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March 5, 2020 by Karen Ireton

Keeping our Club Clean

Club Fit employs multi-level sanitization to keep our facilities clean

Keeping our environment clean is always a priority at Club Fit. From the gentle on-site oxidant system used in our pools to the new Viking Pure cleaning and sanitizing technology, we are committed to safe yet effective cleaning.

We recently invested in a complete Viking Pure system, which was installed at our Briarcliff location. Viking Pure’s patented e-water is a non-toxic solution that has the power to redefine our idea of a clean environment. The LA Times says some workers are even calling it a “miracle liquid.” Our Viking Pure generators produce two kinds of natural cleaning agents: a surface cleaner called PureClean and a sanitizer called PureSan. The Viking Pure system is EPA-registered, and the solutions have been granted an official Green Seal Certification. These products are used to maintain a sterile environment for medical facilities. We are now also bringing these products into our Jefferson Valley location. Look for the new sanitation stations to be placed throughout the Fitness area!

In conjunction with our Viking Pure products, we also use Zogics antibacterial wipes in our Fitness areas as a convenient all-in-one option for our members’ use. Members are encouraged to make use of these options to wipe down equipment both before and after workouts. These products offer an additional layer of cleaning, on top of the all-day cleaning provided by our partners at Apple Maintenance Services, Inc. Their exceptional staff works nonstop all day — throughout our facilities and behind the scenes — to keep our clubs clean! They are also responsible for providing a continuous supply of freshly washed towels for our members’ convenience. Bleach and hot water washes ensure our towels are thoroughly sanitized.

Our pools continue to be sanitized using the innovative on-site oxidant system installed several years ago. Club Fit was the first facility in Westchester to employ this technology. This gentle yet effective water treatment system uses common salt to produce a disinfectant for water treatment and has significant advantages over conventional chlorination technology. It has less chlorine than conventional harsh chemicals without any compromise to effectiveness, providing a more pleasant experience for our swimmers. And it’s much kinder to your skin!

Also kinder to your skin is the hand sanitizer we use at Club Fit. The professional-grade formula is infused with moisturizers for hydration even after repeated use and kills 99.9% of germs in as little as 15 seconds. We have stations placed throughout our clubs, and have recently added more for additional coverage.

As always, our goal is to continue providing an exceptional member experience here at Club Fit.


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