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August 29, 2019 by Karen Ireton

Q&A with Jefferson Valley Head Swim Coach Kerri Going-Balbino

Kerri Going-Balbino Takes Pride in Coaching the Club Fit Swim Team

We had a quick Q&A with Jefferson Valley Swim Team Head Coach Kerri Going-Balbino in advance of the upcoming USA Swimming season at Club Fit JV.

Club Fit Jefferson Valley Head Swim Coach Kerri Going-Balbino has fun with her swimmers

How many years have you been coaching?
Coaching has been my passion and profession for 28 years. I started as a USA Swim Coach in 1991. Additionally, I was an NCAA coach (1996-2004), and HS Varsity Coach (1996-2004).

What differentiates Club Fit from other swim facilities?
Our philosophy at CFJV is family and school first, then swimming. Parents can bring their children to practice and enjoy the benefits of an exceptional health club. Club Fit is very supportive of the USA Swim program!

What have been the benefits of swimming you personally?
I started competitive swimming at age eight, and still benefit from the structure and discipline the sport of swimming has taught me. From a physical fitness point of view, swimming is the best!

What is your favorite thing about coaching?
The coach/swimmer rapport. Watching a young swimmer develop and grow within the sport is amazing to witness. Watching them improve in the pool and out is truly a gift!

Tell us about a particular student or coaching moment that stands out for you?
I have coached thousands of swimmers over the years. With so many amazing memories, I could not narrow it down to just one. As for coaching moments, it is always the thrill of victory, whether competing in the 200IM for the first time or qualifying for a high level meet. It is pure elation and joy to see your athletes succeed!

What else would you like to know about our Swim Team? Send Kerri an email with your questions! Want to join our team? Visit our Jefferson Valley Swim Team page for more info on the upcoming season.

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