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March 30, 2020 by Karen Ireton

Fun Family Activities for Indoors and Out

Home with the kids? Here are some fun activities you can enjoy!

Parents right now are tasked with being caregivers, educators, and entertainment directors. All while keeping spirits up. And playdates are off the table. What to do?

Outdoor fun:
outdoor chalk art
Artistic skills run in the family! Photo by Club Fit Marketing Designer Jeanne Lopriore.

Happily, the warm weather offers a chance to get outside. When weather is nice, families can play catch in the backyard, shoot some hoops in the driveway, or ride bikes up and down the block. If space is limited, do some calisthenics such as jumping jacks or running in place. Encourage junior artists with a bucket of sidewalk chalk. Stage your own scavenger or egg hunt. 

Angelo, Nursery and Energy Center supervisor in Jefferson Valley, says Club Fit campers really love doing scavenger hunts, and they can easily be done both indoors and out. It’s a fun family game that’s infinitely adaptable. “Parents can set up a scavenger hunt with different clues/riddles and give the kids x amount of time to complete it.” Set up a list of items to be found, awarding points for each. Angelo also likes to add in brain-teaser questions, such as the ones found opens in a new windowhere at Prodigy

Enlist kids to help out with yardwork and other outdoor improvement projects. Make a game of it. See who can rake the most leaves or gather the most sticks. Explore your micro-ecosystem with this opens in a new windowiNaturalist app that identifies plants and animals in photos. Make a list of what you find right in your own yard! And remember, opens in a new windowtick season is ramping up, so be sure and check carefully for ticks after outdoor activities.

Participating in family chores is helpful to children’s sense of self. Per  opens in a new windowHarmony Learning, research shows that children who regularly contribute to household chores have a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence. 

Indoor activities:

And of course, when the weather isn’t so nice, there are always chores to be done inside, along with those indoor scavenger hunts. Take a break from electronics for some old-fashioned board games, or a  opens in a new windowgame of cards. Drawing and  opens in a new windowcoloring are engaging activities for all ages. Reading works as either an individual or group activity. And reading aloud to kids helps them thrive!

opens in a new windowIndoor exercises are a great way to burn off energy when kids can’t play outside. It’s important to make movement a part of your daily routine, not only for the physical benefits, but as an effective way to help  opens in a new windowmanage stress. Try these opens in a new windowagility and balance moves from our Parisi Speed School team!

Check out these helpful links for additional resources and information:

Most importantly, keep in mind this is a temporary situation. Practice acceptance, gratitude, and kindness. Make the best of it by making it fun. We are all in this together.

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