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April 19, 2013 by Lori Guevera

Earth Day: A Healthier You and a Healthier World

This Earth Day we wanted to provide you with some things you can do to make a difference. Here are a few things you can do that will help better your health and fitness as well as the Earth!

1. Do you live near town or commute to a local train station?
Think about riding a bike or walking to your commuter station on days when the weather allows. This will not only provide you with extra cardio, but will cut down on the amount of gas you consume and the emissions that your car is producing. It may seem like a small and insignificant contribution but the fact is, it makes a difference. A nice walk to town can also be a fun activity for the family . . . sort of an adventure! You just have to commit and leave a little extra time for your travels. If none of that works for you, try carpooling.

2. Buy local and fresh produce and goods from your neighborhood farmers markets.
Not only are you buying products that are GMO free, but you are more likely to make smarter decisions on what you eat because there are very few processed foods available at these markets. You’re also supporting a local business and let’s face it, it just feels good!

3. Recycle. Recycle everything you can. Switch to reusable products and bags when possible. Use BPA free plastics.
Sure, it might take an extra few minutes to put a plastic bag in a pile of recycling, take out the bottles and cans and sort paper products, but we can reduce the amount of wast we produce by taking small steps. BPA is a chemical that has been linked to some health concerns ranging from reproductive abnormalities to obesity and insulin resistance. You don’t have to go crazy, but learn which types of plastic are safer for you and your family.

4. Use products that are free of harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead.
Here is a helpful link of some chemicals in common household items to try to avoid. Chemicals in Household Products.

5. Invest in some Earth-friendly workout clothes.
Clothes that are long lasting that you don’t have to replace often are better for your wallet and the earth! Clothes that are made using sustainable methods are even better. Here are some suggestions if you are looking for Green Fitness Gear!

6. Teach your kids about going green and what that means.
Everything starts with education at home! Talk to your kids about conserving energy, recycling, go for a nature walk, make some crafts from recycled goods and ask them what they want to do to help!

7. You can even recycle your old gym sneakers to companies like NIKE. They will be made into materials that are used to build sport courts!

Not too shabby, eh? Give it a try for a healthier you and a healthier world.
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