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November 27, 2017 by jeanne

 Marie Senno & Barbara Dellicurti: Zumba-ing for a Cause….

by Lisa Olney

Two young women they are Group Fitness instructors Barbara Dellicurti and Marie Senno

The Club Fit philosophy is all about empowering its members, its staff, and the community to be the change they’d like to see – whether in the world or in their own health and fitness journeys. Group Fitness instructors Barbara Dellicurti and Marie Senno have perfected this philosophy by merging their passions for fitness and philanthropy, touching many lives along the way.

Marie has been a fan-favorite on the Group Fitness schedule since 2013. Using her lifelong love of dance, she brings a distinct motivational style to her Club Fit classes, which include Booty Barre, Sculpt, 20/20/20, Pilates, and Piloxing (a cardio fusion of standing Pilates, boxing and dance). Barbara has been a Zumba instructor at Club Fit since September of 2016 and also teaches kids’ yoga. Her energy and happy feet are infectious, making her classes a can’t miss option for Zumba veterans and newcomers, alike. Her early morning Sunday class draws both early birds as well as night owls still yawning as they enter the Studio. Recognizing the early hour, after class Barbara will ask, “So who’s sorry they came?” Her students laugh and readily acknowledge that they never regret coming to class. Waking up early and dancing the morning away with a full-body workout makes them feel proud for staying committed to their fitness goals.

Marie and Barbara first met at a small exercise studio five years ago. They instantly recognized in one another the same effervescent energy, commitment to health and fitness, and the need to help others. Since that day, they have been devoted to making the world a better place, one charity event at a time. “Our energy together gets things done – we support each other and feel so blessed to give back to the community,” explains Marie. “We haven’t known each other forever, but we are forever friends. Forever moving forward together – helping people in need.”

Marie and Barbara organize approximately four fundraisers a year for causes such as the American Heart Association, local animal rescue organizations, breast cancer research, local food pantries, Toys for Tots, and disaster relief. This September, after watching Hurricane Maria’s devastating impact on Puerto Rico, Barbara and Marie knew that they needed to act.  “In October, our focus is usually breast cancer, but this year we felt that Puerto Rico was on everyone’s minds and hearts and decided that should be our focus,” recalls Barbara. It is the first year that Club Fit has served as the venue for one of their philanthropic events, and the level of support was overwhelming. The two were moved not only by Club Fit’s assistance, but also the way in which the Club Fit membership embraced the opportunity to make a difference. In the end, members raised over $2,500 for hurricane relief efforts at the October Zumbathon for Puerto Rico.

With frosty temps and a chill in the air, Marie offers the perfect complement to a winter workout with her sage and sincere advice, “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” On Friday, December 8th, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at Club Fit Jefferson Valley, the dynamic duo invites you to do just that as they kick off the holiday season with their Toys for Tots Zumbathon. Collection boxes will be at the event and will also be at the Club for a few days afterward for those who would like to support the toy drive by bringing an unwrapped, new toy to brighten the holidays for those less fortunate. “This is our way of giving back,” explains Barbara. “It is also a way of thanking the members for their generosity with a great, holiday-themed Zumba class led with our fellow Zumba instructors.”

Ann’s Ultimate Jump Roping Sequence for breaking Plateaus!

December 15, 2015 by Liz

“Anytime I’m at a plateau in weight I break out the jumprope for a good 30 minute set of roping. It benefits my tennis footwork and I honestly feel like I am out dancing and just out having a blast.” -Ann Krobath

Here’s her ultimate jump roping sequence . . .

TREES- Marty Casey & Lovehammers



THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA- Outlaws (You’ll have to settle for this version since we couldn’t find the Outlaw video)

and finally wind down with…

FIX YOU….Coldplay

Healthy advice from Dietitian Cathy DiSomma

September 30, 2014 by karen

old woman smiling
Cathy DiSomma, Registered Dietitian and Health Specialist at Club Fit Jefferson Valley

We often pick one approach over the other… exercise more so you can eat more, or eat less so you can exercise less. But a healthier approach, especially with the calorie-heavy, time-consuming holidays around the corner, is to balance your exercise and nutrition. They work together to get you optimal results, whether you are trying to lose weight or just maintain.

