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July 24, 2013 by Lori Guevera

Sugar and Slice and Everything Nice!

In short, this Ladies team from Club Fit Briarcliff is just plain awesome! Read about their adventures and accomplishments below in the exchange of a few friendlty emails. Remember, if you have any questions about our Tennis Pro’s or Programs here at the club, don’t hesitate to contact Tennis Director, Rodrigo Schtscherbyna, at!

A before hand run-down of the matches
A note from Carri Becker:

This team is amazing!!! On the singles court Claire was an absolute machine point after point she just wore her opponent down! She won 6-2 6-0 in record time! (it ‘s a good thing too because I didn’t want her to be too tired for the member / guest tournament tomorrow because she’s my partner!!!lol) Second doubles also played a very speedy match. Joanna was an absolute star at the net as usual and Casandra was extremely consistent. They made quick work of their opponents 6-0 6-2. Fiona and Steady Stacy had an epic battle on their hands. They had the longest match and played extremely well. Every point was super long! Fiona ran every ball down like a pro! Stacy was so consistent that I’m going to call her Steady Stacy from now on! They won the first set 6-4 and lost the 2nd set 4-6. Of course they had to play a super tie breaker on the hottest day of the summer! They fought for every point but the lost the tie breaker 10 to 6.

So now we are 7 and 2! We are still in first place!
Our last match is Monday 7/22 night at club fit at 630pm. I hope everyone can come root us on and celebrate a great season! I will send out a list tomorrow of what refreshments we have and what we need to bring. Big thanks to Coach Adam and Danielle for coming out and supporting the team! I have said it before but I will say it again I’m so proud of our team!

Xoxoxo Carri
PS everyone wish Joanna a good trip!!! Bye miss you!

Dear Sugar& Slice,

What a fun time last night was. Casandra was a great doubles partner, and it was wonderful to play with her!

Carri, I like your idea of team nicknames. Steady Stacy is so appropriate! You clearly get to be Captain Carri because you are a great captain! Always upbeat and positive, always supportive, and super funny! You continue to impress me with your dedication to the team.

I would add Fierce Fiona, Cruise-Missile Claire, and Crusher Casandra.
I think these nicknames speak for themselves on how I think these ladies played yesterday.

Many thanks to Danielle for cheering on the team. Based on yesterday, (with by-the-way her hair looking so awesome), her nickname would have to be Delightful Danielle. Though incredibly spot-on, Delightful is not a moniker that evokes fear in the opponents so I’ll let others decide a more appropriate tennis-team nickname.

Adam, you get to be Coach. You were so proud of us yesterday, and
your ear-to-ear smile showed it. Thank you for helping me (and all
the S&S ladies) during team practices and for helping our team play well.

Thank you all for making my time on this team – my first tennis team
ever – so wonderful! I really have enjoyed the experience. Thank you
for your good wishes on my upcoming trip. I’m sorry I won’t be around
to cheer on the team. I wish for you good opponents, hard-fought
matches, and VICTORY! 🙂

Best regards,

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