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July 27, 2020 by M L

Club Fit Member Login Portal “How To”

How to Log in:
Click ‘log in’ on the top right corner of the main Club Fit homepage or go to the “My Account” tile on the Club Fit App.To Update Favorites/Bookmarks, use this link:

Log in using same Username and Password previously established.
For any questions, or account help, contact us at jvadvisor@clubfit.comcreate new email for Jefferson Valley or bradvisor@clubfit.comcreate new email for Briarcliff.


Select Forgot Username or Forgot Password to get started:

DASHBOARD shows all options and view is dependent on web browser. Member can access via widget tiles in the middle or use the navigation panel on the left.

Below are the choices under My Activities.

Use Class Schedule to reserve Outdoor Group Fitness and Aquatics Exercise Class.

Use Book Appointment to reserve Tennis courts, Pool Lap Lanes, Pool Family Space or Outdoor Strength Training Area.

On the left hand side, select the appropriate Club (Jefferson Valley or Briarcliff), Category (Aquatics, Fitness or Tennis), Product (Family Swim, Lap Lane, Singles, Doubles, etc.) and Resource (Specific Lane, Court, etc.) you are looking to reserve from all four drop downs. 

Under Step 4, choose “All Resources” in order to see all lap lanes/courts that are available.

Once completed, pick the day you are looking to choose (you can only register up to 22 hours in advance).


Select morning, afternoon, or evening and choose the available time that works best for you.


Once the pop-up appears, click book to reserve your spot.


Use My Calendar to see already reserved activities.


Select Date (can also do Day of or Week of)

Select Club location of Class

NO need to Select Category as all are listed under Misc

Default view will show all classes for today.

When a class is already FULL… the Standby Only warning will be displayed.

When selecting class… user will have ability to enroll multiple family members using check box if they are “Head of Household” in Jonas or granted permission by Primary member. This is done under My Account: Manage Family. There is no limit to the number of Head of Households per family. Check boxes and then Sign Up.

NOTE: Member will be confirmed at check in that they are truly eligible and enrolled in PEP program even if system allows reservations of family members not enrolled.


Select Continue in the lower right.

Success pop up appears.   Then hit OK to see Thank you message.

The Class enrolled now shows on Dashboard shown below under My Upcoming Classes:

To Unenroll… Click Widget, and follow below:

Success confirmed:

BOOK APPOINTMENT (Used for Tennis reservations, Pool Lap Lanes and Family Space, and Strength Training Area)

Make all selections on left from Step 1 thru Step 5.   Step 1 and Step 2 will default to logged in member and their home club.
Step 5 choose All Resources which will give the MOST timeslots to choose from.
In Step 1: all Head of Households can choose member to make reservation under using drop down.

Once all Steps have been entered the calendar will highlight in Blue the dates where available appointments exist.
Tennis will show reflect 7 days in advance starting.   Aquatics 22 hours in advance.

User than selects specific Date desired and then will select from pop up window their desire time of day under the locations.
Morning, Afternoon or Evening. The system will generate all available start times.
Member then selects desired start time.   This will create a confirmation of details window to click on BOOK button.

Then a success window appears and Thank You window shown below:

To EDIT APPOINTMENT STATUS…. Click Widget, and follow below:

Member has choice to CHANGE or CANCEL appointment:

CHANGE looks like below. Once Proceed With Change is selected… the system will bring user back to booking screens for new selection.   All screens will mimic original booking instructions.

CANCEL looks like below:

Immediately bringing up success pop up:

My Account drop down:

Pay Balance – allows member to make a payment for Due Now, Total Charges or Custom Amount. To the right will display cards on file to choose from.

Manage Payment Methods – allows member to add Banking or Credit Cards and also to update existing information on file already. Member will NOT be able to delete credit information attached to an agreement.

When adding information… the below questions should be answered:
On Account = use for house charging… to be included in NEXT month’s EFT billing cycle.
Card at the Club = use in POS immediately same day.
Electronic signature is then needed to save by using mouse or finger.


Manage Profile – allows member to update the below items.

Account History– allows member to see all invoice and payment transactions. Detail is viewable by clicking on the Receipt number and drilling in. Both full list and details are printable.

Packages- allows member viewability to see for all family members units on account. Included are Guest Passes, prepaid services where units are assigned and future… the ability to Shop Packages for direct purchase.

Check-In History- allows member to select date range (defaults to one month ago to today) and formatted printing for health insurance or company reimbursement submissions

Packages – view your guest pass information by clicking My account and then selecting packages from the drop down.


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