarcliff Manor Intern

Mike joins us as an Intern this summer.  He has played Varsity Basketball at Briarcliff High School. He would help out with the team workout, and enjoyed that very much.  He was called Big Mike throughout most of High School.  Mike loves to have fun, but still get in a great workout.  He enjoys shocking the muscles by doing a new workout. His passions are workout out and exercise, but he also loves playing basketball with my friends and seeing a good action movie.


A man named Anthony CorvedduAnthony Corveddu

Briarcliff Manor Counterperson

Anthony is a returning Club Fit staff member.  He enjoys history and fashion.


A woman named Gabriela MiceliGabriela Miceli

Briarcliff Manor Receptionist

Gabriela is a student at Mercy College. She is majoring in behavioral science.


A man named Stephen LevandoskiStephen Levandoski

Briarcliff Manor Receptionist

Steve is an avid weight lifter who also enjoys playing basketball. He graduated from Lakeland High School in 2010. Before joining the Club Fit team, he worked as a lifeguard and at Panera Bread.


A mannamed  Russell BroderickRussell Broderick

Briarcliff Manor Lifeguard

Russell loves the NBA and WWE.  He possesses a degree in Journalism.  He really appreciates the environment and atmosphere at Club Fit.


 A woman named Nancy PerrettaNancy Perretta

Briarcliff Manor Intern

Nancy loves exercising, hiking, swimming, traveling and reading.  Her expertise is in exercise physiology.  She loves how much Club Fit has to offer our members.


Check out our new Jefferson Valley staff here>>  Welcome New JV Staff!


Welcome New Club Fit Jefferson Valley Staff

June 15, 2015 by Human Resources

 The man Aaron Korty, the Jefferson Valley Fitness CoachAaron Korty

Jefferson Valley Fitness Coach

Aaron is excited to become a part of the Fitness team. He comes to us from the NYC police department. He loves running, skiing, hiking and snowboarding. Fitness has always been an important part of Aaron’s lifestyle.


A young woman named Nicole Raus, the Jefferson Valley ReceptionistNicole Raus

Jefferson Valley Receptionist

Nicole has a passion for exercise and dance.  She is studying General Business at Iona College.  Nicole is also a cheerleading  coach in her spare time.  She loves Club Fit for the healthy environment it provides as well as our great staff presence.


A young woman named Megan Kaen Megan Kaen

Jefferson Valley Receptionist

Meg comes to the Reception staff with a passion for art and photography.  Her education is in graphic design and communication.  Meg enjoys Club Fit and the wide variety of options it offers to meet every person’s interest. Meg is happy to be part of our team.


A man named Ryan MoynihanRyan Moynihan

Jefferson Valley Group Fitness Department Cleaner

Ryan’s hobbies are dancing and DJ’ing.  His professional experience includes working with children.  He loves the weight room and pool at Club Fit.


 A young man named Johnathan WilsonJohnathan Wilson

Jefferson Valley Tennis Professional

Jonathan comes to our Tennis family holding a top 10 ranking in Men’s Open Singles and Mixed Open Doubles.  Besides his many tennis titles, Jonathan enjoys skydiving and traveling in his spare time.  Jonathan is happy to be a part of Club Fit with our friendly staff. and healthy atmosphere!


A woman named Megan BradburyMegan Bradbury

Jefferson Valley Receptionist

Megan re-joins us as she takes a short break from her studies in Public Relations.  Megan enjoys watching movies, going to the beach, and reading.  She loves being a part of Club Fit’s Exceptional Staff!


A young man named Zachary BrownZachary Brown

Jefferson Valley Lifeguard

Zach has been a member of Club Fit and admires the club’s passion for health.  He loves to work out and participates in team sports.


A young woman named Anne NewmanAnne Newman

Jefferson Valley Membership Representative

Anne joined our JV membership team as a Membership Representative on May 27, 2015.  She graduated from Suny New Paltz with a major in Psychology and comes to us with a wealth of retail experience.  In her spare time, she enjoys running, crew and spending time with her Doxen beagle mix, Charlie.  She has a passion for fitness and works out on a regular basis.  Anne is excited to helps others with their journey to good health.


