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January 9, 2020 by Karen Ireton

Club Fit Trainer Spotlight: Elisabeth DellaMonica

Elisabeth DellaMonica — Personal Trainer at Club Fit Jefferson Valley

Name: Elisabeth DellaMonica
Hometown: Mohegan Lake, NY
College: University of Tampa
Certifications: NASM, CPT, PPSC

What classes do you teach? Hoist, TRX, Cardio Arc, DRIVE: Burn, and DRIVE: Endure

Fitness Background: I grew up playing sports but never knew much about the gym/lifting weights. In college, I lived on the same floor as kids who were in the bodybuilding club and my life CHANGED. I would say that was the turning point for me, having them for friends and as teachers in the gym definitely sparked my interest in health and fitness. The rest is history.

Other hobbies: I like to sing and am a big musical theater nerd/former high school drama club star. Lol. I love being outdoors, hiking, traveling/going to the beach, and painting/crafting.

Why do you love teaching at Club Fit? Club Fit has the biggest sense of community I’ve ever seen at any gym. People come for more than just working out, there is a huge social aspect and I love that. After seeing the same faces every single day, the members become your friends. It’s really awesome.

What do you love about being a personal trainer? I love being creative when writing up classes/workouts. I also love to watch people push past the limits they’ve set for themselves. It’s amazing to see someone’s reaction after they’ve done something they never imagined they could have before.

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