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July 8, 2019 by Karen Ireton

“Cross Pollination” at Club Fit helps Hope For Youth

Joint gallery show at Club Fit Jefferson Valley to benefit local youth charity

This month in our JV gallery space, we have a very special collection. “Cross Pollination,” a joint show by Jane Soodalter and Cali Gorevic, is presented to benefit the HOPE For Youth Foundation. Both artists have generously announced that they will donate to the HOPE for Youth Foundation one-half of any proceeds of photographs sold at Club Fit.  The organization, which was founded by local meteorologist Jim Witt, supports charities primarily in the Hudson Valley that focus on assisting young people who are disabled, ill or disadvantaged.The foundation also supports youth programs which facilitate healthy growth whether it is academic, emotional or athletic, and sponsors college scholarships for worthy students.

“Multiples” black and white art photo by by Cali Gorevic
“Multiples” by Cali Gorevic

The idea behind the show is the shared resource of inspiration as it flows between artists. As they describe the process, “It happens every spring: the wind, the birds, the bees carry new life to receptive ground. Through the summer they sow, they grow. And so it is with artists: inspirations and ideas germinate among us and between us.”

Cali Gorevic is an award-winning black and white photographer, working in gelatin silver and digital formats. “For 25 years, trees have been my primary focus; only recently did I feel the impetus to narrow my focus and explore the singular, sensual beauty of individual leaves, which are as different from each other as snowflakes.”

“Secret Sharer” by Jane Soodalter

Jane Soodalter is a photographer who, armed with her macro lens, searches to discover the beauty hidden in everyday objects. “I safari through woods, fields, gardens,
arboretums, roadsides, and city streets, to capture the abstract grace and allure concealed within the bark and foliage of plants and trees.”

The juxtaposition of these two distinct collections highlights aspects of each that might be overlooked when viewed individually. Each striking collection is fully-formed on its own, while the interplay brings a new element into the mix. The show will be on view through the end of July 2019, and the artist will be hosting a reception on Wednesday, July 10th, from 5:00–7:00 pm

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