 A young woman named Lauren StancoLauren Stanco

Jefferson Valley Child Care Worker and Party Host

Lauren is joining the energy center as a child care worker.  She loves listening to music and finding new artists.  She is also a die-hard Yankee fan and loves all things baseball!  She loves working with children.  Lauren says Club Fit offers an active environment and is a great place for kids to be involved and have fun!


A man named Gregory HorowitzGregory Horowitz

Jefferson Valley Parisi Performance Coach

Greg is returning to Club Fit as a Parisi Performance coach.  He has numerous fitness certifications and  enjoys football, Ju-Jitsu and weight training. He says that Club Fit is a great place to train – he’s been a member/employee on and off since he was about 10 years old!


 A young woman named Alissa SchutAlissa Schut

Jefferson Valley Counterperson

Alissa likes rugby, reading and learning.  She is studying psychology,wilderness education and therapeutic recreation.



Check out our new Briarcliff Manor staff here>>  Welcome New Briarcliff Staff


Kind members thanking our wonderful staff…

March 12, 2015 by Human Resources

“Just wanted to send a shout out to both of you. You have done a fantastic job this year. Rob and I are so proud to have our children swimming for you and we appreciate all that you have done for our kids. I know our guys are inspired to work harder. I think this helped them have more of a sense of what they’re working for. Thanks for all that you do.” 

(Aquatics, Briarcliff) 



“I have been taking Jen Schildwachter’s Correct, Select & Never Forget class and it has helped me in a multitude of ways. The class is a wonderful way to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, to be more physically active, to experience a wide variety of exercises safely, to learn how to use the equipment on the ‘Fitness Floor’, to meet other health-conscious friendly members, and especially to feel more comfortable at the club.

Prior to the Correct/Select class I had felt intimated and never entered the ‘Fitness Floor.’ I felt it was for young athletes. Jen taught me (and other people) how to exercise safely and use the equipment as a way to achieve healthful goals. Jen is an excellent diagnostician who spotted my areas of weaknesses and has helped me work to correct them and strengthen my body. I lost 20 pounds in the last year and am stronger and more confident than I have been in years. I am able to do more and I look forward to going to Club Fit as often as possible! Thank you, Jen!! and Thank you Club Fit!”

(Fitness, JV)



Dear Mr. Montgomery, (Aquatics Director, JV)

I wanted to let Club Fit know how much I am enjoying my swimming lessons with Susan Gerena.
When I signed up for the first package of lessons, my goal was to improve my technique. Susan has really helped me accomplish that for the crawl and back stroke. And, she has taught me the breast stroke, which I had not learned before.Susan’s clear and encouraging method of teaching has helped me advance more quickly than I would have anticipated. But most important, I enjoy the positive feeling she projects, regardless of how well or quickly I master a particular skill.Working with Susan has turned me into an avid swimmer and I look forward to working with her on the next stages of becoming a proficient swimmer.



 Dear Ryan,(Membership Sales Rep, Briarcliff)

Thank you for reaching out to me.  Wow!  My experience at Club Fit over the last three months has been tremendous one of joy and excitement and part of my daily regiment. I joined because of the tennis but have found so many other things including the lap pool for swimming, the Aqua-cize classes, spa pool, workout equipment, gym (basketball), cafe and the cardio tennis and tennis drill sessions etc. Tennis is my heart but the other activities always give me something to do. The staff/instructors Dan, Miguel etc I have encounter have been kind and helpful.  I have also met some nice members who have also made my membership pleasurable.



Lynne, (General Manager, JV)

I wanted to bring to your attention some above and beyond help that members of your staff did for my daughter.My daughters car had died in the parking lot on Thursday around 5:30.I was still at work and called the front desk to see if they could help her. Two staff members Chris and Briana went out and jump started her car. While she offered them money for helping they refused.I wanted to thank them again for their help. I think it is a great example of the fantastic staff you have working at the club.Please thank them for me.



