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January 22, 2020 by Karen Ireton

Club Fit Trainer Spotlight: Steve Levandoski

Steve Levandoski — Personal Trainer at Club Fit Briarcliff

Name: Steve Levandoski
Hometown: Mohegan Lake, NY
College: Westchester Community College
Certifications: NASM

What classes do you teach? TRX, CFX, Abs Express, Self-defense, Boxing

Fitness background: I have always been someone to not sit still, so playing sports was my excuse for running around and doing multiple things at once. That being said, I love basketball. I wrestled in high school and played basketball for a town league.

Fun facts: I think what makes me unique is how I interact with people on a daily basis, also I like to be the most energetic in the room all the time… which is pretty easy

Why do you love teaching at Club Fit? I enjoy teaching at Club Fit because the members and I have not just become friends over the years but also family, I appreciate each relationships I have with all the members. The people I work with also play a big role in what I do on a daily basis. It’s great to work with a group of people as enthusiastic about fitness as I am.

What do you love about being a personal trainer?I LOVE being able to push people past a certain point that they did not know they could get past themselves. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing that smile on their face when they see the results they get with just a small push.

Personal quote: “Fitness is not about being better than anybody else, it’s about being better than YOU used to be.”

Hobbies & interests: I enjoy hiking, listening to new music (all genres), and eating A LOT of food.

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