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To Keep You Inspired: Joe Riley, Fitness Director

June 29, 2017 by jeanne

Club Fit JV Fitness Director Joe Riley Drives Members to Reach Their Goals

{by Lisa Olney, Club Fit guest blogger}

Fitness Director Joe Riley
Club Fit JV Fitness Director and Parisi Program Director Joe Riley

According to Club Fit Jefferson Valley Fitness Director Joe Riley, “the most important tool you can have in your fitness journey is a goal.”  Joe is living proof of this mantra, dating back to his days as a middle schooler with severe asthma whose dream was to get healthy enough for his mom to allow him to play football. “I was overweight and always battled my fitness health issues to the point where I really couldn’t play sports when I was younger,” recalls the Ossining native, who knows how important reaching your fitness goals can be. “My biggest goal growing up was to get in good enough shape so that my mother would say yes to football, so I would go out back and run a lap at Ryder Park, and I’d be dying. Then a couple days later, when I felt like it, I would run two laps. I kept going and eventually got to a point where I was in better shape.” Joe’s work ethic and drive earned him that coveted “yes” to football from his mom just before 8th grade, and it was then that his passion for fitness began.

Fitness became like another sport, alongside football, ice hockey, and baseball, that he fell in love with. Joe continued his football career at SUNY Brockport as a linebacker and majored in exercise science. After SUNY, he worked for the summer as a strength and conditioning coach at Pace University and continued his education at St. John’s University where his earned a master’s degree in sport management. While at St. John’s, Joe worked at Club Fit Briarcliff as a fitness coach and personal trainer. After graduating from St. John’s, he was promoted to fitness director at Club Fit Jefferson Valley and has instilled his goal-oriented exercise philosophy, that exercise is the competition with oneself, throughout the fitness department. “Your goal every day is to strive to be a little better than the day before” says Joe. “If you can make daily progress toward your goals, by even the slightest margin, then you’re always going to improve.”

This August, Joe is excited to introduce Club Fit Jefferson Valley members to DRIVE, a unique, small group training class in which the focus is on goal-based programming. Members will be grouped together according to similar goals, whether it be to lose weight, improve their athletic performance, increase their endurance, or improve their physical ability due to aging or injury. Based on those goals, Joe and his team of personal trainers will create specific exercise programs for each participant, with different metrics being used to track individual progress throughout the month to make adjustments when needed. Also, as members reach their goals, they will move into different groups as needed to ensure forward progress on achieving their fitness goals. At the end of the month, participants can compare their end-of-month metrics to their beginning metrics to see their progress, and decide if they’d like to renew for another month. In addition to monthly membership fees, there will be an additional fee for the DRIVE  A complimentary MYZONE belt will also be included upon registration, which all are encouraged to wear during the workouts. DRIVE programming will be featured in our newly remodeled Advanced Training Studio, which will be a shared space with the Parisi Speed School. Initially, classes will be held early on weekday mornings to accommodate working members and all morning on Saturdays. The fee includes unlimited class participation and monthly evaluations.

“We don’t have exercise programs that we fit members into,” explains Joe. “We have members with goals that we fit the exercise program around.”

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Club Fit Members Love MYZONE!

June 1, 2015 by karen

I love that when I am away I can now track my progress (with MYZONE). While it is great to have it tied to the gym and I love seeing it on the screen, I do go away for the summers and this allows me to keep up with my training in a consistent manner. And as we all know with fitness, consistency is key!

There are places in the gym where there are no MYZONE screens or they can’t be viewed (TRX room, certain spin bikes, the new ellipticals). I just realized today, I can just put my phone on and track my progress! So if I am bopping around on different machines/classes, I can continuously monitor myself.

— Club Fit Member Danielle O’Reilly