Mr. Cuatt, (General Manager, Briarcliff) 

I recently joined Club Fit Briarcliff with a friend.  We both had some reservations.  But no more.  The staff is so welcoming and attentive, it’s refreshing.  From the time that we walk in,, we are treated respectfully and warmly. The young people at the reception desk always greet us and always say goodbye.  It feels like they really care that we are there.  The ladies who maintain the locker rooms are pleasant and provide a clean, well stocked ladies facility.  There are always plenty of towels and toiletries.The personal trainers are always available and provide wonderful guided classes especially TRX.The Zumba classes and Pilates are taught by very kind, gentle, and fun people.  I have never felt intimidated.  I actually look forward to attending.I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that the staff is doing a great job.  I am looking forward to winning the MyZone challenge.  Have a great weekend.

Welcome New Club Fit Briarcliff Manor Staff

January 30, 2015 by Human Resources

A woman named Jennifer Marvin, the Briarcliff Membership RepresentativeJennifer Marvin

Briarcliff Membership Representative

Some of Jennifer’s hobbies include dance, theater, a range of music from Opera to Blues and beyond, literature and various forms of exercise. In both Sales and her previous career in Radio Broadcasting, she has won awards and trips for outstanding performances. As one of Club Fit’s Membership Representatives, she is excited to be part of a team that genuinely helps people in such a personal way. Consulting with future and returning Club Fit members on the many ways we can help them obtain specified fitness and wellness goals is something Jennifer views as a privilege. _______________________________________________________________________ A woman named Briarcliff Lifeguard Catherine Burke

Briarcliff Lifeguard / Water Safety Instructor

Cat loves hockey and sports.  Her professional expertise is in English, aquatics and management.  Cat loves the community atmosphere here at Club Fit.   _______________________________________________________________________ A young man named Peter IapozzutoPeter Iapozzuto

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

Peter has been active in the fitness industry for many years.  He previously worked as a Well-Fit trainer at Robinson Apulia, a star luxury resort in Italy.  He has taught yoga, boot camp, Tai chi, and worked as a personal trainer and marathon coach.  Peter is also the author of “30 Day Fitness”.  He enjoys swimming, body building and loves our Club Fit pool and indoor track. _______________________________________________________________________ A young woman named Alicia TerhuneAlicia Terhune

Briarcliff Swim Coach Assistant

Alicia has come to Club Fit after graduating from Lafayette College where she swam Division I NCAA.  Prior to college she swam for the West Point Swim Club – currently the Peekskill Patriot Swim Club.  She also swam for the Yorktown High School Varsity Swim Team and both swam and dove for the Yorktown Summer Swim and Dive Team.  Throughout high school, Alicia gave private swim lessons in Peekskill while working under Beth Kear for children between the ages 3-16, was a junior coach for the Yorktown Summer Swim Team, and worked as an Assistant Swim Coach to Beth Kear for the Yorktown Swim Clinic through Yorktown Parks & Recreation. _______________________________________________________________________ a boy named Samuel HallSamuel Hall

Briarcliff Café Counterperson

Sam is our newest Briarcliff Counterperson.  He likes biking, hiking and computers.                                                                                                             ___________              an Old woman named Linda SilkaLinda Silka

Briarcliff Member Services Rep

Linda loves boating, the beach and dancing.  She loves Club Fit’s commitment to its members, involvement in the community, and that we keep our facilities current and up to date!                                                                                                             ___________              A young woman named Kimberly QuispeKimberly Quispe

Briarcliff Receptionist

Kimberly is currently majoring in Accounting at Pace University at the Pleasantville Campus. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys playing sports and running.                                                                                                             ___________              A young man named Keon ErvinKeon Ervin

Briarcliff Child Care Worker and Party Host

Keon enjoys motivating people to try their best.  His passion is basketball and he loves the comfortable work out environment and good people around Club Fit.                                                                                                             ___________              A young woman named Alexandra GiannaloneAlexandra Giannalone

Briarcliff Child Care Worker

Allie likes running and watching movies.  She loves that Club Fit is a very large health club with different things to do, as well as being a great place to hang out and enjoy.                                                                                                             ___________              a woman named Angela Cullari Angela Cullari Briarcliff


Angela enjoys being around people, learning about different cultures, and travel. She has been to Italy several times.                                                                                                             ___________              A man named Brent MadalonBrent Madalon

