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January 16, 2013 by Kendra

Resolutions for Superheroes

A woman doing Exercises in the clubfit sport fields over the clubfit logoLike many people, I have long been in the practice of making New Year’s resolutions.  I have also been in the practice of absentmindedly abandoning said resolutions in March, and ending the year feeling like a failure, only to start all over again on January 1. It wasn’t until this year that I realized I’d made a yearly habit of setting myself up for failure in a cycle of unattainable goals and self-disappointment.

I’m not abandoning resolution-making altogether, because life is full of distractions and it’s important to have an annual reminder to check-in with our list of priorities.  I’m just looking at my resolution differently this year.  I’m meditating on the reasons I choose to make resolutions, and turning up the volume on those feelings; focusing on the positive thoughts instead of the negative.  Somewhere deep inside, my body has a perky little voice that says happy things like “I want more veggies!  Take me for a walk! Hey, let’s have a nap!”  But that voice is barely audible next to another that screams mean things like “Don’t eat that cookie! You should have gotten up earlier for that spin class! You’re not trying hard enough! You’ll never get there!”  These two voices are two different paths to the same goal, and I firmly believe that choosing the path of positivity yields much better results.

So this year, my resolution is to drown out that mean voice by turning the volume WAY up on my Inner Superhero.  When I wake up each morning, I will listen to what my Inner Superhero is telling me to do, whether it’s taking the time to cook a healthy meal from scratch, doubling up on my workout time, or taking a day to rest and recover.  Ultimately, all my previous resolutions have been in the interest of self-care, and that hasn’t changed – I’ve just been looking at everything upside down.

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