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How Does Daylight Saving Time Affect Us?

March 7, 2019 by karen

Daylight Saving Time is seen by many as one of the first signs of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. After the cold dark days of winter, who doesn’t love an extra hour of daylight to enjoy after work? While we may be happy about the extra light in our evening, there are also potential issues to watch for. Disruption of the circadian rhythm can have negative effects. The beginning of DST can cause symptoms of jet lag. It can take several days for your body clock to adjust to the change.

Take advantage of the evening daylight to get outside and get moving!

To help lessen the impact of a sudden change, NBC News suggests “To reduce the effects of DST, try to reset your clock by going to bed and waking up 15-20 minutes earlier starting a few days before the time change.”

Experts recommend being extra mindful during the first week or so, as there is increased potential for accidents caused by sluggishness.

Want to speed up your body’s adjustment to the change? Exercise! “A 1987 study found that hamsters that ran on an exercise wheel adjusted to a new lab-created time zone in a day and a half, on average, while those that did no exercise took more than eight days to adjust.” Take advantage of the extra daylight to get outside or into the club and after work — hibernation season is over!

According to Forbes, massage is another great tool to help alleviate fatigue. Club Fit offers a range of spa services on-site at both locations as a complement to your overall health and wellness program.

Club Fit Open House

January 10, 2014 by Liz

Clubfit logo and the text: get to the core of fitnessNew Year’s Resolutions…Most people have them, and the majority of people break them! And, as you can imagine, losing weight is almost always at the top of the list, as well as spending more time with family and friends and staying fit and healthy.

The month of January is almost always the busiest month at a health club, as everyone plans to stay committed to their resolutions. It’s also probably the best emotional time to join. The first step usually is seeing which health clubs are in your local community. Being able to get to a gym that is close by is key, as well as extended hours of availability. Finding a health club that fits your needs and lifestyle is important.

Look for a health club that has a lot to offer, as you can switch up your routines as frequently as you want. Is the health club willing to give you some passes so that you can have a comfort in knowing what the club is all about? See the environment and mingle with the members. Really picture yourself there… Take advantage of all they have to offer so you could see if it would really be a good fit for you.

Some questions to ask: Is there an annual contract or do you allow the member to go month to month? Do you allow guests to come in with you during the month.? Are classes an additional fee? Is there someone that will be there on staff to help you when you need the help? (especially during the first month – or two!)

The key is making the commitment – keep that New Year’s Resolution, and start your journey to good health!

In keeping with tradition, Club Fit will be holding their annual Open House in Jefferson Valley on January 25, 2014 and in Briarcliff on January 26, 2014. Activities start at 9am! You can visit for the day – free of charge – and see all they have to offer. Spend some time walking through the club, win some prizes, take part in some classes – it’s all on us!

If you are looking for a health club that has both indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor swimming pools, over 130 group fitness classes weekly, a Fitness Coach on staff from open to close to answer all of your fitness questions, as well as a nursery with child care, a healthy café menu, massage therapists on staff (and so much more!!!) look no further. We’re waiting for you! Visit us at

More details on the Open House Events at Club Fit Briarcliff and Club Fit Jefferson Valley:
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Prenatal Massage Paradise!

August 2, 2013 by Liz

A picture of the woman bodyFirst let me just begin by saying I am 8 months pregnant. It also behooves me to tell you I work here at Club Fit- just wanted to provide full disclosure so you don’t think we are being sneaky. I don’t work in Fitness, I am not an instructor and I don’t chase around kids all day at Summer Camp! I’m more of a behind the scenes kind of gal. I’ve been fairly lucky throughout my pregnancy to not have suffered with too many ailments. I’ve stayed fairly active (nothing compared to my usual workouts), but active none-the-less . . . Well, until I hit the 3rd trimester!

I feel like someone turned on a switch at 28 weeks PG and said “go go gadget pregnancy body”. My feet have been swollen for a few weeks- they look like giant potatoes, my back has felt like a bent piece of steel, my hips are achy all the time and my fingers resemble hotdogs. I guess this is the not so fun part of pregnancy. Especially a pregnancy in the Summer!

I’ve done my exercises, gone to prenatal yoga (which also was fantastic), taken my walks, spent time in aquatics and I generally eat a very well balanced diet. Basically, I’ve tried to do everything right for me and the baby on board. Yet, I still ended up feeling sore and sluggish. I finally decided to get a Prenatal Massage due to all the discomfort I have been experiencing. BOY AM I GLAD I DID!

I booked my appointment with Mary Frances Lyons, a long time Staff Member of the Massage department at Club Fit and a very experienced massage therapist. Generally, I am not a “touchy feely” type of person and I am not one to get comfortable very easily in a massage. My experience with Mary was simply fantastic. She put me at ease right away by telling me what to was going to happen. She provided me with options to make me as comfortable as possible. Do I want to lay on my back propped up, would I be more comfortable on my side? Do I want to start with my tummy down? In case you’re wondering about the tummy-down thing: there is a circular part of the massage table that is removed when you have this big belly! So I told her what I wanted to do, she left the room so I could change and get on the table and get situated and when I was ready, she came in and the massage began. She used just the right amount of pressure to relieve tension, and was gentle enough that it didn’t cause any discomfort. She was sure to ask me how I was feeling which was also comforting because I felt that she cared about my experience and comfort. We chatted for a while about pregnancy and what happens to your body, why certain areas might hurt more than others, the unreal amount of swelling that seems to have taken over and so on. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep for a little while too!

Basically, I left the massage feeling like I had a new back. I also felt like I could probably go jogging (not that I would right now mind you) even though I was very relaxed. What was also fun was that I could even feel the baby start to relax during the massage. He usually jams himself into my rib cage, but he loosened up big time which was a really nice break from the constant tightness I feel in my ribs. I guess he took a nap because he was mellow for the rest of the day!

In short, I wanted all you expecting moms to know that Prenatal Massage can really be a nice treat! I felt a sense of relief and relaxation afterward that is worth every penny! So if you are like me and you get to a point where you are having all these unpleasant symptoms, maybe you should give it a try. I will be booking another appointment in a few weeks and I will be looking forward to it until then!

We have great Prenatal Massage therapists available at Club Fit Briarcliff and Club Fit Jefferson Valley. If you have questions or would like to book a massage, email the Massage Director Denise at!