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May 23, 2014 by Lori Guevera

Fitness and Pregnancy: Meet Our Perinatal Specialist, Denise Weber!

A woman named Denise Weber
Perinatal Specialist Denise Weber

Prenatal Exercise is a topic that many women who are expecting are constantly wondering about. Can I exercise during pregnancy? How much should I do? What kinds of exercises are safe? How can I make sure that I am doing exercises the correct way? When should I stop exercising? What can I do in my first, second and third trimesters? The bottom line is, fitness is important, especially during pregnancy. Well-being, nutrition and stress management are also vital to the health of mom-to-be and baby. The aim of these upcoming posts are to help shed some light on these questions and we have the perfect person to help you through this journey! We want to introduce you to our resident expert, Denise Weber!

Denise is a Perinatal Exercise Specialist and was a certified childbirth educator in the Bradley Method for 15 years. This expertise led Denise to the position of Perinatal Exercise Coordinator at Club Fit. For 8 years, while Denise held that title, she designed and implemented classes and programs for the perinatal client, teaching and training many of those clients herself. She is responsible for creating and bringing innovative programs to the club for the Perinatal exerciser. Stroller Babies, Perinatal Yoga and Baby Boot Camp to name a few. She also trained other instructors. Denise continues to be involved with this aspect of her career.

Denise has 25+ years of experience as a fitness professional. A widely diversified background which includes certifications in Group Exercise, Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates Mat and Spinning, gives Denise the versatility and creativity to design fitness programs for anyone at any fitness level. Denise likes to use a variety of fitness modalities, mixing traditional training methods with intervals of cardiovascular exercise, and power moves to help her participants achieve their fitness goals.

“My desire has always been to help women embrace whatever stage of life they are in, and help them set and achieve their fitness goals. I have the privilege to see my clients’ confidence and pride grow as work towards their goals and make them a reality. For me there is no greater satisfaction than that. I love what I do. I can think of nothing more important than helping my clients feel good about their selves; not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. I believe wellness encompasses the whole person and I strive for that in my professional life.”

Denise continues to educate herself through various workshops and trainings, and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life for her clients.

In the coming weeks Denise will be writing all about aspects of perinatal exercise, nutrition during pregnancy, stress management and relaxation techniques, prenatal yoga and overall fitness. If you have specific questions or topics that you would like to see us discuss, leave a comment on our blog! Who knows? You may just see your topic in our headlines!

For information on Personal Training with Denise, call her at the club (914)762-3444 ext. 2247. Click here to read more about her training philosophy.

Perinatal Exercise Programs at Club Fit with Denise

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