Briarcliff Fit Coach / Personal Trainer B

rent comes to us with expertise in Kettlebells, weight loss and sports performance.  He loves the family driven / friendly atmosphere at Club Fit.  His hobbies include baseball, golf, rock climbing and snowboarding.                                                                                                             ___________              A young woman named Kristin KlewanKristin Klewan

Briarcliff Dietician / Nutritionist

Kristin is a registered Dietician Nutritionist with a clinical background specializing in disease prevention, food allergies and weight loss.  She loves to practice yoga, cook and workout.  She also loves dedicating time to rescue animals.  She says Club Fit feels like a home away from home!                                                                                                             ___________              a man named SangerScott Sanger

Briarcliff Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor

Some of Scott’s hobbies are swimming, surfing, body boarding and animals.  His main professional expertise is in Swimming and Yoga.  Scott loves the Club Fit pool, and loves swimming here!                                                                                                             ___________              A man named AllanSean Allan

Briarcliff Lifeguard

Sean’s hobbies are reading, playing sports and listening to music.  His professional expertise is with young children.  He is currently studying to become an elementary school teacher.  He loves the atmosphere that Club Fit has and thinks it is very welcoming, and the facilities are top notch.  He loves playing basketball here, working out and using the facilities as a whole.                                                                                                             ___________              A woman Named Leah AlexanderLeah Alexander

Briarcliff Massage Therapist

Leah joins our Briarcliff Manor staff as a Massage Therapist.  Her hobbies are yoga, traveling, reading and QI Gong.  Aside from Massage, Leah’s professional expertise is in Yoga, health coaching and Reiki.  She loves Club Fit’s versatility of fitness offerings, design and energy of atmosphere. 

                                                                                                            ___________              A man named Mickey CareyMickey Carey

Briarcliff Sports Activities Assistant

Coach Mick comes to Club Fit with 7 years of college basketball coaching experience under his belt, as well as countless travel teams and elite basketball camps.  Coach Mick is a graduate of Westchester Community College and Mercy College.  He can still be found on the basketball court most days breaking down defenders and hitting jump shots! 


A woman named Jennifer CrowellJennifer Crowell

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

A former Gymnast and coach,  Jen is a certified Spin and Group Fitness instructor. She has also worked the past 13 years for Pfizer in New York City. Jen volunteers for the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation being the Team Captain of “Jimmy’s Angels”.  They raise money for colon cancer research & promote public awareness.  Jen enjoys jogging on the beach and shares our energy and passion for fitness.  She loves the family environment at Club Fit!


A young woman named Sherine IssaSherine Issa

Briarcliff Lifeguard

Sherine joins our Aquatics team in Briarcliff as a Lifeguard.  She loves to swim and bake, and a dance session is always nice!  She has worked as a lifeguard for two years, and has worked as a waitress and in a pharmacy.  She loves the cozy atmosphere at Club Fit.  She finds the staff to be very professional and it feels like a massive family here.  She says, “got to love it!”

_______________________________________________________________________ A man named Cemar JesurumCemar Jesurum

Briarcliff Receptionist

Cemar is currently a student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He enjoys playing sports, being active and being in the company of other people!


A woman named Ellen Pollack Ellen Pollack

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

Ellen has a powerful background in core conditioning, Pilates, spinning, heart rate training, group exercise and Pilates personal training. Her hobbies include kayaking, hiking and swimming.  Ellen loves the family friendly atmosphere and supportive learning and teaching environment at Club Fit!”

                                                                                                            ___________             JA man named Jordan Archibleordan Archible

Briarcliff Receptionist

Jordan is currently training for EMS / Paramedics.  He coaches a football little league team in Ossining.  He really loves our Club Fit staff – Jordan says “It’s a good group of people


A young woman named Melanie St Pierre Melanie St Pierre

Briarcliff Group Fitness Instructor

Melanie loves teaching classes and working out!  She is a certified Group Fitness, Boot Camp and Mad Dogg Spinning instructor.  When not working out, Mel is an adjunct professor for the Developmental Reading / Writing and Business Departments at Mercy College.  She has a BS in Elementary Education from SUNY New Paltz and a Masters in Literacy from Mercy College.  Melanie is excited to join the Club Fit team and has found our staff to be friendly and warm.