Just ask Cathy DiSomma, who joined the Club Fit Jefferson Valley staff this summer. Cathy, a Registered Dietitian, certified Dietitian-Nutritionist and American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health (ACSM) Fitness Specialist, is very excited to help our members out. She has an undergraduate degree in Food & Nutrition from Fordham University, and earned her Master’s degree in the same at Lehman College. She also serves as an adjunct professor at Westchester Community College.

Cathy will be playing an integral part in the club’s Healthy Holidays program, a new version of our popular Merry Maintenance program from past years. “I’ve already gotten very good input from the Club Fit members on what they are interested in, from a survey I put out for possible presentation topics, and interaction at informational tables and presentations,” says Cathy. “The topics we’ve come up with are very diverse, from food allergies to proper diet for athletes, healthy lunches, and post-cancer nutrition.”

Healthy Holidays will be a bit different from Merry Maintenance. There is no weigh-in or weigh-out, just a focus on maintaining healthy habits and keeping members moving during the holiday season. Cathy is working closely with Fitness Director Joelle Letta on weekly emails that will be sent to participants on topics such as maintaining a fitness routine, better food and drink choices, low calorie recipes, reducing holiday stress, and keeping up the motivation to stay on track.

According to Cathy, statistics show an average 5- to 6-pound weight gain through the holiday season. It starts with munching on Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving feasts, followed by Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, Christmas, then the big finale, New Year’s. Some helpful topics Cathy wants to cover include how to approach holiday party food and drinks as a guest, how to offer healthy options if you are hosting, alternate recipes for high-calorie or high-fat dishes, and portion control. “People are very interested in portion control at this time of year. You don’t want to skip your favorites, but you don’t want to overdo it, either,” says Cathy.

“We felt the weigh-in and weigh-out process may have intimidated some people who were just interested in maintaining their weight through the holidays. What makes this program fun is that you can earn points for activities throughout the club, and for each 100 points you are entered into a raffle for great prizes rewarding your efforts,” says Cathy. No limit on entries!

Beyond Healthy Holidays, Cathy is enjoying working with the entire population at Club Fit. Even the staff members are using her as a resource. “Instructors and trainers have many questions that come to them from their clients,” says Cathy. “They want to be in the know on nutrition, so they can help our members separate fact from fallacy.” There is so much information out there that it can be confusing for everyone, even the professionals! “We can give them the real story.”

Outside of Club Fit, Cathy is also Fitness Director at Kendal on Hudson, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Sleepy Hollow, on the campus of Phelps Memorial Hospital. Her schedule is flexible, allowing her to also serve our Club Fit members, and she loves the combination of jobs because it allows her to work with people of all ages with a variety of needs. “I so enjoy working with the seniors at Kendal, but then I can mix up my day at Club Fit working with kids, athletes, and other seniors with other issues and questions.” She also notes that Kendal and Club Fit share many of the same values and practices, and Club Fit Briarcliff has shared space in the past with Kendal residents when they are in need of the pool. “Both are very community-oriented, and I’m proud to be a part of organizations that have that focus.”

Cathy, a resident of Ossining, loves the outdoors, and is an avid hiker and cyclist. She also loves Pilates, and is certified to teach but that has taken a back seat to her work helping others with fitness and nutrition. She is available evenings and weekends, but her schedule is flexible if those hours don’t suit your schedule. Cathy looks forward to hearing from you, and can be reached 914-245-4040, ext. 1214 or if you would like to set up a consult or would like more information on Healthy Holidays. “It’s great that the fitness and nutrition connection is finally coming full circle,” says Cathy. “Our goal at Club Fit is to help our members reach their goals, and by incorporating knowledge from both areas, we can do that!”