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November 7, 2019 by Karen Ireton

Club Fit partners with IHRSA to Offer Members Worldwide Health Club Access

guest blog post by Dominic Wood-Hill

Looking for an easy to keep up your healthy routine when you travel? We might have the answer.

Club Fit’s participation in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway, gives members the opportunity to easily access quality health clubs all over the world.

Stay in your healthy routine — even when traveling.
We all work so hard to develop and maintain a healthy routine at home, but that can easily be damaged by a period away without exercise. We’ve all experienced how hard it is getting back to the club after being away on vacation, business or staying with family out of town. It takes great resolve to start a workout you know is going to be harder than before you went away. Unfortunately, the chances of you having lost strength and fitness are also higher.

But what if you can avoid these non-active periods altogether? Staying in your usual exercise routine, even when traveling, means you don’t have to go through this ‘back to the club hardship’.

Happily, there’s now an easy way to do this.

Easy access to over 1100 clubs worldwide.
Club Fit has partnered with IHRSA, the world’s largest and most-respected fitness industry association, to provide members with a convenient way to access quality health clubs all over the world. With over 1100 gyms available, Club Fit members can buy day passes for health clubs in 49 US states, everywhere from New York City and Washington DC to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. There are also hundreds of clubs available throughout Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Club Fit’s participation in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway means that members can purchase exclusive access to other clubs in the program at a discounted rate, via the TrainAway digital platform.

This partnership also means visitors to Briarcliff and Jefferson Valley can buy gym day pass access to Club Fit clubs through TrainAway.

Take your healthy lifestyle with you, wherever you go.
The difficulties with re-adopting your healthy routine after a period away are well known. Vacations and business trips regularly lead to decreases in strength and fitness if you miss multiple sessions. These can also be times when our diets become a little less healthy than at home. This program aims to reduce these negative effects by making it just as easy to access fitness facilities when traveling as it is at home.

There are, of course, multiple ways to stay fit and healthy when traveling – from hotel room exercises to jogging nearby. But these options can never compare with a full-service health club, where you can find the facilities, environment, and expertise that are the foundations of a great workout. More importantly, you should be able to continue your workout routine exactly as you would at home.

Visiting clubs in different places also gives you the chance to be inspired by new approaches to fitness and training that you can bring home with you. Come back from your travels rejuvenated and with a fresh desire to meet your goals.

How does it work?
The IHRSA Passport Program is powered by TrainAway’s digital platform, where you can get short-term access to a new fitness club in just four simple steps:

  1. Download and sign up to the free TrainAway app
  2. Find the health club you’d like to visit
  3. Buy your pass
  4. Head to the club and work out!

Start exploring your next fitness destination today by heading to

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