A young man named Joseph Suschinsky Joseph Suschinsky 

Briarcliff Receptionist

Joe is a Pace University graduate. He enjoys basketball, hiking, reading and music.


 Check out our new Jefferson Valley staff : Welcome New JV Staff


Welcome New Club Fit Jefferson Valley Staff

January 30, 2015 by Human Resources


A man named Prescott PerryPrescott Perry

Jefferson Valley Parisi Speed School Director

Prescott joined our Club Fit Family on 3/16/15 as the Parisi director. He is AFAA certified and holds a B.S. in kinesiology from the University of Rhode Island, and a M.B.A. from Lynn University, with a concentration in Sports management. Prescott enjoys Lacrosse, sailing, snowboarding, football and dogs. Prescott also finds the atmosphere of the club “Terrific”.


A boy named Christopher LutzChristopher Lutz

Jefferson Valley Lifeguard

Chris enjoys hockey, and is avid about lifesaving and first aid.  He has dedicated over 1000 volunteer hours to local ambulance corp, and is EMT certified.  Chris has also spent 3 yrs. with Putnam Valley Volunteer Fire Dept. Chris has always been impressed with Club Fit’s wide range of programs and fitness opportunities.


A man named Dean D'AlessioDean D’Alessio

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Dean’s hobbies include football, basketball, baseball, lacross, swimming and weight lifting.  After graduating college, he would like to be a personal trainer.


A young woman named Amanda RaianoAmanda Raiano

Jefferson Valley Child Care Worker / Party Host

Amanda has joined the staff of the Energy Center and Nursery. She is getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Pathology. She enjoys playing sports and socializing with friends. Amanda loves Club Fit for the positive, encouraging atmosphere and the friendly staff!


A young man Kyle LegatoKyle Legato

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Kyle likes animals, guitar and basketball. He is currently studying computers and technology.


A young woman named Marlee LawlessMarlee Lawless

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Marlee loves to read and loves learning. She is currently studying business.  Marlee loves the friendly staff and members around Club Fit


A young woman named Heather NorbertoHeather Norberto

Jefferson Valley Café Counterperson

Heather loves helping people, singing, dancing, and animals.   She is a pro at making people laugh and smile, and makes makes really good smoothies!


A woman anmed Amanda GrieveAmanda Grieve

Jefferson Valley Water Safety Instructor

Amanda is a returning staff member and comes to us after having been a member of Club Fit in the past for many years.   Club Fit has felt to her like a second home.  Amanda loves to work out and swim miles.   She is an active mother of two.  These activities keep her sharp, in shape, and on the ball.  Amanda has 18 years of experience in aquatics, is an excellent teacher with strong qualifications, and is also a certified American Red Cross Lifeguard.  Amanda will be a welcome member to the Aquatics team.


A man named Fabian FalconFabian Falcon

JV Receptionist

Fabian comes to us with a service background in the restaurant business.  He enjoys fishing, basketball, and baseball.  Fabian is happy to be a part of Club Fit with all that it has to offer.


A woman named Alyssa MounseyAlyssa Mounsey

JV Receptionist

Alyssa has returned to the Club in January after finishing her education at Stony Brook in the Respiratory Therapy field.  “Ally” loves to paint and draw and is a great conversationalist.  She will be at the Reception Desk meeting and greeting our members because she loves the friendly environment we provide!


A man named Michael PaganMichael Pagan

JV Fitness Department Cleaner

Michael joins the Fitness staff in Jefferson Valley.  He loves to play sports.  He embraces life with a positive attitude and he loves to smile.


A woman named Jen RitzJen Ritz

JV Parisi Performance Coach

Jen has returned to the Club Fit family after a year absence and will take her place among the Performance Coaches in the Parisi Speed School. Jen enjoys Basketball, Running, triathlons, weight training and especially traveling. Jen’s professional experience includes a Personal Training certification from AFAA and time spent playing division 1 basketball. Jen is thrilled to be back at Club Fit sharing her passion for Fitness and is delighted to once again be part of the Club Fit family.




Check out our new Briarcliff Manor staff here>>  Welcome New Briarcliff Staff